Warehouse 13 Season Finale Review: Heartbreak Abounds!

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It has been a season that has seen new love interests, new agents, and new revelations. However, tonight’s appropriately titled season finale ("Reset") canceled a lot of that and put us back at square one with Warehouse 13.

While there were several sad moments on thee finale, I have to start with my personal heartbreak:  I learned the truth and my new heartthrob, H.G. Wells. She was really was evil and trying to destroy the world.  I have been defending H.G. for weeks, hoping she was really good. I even raved about how great it was for there to be such a cool twist on the series.

Warehouse 13 Finale Scene

While I am very sad that she was not really a good guy like I had hoped, I have a feeling we will see her again, given that they didn’t put her back in the bronze section. She has such great potential as a good guy. She even had her own custom Tesla gun that had an awesome steampunk look to it. The only redeeming quality she has for me now is that she showed she isn’t pure evil because she couldn’t shoot Myka.

Speaking of Myka, was she happy or hurt when Pete told Kelly on the phone that he loved her? Clearly, Myka had some tears going there, and the romantic in me says it was hurt. However, given that she referred to him as “her big brother” in her goodbye letter I could be wrong.

Meanwhile, I take back any nice things I said about the writers leaving a lot on the table for this week, as the episode ended with Myka leaving and us not knowing if it is really for good or if Pete, Claudia, and Artie will chase her down and bring her back.

As if H.G. Wells being an evil psychopath was not heartbreaking enough, Pete and Kelly's relationship did not survive the season finale, either. I had said several different times how cute Pete and Kelly were together and how much I enjoyed how he got to be more “normal” with her.  I am truly sad that Pete was not able to hang on to the woman he loves and he has lost that small piece of the normal world.

The only real happy point in this episode was that Claudia and Artie are so close to being father and daughter. From him explaining to her that she really did have a choice and that she would only become the caretaker with her full consent, to how emotional Claudia got when Artie was wounded, we can see that they really do care very much for each other and are closer to being family that either wants to admit.

What did you think of the season finale? Do you think we will see H.G. Wells again?


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One of the best showes on tv. I hope Myka comes back. Did they end the season this way so as to have the option not returning her if she has a salery issue????


I really enjoy both W13 and Eureka. I have been watching both since the getgo. I have enjoyed the brief interaction between the two and would like to see more. I don't think that this was a series finale. it definately did not seem like one. It left you hanging. I really hope that Myca doesn't leave the show because the intraction between her and Pete is so intense and the show would not be the same without it.


WH13 is awesome, but I think the season finale is appropriate with Myka leaving. The character development and acting has been outstanding with Artie (Saul Rubinek), Mrs. Frederic (CCH Pounder) and Leena (Genelle Williams). The quality of the show dramatically increased with the addition of Claudia (Allision Scagliotti) and the development of H.G. Wells (Jamie Murray). The character development and the acting demonstrated through the characters of Pete and Myka are at best lukewarm. Pete’s character as the intuitive “feeling� member of the team is interesting and has good possibilities, but Ed McClintock needs to delve deeper to bring the character out. Myka is supposed to be the fact finding, attentive, by the book character and she just comes off as a ditzy, whining parody of Scully (without the looks). Jamie Murray as H.G. Wells displayed a depth of intellect and sultry seductiveness that I would like to see as a main character. The foundation provided by the warehouse lends itself to some really interesting, funny and quirky stories. I hope the development team puts the effort in that will take this series to the top of its possibilities. Bring on the next season!!!


i really liked the season finale for the second season. However it was very emotional. I really htink that Myka should come back. Idc how they make it, as long as she comes back. And also that pete and kelly were so happy together. i think she should come back and pete explain to her what was going on and they will still be together. if kel;ly and myka dont come back i will be very angry


@Cindy: thanks! appreciate the correction, I haven't heard the podcast! look forward to seeing it.


the show, warehouse 13 will have a christmas episode. i believe it will be airing with the one from eureka when that show comes back this december. on the podcast for the show producer jack kenny says that there is going to be one.


so i just started watching this show last week and now.. im addicted. so does anyone know if myka is coming back??? and even the show.. i read somewhere that they havent said?? i need to buy the seasons now.


I think there is more to Claudia being the next caretaker that Artie isn't saying. the expression on his face when he assured her she would have choice suppests that he would do his best to make sure she had one but that he really didn't think she actually did. Also, being there caretaker seems to have some benefits. How old is Mrs Fredricks? When Pete and Myka went back in time the head of the agency at that time made mention of her. That would maker her older then she looks. Also, I really hope Myka comes back. The warehouse and everyone needs her. She is their stability. And it really is the only place is happy. Plus their her family. Artie is the father who understands her. Pete is her brother. Although, i do think she was a little hurt by hearing him tell Kelly he loves her - not sure what to make of that since they really do have a great brother/sister thing going. And Claudia needs the big sister thing they have going. Hope SYFY brings it all back soon. Love the show.


I gotta say this episode was emotional, we all knew HG was bad but i kinda hoped for a desperate mother angle than physcotic, bring the world to an end Villan no the less i loved the episode. I like the Myka farwell aslong as its just a phase, not permanent. They should make her come back by having the warehouse sort of communicate with her and show Her why it needs her, not force her back but sort of show her a way back. On the emotion she showed when Pete said I love u to Kelly, I hope it was her wishing to have somebody not wish pete say tht to her. I am prying tht they explore thier dynamic as friends and great partners and not lovers, Like Tina fey and alec Baldwin in 30 rock. Claudia and Artie's relationship was a much welcome bright spot in an otherwise emotionally dark episode, the father daughter relationnship betwwen them is just a thing of beauty. I always thought Leena would be the one to take over after Mrs F, She seems more the type, mysterious and serious to boot, she just looks perfect for the role. I always thought Claudia would become artie and Leena Mrs F as the grow.


I am hoping that this is just a season finale -- and not series. It hadn't been renewed as of last night, tho their site now states it's back Summer of 2011. I thought this season was improved over the first, the effects looked better (The traveling matte shot of zip lining in the warehouse looked really bad). I gave up on EUREKA, I really do not like the direction the show took (And I think Cindy is mistaken -- it's EUREKA that has the Christmas show -- tho a W13 Christmas show with perhaps Dickens artifacts from A Christmas Carol would be great. I think Myka was jealous and wrote that 'brother' line for him. There was also an interesting spark between Myka and HG.

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