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Tonight’s episode opened where we left off last week with Eric and Russell lying in the sun outside Fangtasia. Sookie recovered from being attacked and went out and drug Eric back into the building. After giving him her blood he convinced her to go out and drag Russell back in as well.

Sam made Tara breakfast and then admitted to her that he was a shape shifter. After discussing that he should have told her before he slept with her, she expressed how she really wanted to start her life over.

At Fangtasia Eric chained Russell to a dance pole and asked Sookie to watch him till that evening. Russell tried to convince Sookie to let him go with bribery. Sookie instead took Talbot’s remains and with a flash of psychotic glee ran the remains down the dispose-all in front of Russell.

Meanwhile, Jason went to see Andy about the raid on Hotshots. The DEA was there and planning on doing the raid that day. Hoyt’s mother, Summer, and a guidance councilor were waiting for him at his job site to try and convince him not to be with Jessica. He explained that he loved Jessica and if they could not accept it, they would have no part in his life.

Sam let Lafayette into Merlotte’s and Lafayette started seeing vision of horrible thing around people. Sam went to visit Terry and apologized for being a jerk to him and then went to see Tommy. Tommy was not in the rental house and Sam raced back to Merlotte’s to find the safe missing from his office.

Crystal and Jason went to Hotshots to warn Cal Norton and his kin about the raid. Felton Norris, hopped up on “V” shot Cal and took all the drugs and kidnapped Crystal and left. Tara went to see her mother and found her sleeping with the married minister from her church. Tara told her mother good luck with her life and hoped she would be happy.

Lafayette called Jesus and told him that he seeing really weird stuff around people. Jesus told him to hold on and he would be there as soon as he could. Jesus arrived and explained to Lafayette that he was a witch. Lafayette was surprised but accepted it after a moment.

Alcide showed up at Fangtasia, Eric had called him and asked him to bring his truck. Sookie left Fangtasia and receded all vampires in the bar’s invitation to her house and went home. Eric, Bill, and Alcide took Russell to a construction site and buried him in cement. At the last moment Bill cuffed Eric in silver and pushed him into another cement pool of his own. Hoyt took Jessica to a small house he had rented for the two of them, telling her that he wanted to marry her.

Bill went to Sookie’s and told her that he would keep her safe by making sure anyone who knew her secret would meet the true death. As Bill was leaving Eric arrived covered in cement and told her how Bill had been sent after her including letting her be beat up when they first met so he could give her his blood.

Tara cut her hair and then told Sookie she was going to Merlotte’s. She stopped in the parking lot but kept on driving. Sam tracked down Tommy and told him at gun point to give him back his money. When Tommy said he would never shoot and walked away Sam shot him. Sookie went to her grandmother’s grave and said she felt alone and Claudine showed up and said she wasn’t and then vanished together in a flash of light.

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期待~coming soon�


i watched all episodes of this show from start to finale in a month, or less, because I relate in an intensely personal way right now I don't want to share here. This show allowed me to escape and yet keep my soul on while it continues to process questions of a life well-lived. I convinced a friend who always watches HBO to watch True Blood for the first-time last night by describing it as the best of: horror/romance/sex/human experience/social commentary with eroticism that you just don't see often. So, I was let-down by seeing Season 3's finale -- there was essentially "no there, there "-- and he became more interested intexting on his Iphone than watching the show. He said he will back track to Season One. Given where we were, I would have liked season three finale: Episode 11 + Sookie leaving Bill for the land of the faeries. I would still be asking: are they really gonna let Eric burn to death? I'll bet they will find some way for Russell not to really die? How can misunderstood Bill ever explain himself to Sookie and reunite when they are in separate worlds of "darkness and light?"(so Bill was strategic when on the Queen's original orders for the first day or so, but then he legitimately fell for Sookie. He could have taken her to the Queen hundreds of times but didn't.) He isn't some deceitful scoundrel "all-along." He is, though, shockingly ignorant about how to really kill a Vampire (heavy, hard, rocky dirt?) after all of his years. Hmmm. weird. it was sookie's cousin who ratted her out initially, right (she said so in the aquarium?)....Sookie is the dumbest smart person sometimes, inconsistently, and not in that fun horror film way that makes you want to yell at the screen "don't go in there!" If evan rachel wood remains, I'd like to see her "human soul" somehow. Overall, please no more "scatter-plots" - so many boring and drawn out. They just make me want to read the books instead.
I hope we didn't get extended orgies in Season Two, or cameos for everyone everytime in Season Three because of ideas of what drives ratings. Go back to the soul + the best of the hybrid-genre and deeper, richer characters....fingers-crossed.


though i hated season 2, the finale was way better than this one.
Load of bullshit to me, non-exciting moments at all.


I loved the finale! Some of it rings true with books, but actually now it is more interesting with Sam than the books at the moment. Having read the books, I fully expected Bill's secret to be spilled to Sookie by Eric and for them to break up and for her to swear off vamps and have a little attraction to Alcide. Expected but still loving to see those characters come to life and play it out. Glad they kept Lafayette. Sets us up for a lot of magic next season. Tara's character, in the book, does sort of die down, and Jason and Crystal being together and the Hotshot community being were-panthers, no big surprise. Didn't expect Calvin Norris to be shot. Holly Daniels the wiccan sets us up for Hallow Stonebrook next season and there is a great lot in the books about the faeries. The one I didn't see coming was the cliffhanger with Sam. Is he a stone cold killer? Over money? Out of character. Eric and Sookie eventually getting together for a hot steamy affair and would love to see that. (Sorry Anna and Stephen.) But true to the books, no matter Bill's faults, he truly loves Sookie in the eternal way. Apparently, even after hundreds of years, even a vamp like Bill doesn't have the whole relationship thing figured out any better than my husband does. I don't think there are a lot of unanswered questions, just more to look forward to in Season 4! Just loved that Russell Edgington character, and the actor made him way better than he would have been. Love that guy. Where's Debbie Pelt now that "they shot her Cooter"? Love those one-liners. Go Alan Go.


Eric won't die,he loves Sookie. Bill is heartbroken, Sookie left with the faeries so she could find the true meaning of her self as well as her heart being broken as well. Trueblood is a great show and they won't let us down. Tara I believe, left town to start her life over, but she'll be back. I think it was a great season finale.


Eric is the best


Oh no! Eric? Please don't let him die? I love that guy, true blood will never be the same without him. He is my favorite actor,and i will be lost!He is from Sweden, and I have family who live there, and who live in Scotland, and they love him. Please don't kill off Eric! I love that guy!


no he wont die if youve read all books hes more of a main character than bill!!! which if they stay close to the books is a VERY good thing *drools*


oh stfu, ofcourse he won't die, we all know that...


Eric can't die!! He just can't! :,( nooooooo!!

True Blood Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Don't you think being a shape-shifter is something you should tell someone before you sleep with them.


Just shut the f*%k up and die please.


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