True Blood Season Finale Review: "Evil is Going On"

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Overall, I was disappointed in the season finale of True Blood.

I don’t feel we got any real resolution to the events of this season. Unlike season one, where we saw Rene decapitated, or season two, when we saw Mary Anne killed, "Evil is Going On" just continued the trend of creating more questions than it answered.

Come to Sookie

Sookie has a mean streak in her. Did the look on Sookie’s face when she ran Talbot’s remains down the dispose-all scare anyone else? Also, she has developed a strong potty mouth. From her comment to Russell to watch his language to the ranting she did to Eric on her front porch, she let fly a lot of obscenities. I was glad to see she gained some control over her faerie powers when she blasted the handcuffs (and Russell). I wish we had gotten a little more of that and a little less of her vulgar language.

Sookie is done with vampires. Sookie’s potty mouth aside, it looked like she is done with vampires. First she found out she is “crack” to vampires and second, she found out that Bill let her get beat within an inch of her life so he could bond her to him with his blood. That would make me swear off vampires too. However, to Bills credit he is trying to protect her. Even if he failed so far (Pam and Eric survived) and now, he was facing off with the Queen. At least he is making an effort right? Is that what woman say they want, “for men to make an effort?” 

Jason is in charge in Hotshot. It is a sad day when the most responsible person in the entire community is Jason Stackhouse. I really don’t understand how Crystal expects Jason to take care of her kin in Hotshot when he already said he was going to come find her and rescue her from Felton? Besides that, isn’t he currently he is under arrest for obstruction of justice?

Lafayette really does have power. The revelation that Jesus is a witch was unexpected. But, it fits nicely with the rest of what was going on recently. From Lafayette and Jesus seeing their ancestors in the “blood dream,” to Lafayette now being able to see a shadow of the secrets people are keeping around them. I wonder if he has witch powers that have been woken up as well. They have promised witches next season, could Lafayette be one of them?

What was lying on the floor in Hoyt/Jessica’s new house? I have made it no secret that Jessica is my favorite character. Seeing her and Hoyt together tonight just melted my heart like butter. Watching her run around the house was so adorable. But what the heck was that little doll on the floor at the end of that scene?

Exposed to the Sun

Cliffhangers galore! Surprises and smaller questions aside, we were left with some significant questions that we have to wonder about until next season: 

  • Is Tara really gone?
  • Did Sam really shoot Tommy?
  • Where did Sookie and Claudine go? 
  • Where is Debbie Pelt?
  • If Eric got out of the cement, did Russell?

What struck me as odd about these questions is that unlike the cliffhanger from season one or the cliffhanger from season two, these questions may not require the next season to pick up directly after this episode. I really hope that Adam Ball and his team remember that we like some resolution mixed in with our cliffhangers next season and offer more resolutions. 

What did you think of the season finale? Comment below, we want to know what you think. Below are some True Blood quotes from Sunday's episode ...

Russell: Just shut the f*%k up and die please. | permalink
Tara: Don't you think being a shape-shifter is something you should tell someone before you sleep with them. | permalink
Sookie: I don't want to baby-sit this psycho while you go take a nap. | permalink
Sookie: Stepping around the fact that your word is worth about as much as tits on a turtle. | permalink
Alcide: Are you in trouble again?
Sookie: When am I not in trouble? | permalink
Eric: If you two are done eye-f*%king each other, can we go? | permalink
Jason: Sometimes the right thing to do is the wrong thing. I know I did the right thing. | permalink
Lafayette: You're a witch, who's a nurse, and a dude? How did I get so lucky? | permalink
Sookie: I feel better protecting myself, now that I know I am basically vampire crack. | permalink


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The season finale just did not do it for me because they hyped it up so much and they made you wait two weeks to see it. There were definitely some great one liners and I am so happy that they did not kill Eric off he is such a great antagonist for Bill. But will Sookie get with the werewolf already,because Alcide is one word....YUMMY!


The only bad thing about this season was that it was too short.
Loved the finale.
Can't wait for next season.


The season overall was a disappointment! Good things about the season:
Eric-Russell storyline
Tara kicking some ass and deciding to survive
Jesus and LaFayette
Bill finally being revealed that he is a crook. Notice I left Jason, Crystal, and Sam out... they just bored me to tears. And where the heck is Sookie??


The finale sucked. They have gone completely grid as far as the books are concerned. Just like with 6 feet under, Alan Ball gets to a certain place, and then loses the plot. I didn't really care for the season either. The quality of the show has definitely suffered. I do like Russell though, the best character of the season. I guess that Anna, Stephen, and Alex will pose nude again covered in blood on a magazine cover to try and get people interested again. Gee, if you had talented writers, you wouldn't have to settle cheap and shocking antics to keep the public interested.


I am guessing that that doll just meant one thing... since I know just one person on True Blood obsessed with antic dolls, it will mean that we haven't seen the last of Summer!
Just Ugh!


I was actually disappointed in the entire season. Which really made me crazy because I was such a die hard fan of the first 2 seasons and waited everyday anticipating this season. But around the third and fourth episode, I realized I was not gonna be pleased. The books are definitely better, and Alan Ball never should have strayed too far from them. They were a perfect manuscript.


I was dissapointed in the final episode. You don't get any idea of what happens to anyone, don't know who is good, bad, or indifferent. I loved Sookie and Bill, now??????? And yeah, if Eric got out, did Russell. Is Sookie really e vil, who knows. I sure hope the fourth season is better cause this is (WAS) one of my favorite shows and I sure do hope it can remain so. But the final episode BLAH!!!!!!


for your cliffhanger question about Russell escaping the cement - he is probably still there as he has nobody to save him (maybe Bill will dig him up in the future to get back at Eric?). Pam saved Eric from the cement - she mentioned to Eric that she still had cement in her hair and that she also killed Rubin, one of Eric's the hitmen. Bill called Rubin pretending to be Eric and told him to kill Pam, to no avail. Eric would also be able to make Pam feel his distress.


I have to highly disagree with those who did not like the episode. I thought it was fantastic! Loved how Sookie finally found out what a dirt-bag Bill is. Also enjoyed every moment of Eric. Season 4 seems like an eternity away!


I actually liked the episode, lots of great one liners...favorite of the night
Here ya go Uncle Daddy Calvin....lmao
Sookie cracking up when she dumped Talbot down the drain was priceless, Russell rolling his eyes at sookie and alcide priceless
I loved Taras new found attitude and look, guess she is off to find herself like Sam did. Sam shooting Tommy, I like this dark side of Sam we all have some good and evil in us :)...The intervention with Hoyt and his momma....priceless
Hoyt and Jessica.....just awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Eric, and i want my phone back, lmao
La La and Jesus are a great couple and i like the witch newcomers.
I think people are just upset that there wasn't a lot of blood,guts and sex.....but I felt this was a great cliffhanger and lots of questions were answered and even more were left.Bravo Mr Ball, look forward to the next ride in June :)

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Don't you think being a shape-shifter is something you should tell someone before you sleep with them.


Just shut the f*%k up and die please.


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