The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The Return"

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Like Katherine, we've returned.

But not with a mysterious, revenge-fueled plot in our minds... but with a new edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table! Below, staff members analyze the exciting second season premiere and ask for reader feedback on the following topics. Ready? Let's do this...

What was your favorite quote from the episode?
M.L. House: Elena's summation of the new Damon: "He doesn't want to feel, he wants to be hated. It's just easier that way." This attitude doesn't bode well for those in Damon's path.

LJ Gibbs: Katherine's taunting of Damon: "Kiss me or kill me. We both know you're only capable of one." This led to the hottest scene in show history.

The Barnacle: Gotta go with Stefan's pep talk, truly William Wallace-esque: "She'll try to break us, and how we respond to that will define us."

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Did the return of Katherine live up to the hype?
M.L. House: Actually, no. But only because the expectations were so high in my head. Unless she came into town, seduced both brothers and killed half the residents, I was bound to be somewhat disappointed.

LJ Gibbs: Yes, because she proved to be as intelligent as she is violent. Notice how she used all the pieces of information people gave her when they thought she was Elena (i.e. Bonnie talking about Damon's blood in Caroline) in order to make her moves.

The Barnacle: Did it ever! That show of her in the black bra was enough for me.

Do you feel bad for Damon?
M.L. House: Is the sky blue?!? Is LeBron James a pathetic excuse for a NBA superstar?!? Is Ian Somerhalder the
Sexiest Beast in Hollywood?!? Yes.

LJ Gibbs: Kind of, but let's not forget that this guy has murdered many people. We've all been heart-broken before, but how many of us have responded by snapping the neck of an innocent teenager? (Please, readers, no one raise your hand!)

The Barnacle: I do, but I feel good about Ian Somerhalder's Emmy chances. Seriously, he's incredible!

Are you excited to see Caroline as a vampire?
M.L. House: Not really. We've already seen this when Vicki was turned. Killing off Caroline entirely would have been more startling.

LJ Gibbs: Sure, why not?

The Barnacle: Yes, because it's so hard to imagine. Caroline isn't exactly the most cunning or serious character. Will her typically bubbly personality be transformed along with her species?

Hotter Uncle: Mason or John?
M.L. House: Trick question! John is actually Elena's father, not an uncle. You can't fool me, Round Table questioner guy!

LJ Gibbs: Mason. I can only imagine how he looks when he howls!

The Barnacle: I'm gonna wait until John Stamos premieres on Glee and then answer with option C: Uncle Jess.

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I am not excited about Caroline transforming into a vampire. I want her to be a regular annoying girl. There should be at least one regular human being in the group.


l felt sooo sorry for damon, i mean yes, he didnt have to kill jeremy, but both of the girls he loves, are in love with his brother, that must be tough :/ xx


i think it's cool Caroline become a vampire, with her attitude, her no-knowing about supernatural, her mother and Bonnie reactions! I thinks it's great for her character which was lacking some consistence. I hope they don't kill her!


Do you feel bad for Damon? Who doesn't? He shouldn't have killed Jeremy though!! Are you excited to see Caroline as a vampire? I am!!! But I hope they don't kill her as fast as they killed Vicky off!!! Hotter Uncle: Mason or John? Mason!!! No doubt!!!


What was your favorite quote from the episode? Stefan: How will I play if I don't know the rules?
Katherine: No rules Stefan! Did the return of Katherine live up to the hype? Yeah!!!! She was hot, messing with everyone, bitchy.. everything we wanted!!!


1. I agree with The Barnacle's choice :)
2. Of course it lived up to the hype!! Nina Dobrev gave an amazing performance as Katherine again!!! And let's not forget... It's only the first episode ;)
3. I feel bad for him 'cause he was told by the two women he loved that they will always love Stefan almost at the same time.. but snapping jer's neck.. not good!! (i hope he saw the ring)
4. Yeah I'm excited!!! Perhaps I'm influenced by the books but I believe that Caroline will become evil!!! and and... become a team with katherine!!! and and... hook up with tyler!!! (have i gone too far? :P)
5. ... hmm... i have to go with mason ;)


Actually I am excited about Caroline becoming a vampire. I didn't see it coming. I hope Damon doesn't actually kill her and she dies as quickly as Vicki did. Does she really not have any idea what she is? That's even more interesting.
I do feel bad for Damon however it is true, most people don't go around snapping people's necks just because they got dumped twice in one day. LOL. And Stefan was hot when he got jealous of Damon possibly kissing Elena.
I don't think either uncle is hot. I have a question. How come the blood in Jeremy's system was in there for a few hours before Stefan said he could die but yet in Caroline it had to have been in her longer than when she was murdered but yet she was able to turn into a vampire?

Anna maria

mason is really hot! anyway, this ep disappointed me, I think it's because I've been waiting for it for SO long! I hate that Damon is "evil"again and Elena now hates him, but I'm sure she doesn't really, and I feel so sorry for him! I want katherine to kill more people before she leaves town!

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He kissed Katherine, not me. I wouldn't do that.

Elena [to Stefan]

Katherine wants you dead, there's zero you can do about it. You will be dead.