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Community Review: Jesus, Make Us Laugh!

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Early in "Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples," Shirley jokingly berates filmmaker Charlie Kaufman for making movies that cause the audience to think too much.

In an ironic, meta twist typical of Community, I have the same criticism for this episode: it raised interesting issues - in this age, the fact that millions of people watch a YouTube clip, while only a handful go to church, really can make those in the latter group feel isolated and confused - but it didn't make me laugh.

While I can enjoy sentimentality and important messages, I like them in small, subtle doses when it comes to sitcoms. For that reason, this was easily my least favorite episode of the season.

Shirley as Director

The half hour centered around the three characters best-suited to supporting roles. There was basically no Annie, Troy, Jeff or Britta.

Instead, the focus was on Shirley, funniest when she's reacting with shock and anger over the actions of her non-Christian cohorts; Pierce, funniest when he's reacting to situations with the kind of quips expected of an old man trying to remain hip; and Abed, funniest when he's... being Abed. But doing so by comparing life around him to some movie or TV show.

If the goal of the episode was to make us think about our lots in life, the communities in which we reside and our connections to those around us, I guess it was accomplished.

But I mostly just want to laugh during this time slot every week. Below, I've listed the Community quotes that made that result possible, but I'm hoping the show grounds itself in scenarios slightly more realistic than a fake spaceship launch and a Jesus-themed movie next week...

Troy [on heaven, rapping]: Ice cream is everywhere, but never on your thighs. | permalink
Jeff: I'm Pierce Hawthorne's emergency contact.
Woman: So, you're here to pick him up?
Jeff: I'm here to be removed as his emergency contact. | permalink
Britta: I don't even believe in God, but I love me some Abed. | permalink
Abed: He was like E.T., Edward Scissorhands, and Marty McFly combined. | permalink
Shirley: The Bible has been called the greatest story ever told.
Abed: Ben Lyons said the same thing about I Am Legend. | permalink
Shirley: C'mon, Charlie Kaufman. Some of us have work in the morning! | permalink


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i gotta agree stop being so negative, it doesnt deserve a 2/5, it was still enjoyable and finally we get more focus on shirley...


@addict666 - agreed!


so shows should continue to use supporting characters as fun after thoughts while we have to watch the same Jeff/Britta/Annie issues week after week, this review sucks