Castle Review: "Anatomy of a Murder"

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Would you break your love out of prison? That’s the important question.

The latest installment of Castle, “Anatomy of a Murder,” was a solid hour of twists and turns leading us from a murder mystery right down to a love story.

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On the personal front, Castle’s ex wife/current girlfriend, Gina, finally popped back up. Her character is totally useless, so much so that her own daughter calls her by her first name. Moreover, she totally stole Castle’s thunder with the Taylor Swift tickets. So not cool.

Seeing her and Castle back in the same scene really displayed the lack of chemistry in this relationship. As I have said in the past reviews, Gina needs to go.

The case of the week, meanwhile, explored the murder of a doctor found in someone else’s casket during a funeral. This may have been the best place to find a body throughout Castle’s run so far. Not only did the pallbearers drop the casket, but two bodies fell out. Could you imagine?!?

The murder mystery of Dr. Monroe really led us to the idea of love. The elaborate scheme used by Greg McClintock to break his girlfriend out of prison... that is some serious commitment. Martha told Castle that if you are willing to break someone out of prison, you have true love. This conversation led to my favorite moment of the whole hour: Beckett told Castle not to worry, that she would always get him out. Here is hoping for some development on the Castle/Beckett front - and quick.

Overall, a pretty good hour of our favorite mystery writer. What do you think?


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Sue ann

The Closer did an episode where there was a body hidden in a dropped casket. The casket dropped and the body rolled down the steps. Very dramatic.


I really enjoyed last night's episode..."Don't worry Castle, I'll get you out" far is the sweetest ending this show has ever have...


Alexis is Castle's daughter with his first wife Meredith. They divorced when Alexis was pretty young and Castle has been Alexis main parent. Gina is Castle's second wife and Alexis ex-stepmother. I actually liked Gina in this episode and that's saying something because I hated her after the season finale. It's sort of nice to see Castle in a mature relationship since he's always been the single playboy from the beginning of the show. I think it's good for Beckett to see that he can handle something more stable. My hope is that Gina/Josh are being used to bring some character development to Castle/Beckett. Then I hope Gina/Josh move on by the back end of this season and we get some real Castle/Beckett moments. But overall, I really enjoyed last night's episode.


I concur with DROGONAN -- Gina is not Alexsis' mother. It's Meredith or as Castle says his deep fried twinke!


Exactly, here's hoping for a QUICK development on the Castle/Beckett front. Unplanned pregnancy anyone? You know you'd totally want to see Castle as a newborn's father.


Thanks for clearing that up Drog. I wasn't aware of that either. I LOVED that moment at the end. They both KNOW they love each other. You could see it in the way they looked at each other when he was reading that love note and read aloud "I love you" while looking into her eyes. They know. Everyone around them knows. So I don't get why they're fighting it so hard.


Actually Alexis is Castle's daughter from an earlier marriage, Gina was her step-mom.

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Beckett: In fact he performed a bypass surgery this morning, saved his patients life. What did you do this morning Castle?
Castle: I made waffles.

Gina: Do you remember our song?
Castle: ACDC, You shook me all night long.