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The season premiere picked up right where the season finale concluded, and here is what went down:

- With Bonnie's permission, Damon gave Caroline his blood in order to save her. But later on, Bonnie made it clear she still ha serious issues with Damon and would take her vengeance on him when the time was right.

- Damon admitted to Stefan that he kissed Katherine, thinking it was Elena. Stefan didn't like hearing this, but Elena forced the brothers to focus in the task ahead: figuring out what Katherine wants. Stefan tried to get this out of her at the funeral for Mayor Lockwood, and Katherine said she came back for him. When Stefan replied by saying he hates her, Katherine stabbed him through the stomach and ran off. Damon wanted to fight Stefan, but he gave his brother a rational speech: they can't let Katherine get under their skin. They must band together to fight her.

- Elsewhere, Mayor Lockwood's brother, Mason, came to town. He hinted to Tyler that there's a family curse and that's why he can be so full of rage. But Mason has found a way to channel this temper.

- Finally alone with Katherine, Damon and her started going at it... until he stopped to ask how she truly felt about him. Katherine made it clear: she never loved him. It was always Stefan. This sent Damon over the edge. He got drunk, he confronted Elena about her quote about never wanting to kiss him and said she's lying to herself, there's something between them. But Elena also said she loved Stefan and Damon responded by attacking Jeremy. He snapped his neck and made it clear he didn't want to feel anything any more.

Jeremy, though, was wearing John's special ring and awoke at the end of the episode.

- The same can't be said for Caroline. Katherine visited her in the hospital and told her to send a message to the Salvatores: game on. She then suffocated Caroline with a pillow.

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i feel bad for damon i like him when he smiles romantic

David and sabrina 2014

I thought this episode was decent from start to finish with a 3.5 reating. I was all surprised to see Katherine back and alive but not very satisfied that she's back. I think that she should be done for good and just leave the Salvatore brothers alone not after she treated them like her pets 145 years ago. Now she starts treating Caroline as a pet too after she kills her and she becomes a vampire. Katherine may be pretty on the outside, but will always be evil on the inside. It was still a fine startup for the season. =P


HanMon: The song is 'The River Has Run Wild' by Mads Langer


OMG i was soooo pissed off!!! Katherine is soooo going to get it at some point. UGH i cant believe her. She messed with Damon. I feel so bad for Damon. No one ever loves him.I hope they put a new girl on the show that ends up falling in love with Damon.That would be soooooo romantic.


I thought it said you could actually watch the episodes. Ugh this website sucks!!

Luoise elena

i m happy for stefan bcoz 2 girls like him at the same time but also sad for damon bcos he lost katherine the girl he loved for over a century........go stefan and elena you look so cute together..... how i wish i could find someone like stefan but not in a vampire way but like ina sweet, caring, gentleman way in short in a romantic way.......


Update on the song by Mads Langer: "Mads Langer: The River Has Run Wild was recorded last week especially for the vampire diaries so I haven't been able to release it yet. I will let you know how you can get hold of it ASAP. I'm glad that you like it"


does anyone know what time it is on?


lol, i live in the UK and vampire diaries season two doesnt start for at least another week!, i have seen it on youtube tho... its EXCELLENT!!!!!! and i SOOO cant believe that Damon could do something like that to Jeremy!!! i was nearly crying...until Elena noticed the ring lol :) thank god for the person who put it on youtube!, THANKS SOOO MUCH! H x luv VD!


OH MY GOD! Im still shocked from the first episode of s02!! it was AWESOME !! I think we r gonna c a very mad Damon in this season ,I feel sorry 4 him because he is really hurt

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

He kissed Katherine, not me. I wouldn't do that.

Elena [to Stefan]

Katherine wants you dead, there's zero you can do about it. You will be dead.