The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The Return"

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Like Katherine, we've returned.

But not with a mysterious, revenge-fueled plot in our minds... but with a new edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table! Below, staff members analyze the exciting second season premiere and ask for reader feedback on the following topics. Ready? Let's do this...

What was your favorite quote from the episode?
M.L. House: Elena's summation of the new Damon: "He doesn't want to feel, he wants to be hated. It's just easier that way." This attitude doesn't bode well for those in Damon's path.

LJ Gibbs: Katherine's taunting of Damon: "Kiss me or kill me. We both know you're only capable of one." This led to the hottest scene in show history.

The Barnacle: Gotta go with Stefan's pep talk, truly William Wallace-esque: "She'll try to break us, and how we respond to that will define us."

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Did the return of Katherine live up to the hype?
M.L. House: Actually, no. But only because the expectations were so high in my head. Unless she came into town, seduced both brothers and killed half the residents, I was bound to be somewhat disappointed.

LJ Gibbs: Yes, because she proved to be as intelligent as she is violent. Notice how she used all the pieces of information people gave her when they thought she was Elena (i.e. Bonnie talking about Damon's blood in Caroline) in order to make her moves.

The Barnacle: Did it ever! That show of her in the black bra was enough for me.

Do you feel bad for Damon?
M.L. House: Is the sky blue?!? Is LeBron James a pathetic excuse for a NBA superstar?!? Is Ian Somerhalder the
Sexiest Beast in Hollywood?!? Yes.

LJ Gibbs: Kind of, but let's not forget that this guy has murdered many people. We've all been heart-broken before, but how many of us have responded by snapping the neck of an innocent teenager? (Please, readers, no one raise your hand!)

The Barnacle: I do, but I feel good about Ian Somerhalder's Emmy chances. Seriously, he's incredible!

Are you excited to see Caroline as a vampire?
M.L. House: Not really. We've already seen this when Vicki was turned. Killing off Caroline entirely would have been more startling.

LJ Gibbs: Sure, why not?

The Barnacle: Yes, because it's so hard to imagine. Caroline isn't exactly the most cunning or serious character. Will her typically bubbly personality be transformed along with her species?

Hotter Uncle: Mason or John?
M.L. House: Trick question! John is actually Elena's father, not an uncle. You can't fool me, Round Table questioner guy!

LJ Gibbs: Mason. I can only imagine how he looks when he howls!

The Barnacle: I'm gonna wait until John Stamos premieres on Glee and then answer with option C: Uncle Jess.

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i didnt see caroline coming either; i gasped and my mom was like why are you surprised? i read the spoiler about someone dying but if it would be permanent and when it was Jeremy i figured that was the spoiler. totally awesome episode from start to finish. But is it really the end of uncle john/Bio. Dad?


this episode was amazing!! i will always ship damon over stefan... with katherine and elena both breaking his heart, it's going to be interesting to see what happens next. Yes elena loves stefan but damon was right - there are definitely moments where they could be more than friends. jeremy has been in so much pain since vicki & now anna - i think damon just wanted to show elena how hurt he was hopefully jeremy will come back as a vampire Caroline/Jeremery anyone?)I so hope caroline isn't dead -she was one of my fav characters. also can't wait to see more of tyler and the werewolf heritage. and bring on katherine - it's nice to see her back stirring up trouble!


I totally agree with SerenaVDW about Damon. I totally go for Stelena.


bigger bang? she killed caroline, stabbed stefan, attacked john.. on the other hand, i thought she would pretend to be elena longer.. now everyone that counts knows that katherine is back and they are able to tell the difference


I thought Katherine would have came back with a bigger bang, maybe she will get crazier as the season goes on... but she did all the damage to Damon


i am sure that damon saw jer's ring! i think he just wanted to show elena what he is capable of doing, and he wanted to see her suffer.


This episode was a great one : after 5 minutes, it was like there had never been a hiatus ; all the drama, the romance and the suspens of the show we love returned ! And it is true that Ian is doing an amazing job playing Damon but I just wanted to point out the fact that Paul Wesley also showed us great talent in this last episode : indeed, it is well known that playing the bad guy is 'easier' than playing the good one. What I mean is that it is always hard to make a 'always-nice-and-boring' kind of character lovable because it is, by definition, harder to get attached to/not very exciting. Don't get me wrong, Ian Somerhalder is an amazing performer but I feel like the character is very well written, which helps. On the contrary, Paul Wesley manages to keep Stefan's character interesting even if sometimes, he has to be the 'pep talk' guy. That's why I just wanted to give Paul Wesley some credit too ! I think both actors are very talented and really make the show^^


Sorry - meant to write Nina - whoops :S


I loved seeing Damon back on the screen! I was going through withdrawl this summer and let me just say that I am eagerly looking forward to seeing how he deals with not only the return of his long-time obsession but also his newly resurrected heart - which has now been broken once again. Ian is an amazing actor and I think that him and Niki Debrav have amazing on screen chemistry - whether she's Elena or Katherine. I've been a pure Damon fan since he first hit the screen and I will always ship him and everything he does before I ever sympathize with Stephan - I just find the guy to blah...oops


I definitely ship Stelena now... How can anyone ship Delena? When Damon isn't even sure who he loves... Katherine or Elena? They are the same to him... which makes me think he only looks on the outside. Stefan could easily tell them apart because he knows Elena more than anyone

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He kissed Katherine, not me. I wouldn't do that.

Elena [to Stefan]

Katherine wants you dead, there's zero you can do about it. You will be dead.