Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Shock to the System"

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Welcome to the TV Fanatic Grey's Anatomy Round Table, in which our panelists discuss the burning questions from the previous episode of the long-running ABC drama.

We are pleased to bring back this fun feature after a brief hiatus. Topics for our "Shock to the System" Round Table Q&A and the TVF staffers' answers appear below ...

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?

L.J. Gibbs: Meredith revealing the miscarriage was the most emotional, but I liked her speech to Alex even more, beginning with "You're not that special" and ending with "You're not a lightning rod Alex, just a guy that's been through a lot of crap." Well said, and someone had to say it!

M.L. House: Bailey on Karev's bullet: "It is not fine. It is foreign and it has no business being in your body. Get it out Karev ... or I will see that you do not operate until you are operated on." Mostly because it enabled me to picture Alex with his shirt off.

Mrs. Northman: Owen: "I'm not going anywhere Cristina. I'm not going anywhere without you." Gotta love a man that will not give up so easily when faced with relationship troubles. He truly loves her and knows that she loves him. Way to show enough courage for both of you, Owen!


2. Who's marriage do you think will last longer? Derek and Meredith's or Owen and Cristina's?

L.J. Gibbs: Probably Owenstina's, since MerDer are not actually married. Which is fine. They're an awesome couple and they're 100 percent right that they don't need an elaborate ceremony to prove it. Marriage is, however, a legal act. One they eschewed, deliberately. Again, terrific for them. But stop fronting on those who actually took the binding plunge!

M.L. House: Derek and Meredith ARE NOT MARRIED!!! I know Shonda thinks the Post-It thing is cute and all, but I wanna throw something at the TV every time another character references one as the other's "wife" or "husband."

Mrs. Northman: Tough question. I really think Derek and Meredith will withstand the test of time! They've already been through so much - way more than Cristina and Owen's relationship and still come together and fight for each other. I really hope one day there's a McBaby!!!

3. Should Mark have told Lexie about his true feelings for her?

L.J. Gibbs: I know it must have been hard, but he had to, and that simple act of honesty showed more courage than the Mark Sloan of seasons past could have ever imagined.

M.L. House: Yes. The way to a man's heart may be through his stomach, but the way to a woman's is through honesty at all times.

Mrs. Northman: Yes! She may not be in the most healthiest of places and doesn't want to hear him out, but he really loves her and was there for her when she needed someone. I think she's stable enough to accept where he's coming from and who knows? Maybe they can get back together already!!!

Does She Tell Derek?

4. More heart wrenching scene: Cristina having a breakdown on the surgical floor or Meredith telling Derek she had a miscarriage?

L.J. Gibbs: We knew the miscarriage had to be revealed and at the right time for Meredith. Cristina's breakdown? Totally shocking and almost more heart-wrenching because it was so out of her control, much like when Mer lost the baby in last season's finale.

M.L. House: I'll go with Cristina because I didn't see that one coming. I had a feeling Meredith would reveal the miscarriage to Derek, so the tear ducts were prepared.

Mrs. Northman: I really thought Meredith telling Derek that she lost their baby would be the most heart breaking scene of the episode, but watching Cristina struggle on the surgical floor really had me holding back the tears!

5. Who do you think needs the most advice this week and what would you tell him/her?

L.J. Gibbs: Derek. He's going to need it with Amelia visiting from Private Practice!

M.L. House: Jackson. I'd tell him: Your surgical skills are being restricted by that shirt. Take it off. Work topless for a week. See how it feels.

Mrs. Northman: Cristina for sure stole the show with all of her PTSD. I would tell her that she should not give up on her life's passion because some crazed idiot ruined life as she knew it. Continue seeking counseling and time really does heal all wounds.

What do you think? Weigh in with your own answers/comments!

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This debate about the post it, is getting old people, really old. I wish that in the future it is reveal that MerDer actually got legally married and we didn't see it, so this debate would end. I don't care one way of the other a piece shouldn't define a relationship, even if the dictionary says otherwise.


I still don't get why people insist on applying the rules of the real world to two fictional characters. MerDer are fictional characters the rules of the real world don't apply to them. If people would see it this way, the post it and the fact that they call each other "husband" and "wife" wouldn't bother them at all. As for whose relationship would last longer, then I say MerDer, Cristina was ready to throw in the towel on the last episode. If Meredith hadn't talked her out it and Owen hadn't come and get her. Owen and Cristina would've been divorcing right now.


favorite quote of the episode...."I know, you really want to live in the batcave, but meet me half way!" Arizona and Callie are great together! Can't wait for more scenes...Season 7, off to a great start.


The Mer scene telling Der she had 'lost' a baby was underplayed and short, which is what we've come to expect of GA cos they ration MerDer scenes


1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?
Oh too many! I liked Mer telling the trauma guy to go hug himself. I also liked her conversation with Alex about his past relationships. 2. Who's marriage do you think will last longer? Derek and Meredith's or Owen and Cristina's?
Meredith and Derek, no questions asked. I feel like Cristina married Owen for all the wrong reasons and that they will crash and burn soon enough. 3. Should Mark have told Lexie about his true feelings for her?
No, I did not like the way he treated Lexie this episode. He needs to give her some time because she's been through a lot. I do see a reconciliation eventually though. 4. More heart wrenching scene: Cristina having a breakdown on the surgical floor or Meredith telling Derek she had a miscarriage?
Oh man both were so sad... but i'd say Meredith talking about the miscarriage wins only by a landslide, simply because I kinda saw Cristina's breakdown coming (she never seemed that excited for the surgery in the first place). 5. Who do you think needs the most advice this week and what would you tell him/her?
Cristina, definitely. She's lost her mojo and I think it will take some time for her to get it back.


I agree with you L.J. Gibbs, about the part where two people who love each other don't necessarily have to be married to be happy. They're happy just the way they are :) I do think that both couples' (Merder & Crowen) relationship and love will last till their dying breath. They're so supportive and in love with each other and whatever problems or challenges that bombard them, they'll go through it together and come out at the end of it together as well.


Surely the fact that Shonda has said that Mer and Der are together for good now and that she's going to stop with all the on-off stuff (much to the relief of both the fans and frustrated actors, Patrick Dempsey especially), means that they will last the longest as they are't going to split up :S That said, I agree with others who say that they should get something 'official' with the whole marriage situation. The post-it is cute, but it's not legal which is frustrating-especially when they keep being referred to as 'husband' and 'wife'. I'm sure the writers can come come up with some MerDer way of getting an official piece of paper; without having to do something big and traditional.


Thank you LJ Gibbs
A POST IT ISNT A STAND FOR GAY MARRIAGE. It’s an insult. Unless the post-it serves up as much legal shit as the replacement shit that has been hashed together to placate the LGBT community. Was Derek thrown out of the OR for not having legal rights to be in the room or make advisory comment about Meredith’s health status? NO! Gay couples would have been escorted out regardless if they had a commitment ceremony in front of GOD himself. Meredith gets referred to as Mrs Shepherd (Chief’s dinner) whilst married on a post-it. Portia DeRossi had to apply to a court to have her last name changed and went through hoops to get it. Unless those two get shit for being married on a post-it, they are not married and shouldn’t call each other wife and husband. Emotional marriage or whatever love bond, THEY ARE NOT MARRIED. Shonda is mocking the LGBT community, telling them they don’t need the law to recognise their unions, just grab a post-it and call yourselves married. WTF are we wasting money fighting the Proposition 8 if it was that easy. Virtual married people should refer to each other as virtual-wife and virtual husband. Which marriage will last longer, probably neither, depend which rabid fan girl group screams or stalks Shonda most and which actress leaves first.

Matt richenthal

Thank you, LJ, you are better spoken than I am. I never meant to disparage the love between Mer and Der. It's clearly real. But it's just silly to somehow argue about the term "marriage." It's a legal union between two people. If Mer/Der don't wish to enter in a legitimate one, that's their choice.
But there's just no way Dr. Perkins would refer to Derek as Meredith's "husband" in this set-up.


for L.J.Gibbs .
The POST-IT is a virtual-marriage because they have written of the promises but my question is ,why does write it in a post-it ? and no on official stamp paper?Seen that they are written because you don't make them legal!!!!i 'd have preferried that they 'd have said to voice ,so they have done to hope in a future marriage in the fans's mind and so it's happenned!!!!!!!

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