Hawaii Five-O Review: "Ko'olauloa"

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The murderer of a close friend and mentor of Kono’s did not stand a chance to escape when Five-O was on the case in "Ko’olauloa."

I don’t know if the writers read these reviews or if I am just really in tune with the tweaks that need to be done to the show. But I recently mentioned that I was glad they explained where “Five-O” came from, although thought it was a bit clunky for it to be used instantly as a term.

Therefore, I am happy to say that this week it was not uttered once.  Also absent this week? The awkward and pointless medical examiner introduced on "Nalowale." No offense, Masi Oka.

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Not since the pilot, when Steve was chasing his dad’s killer, has an episode been personal to someone in the group. This week, it was Kono who lost a mentor and friend to murder and I truly enjoyed how everyone pulled together to help find the killer and support her.

Between the titles of the episodes each week and references they make in the show, I feel like I am learning Hawaiian one word at a time. That's not a complaint. I think it's brilliant to mix in the Hawaiian heritage, culture, and language together as a light frosting on this most delicious cake that CBS has made.

This episode featured the Kupo, which I am guessing is a fictional group based on the Kupu (a conservation youth program) which valued island traditions and way of life. Regardless of fiction (or not), it added to the story and was not so outlandish that it was unbelievable. Every week the writers on this show remind me how good they really are.

However, by far my favorite scene in this episode was when Steve (yet again) tried to explain to Danny that “Book em,’ Danno” was a term of endearment and Danny told him to go ahead and do it every day that he liked it. I had to back the episode up and rewatch that scene about three times just for the sheer joy on Steve’s face after Danny agreed to let him say it.

Great stuff all around. What did you think?


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I totally agree with you. The Steve and Danno moment was just delightful. They had a few cute moments in this one, as when Steve had to explain Island Time to his antsy partner. Danno also had a nice moment with Kono. This was a calmer episode and I think the change in pace was interesting. I like the hard driving pace it usually has, but this was a cool interlude.


What was the song they played at the end during the surf circle to honor their dead friend? It was unbelievable. Good, I mean.


OMG! I had to back it up too! It was so amusing! I hope it does not bode bad for their repartee, though. The jeep-car chase - and the look on DW's face - good play, Scott! And the scenery! I loved the biking scene with SJM and CHK characters. Those actors are having TOO MUCH FUN! It looks great on them and the islands! The storyline was very graciously not too gratuitous on the bikinis, babes. (No complaint, but more for the girls, writers!) The DW character growth, security in position.....is taking on more of a co-lead in the unit (interaction with Kono - go home) and that is wonderful to see that being fleshed out since SJM made him 'my partner' in the first episode. Loved the blue tongue bit. Still shows the childlike quality in the male law enforcement officer. Sorry, worked around you all too long. But DW taking a bite out of a pineapple slice? I didn't think DW liked them.

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Carlton Bass: He marketed the Northshore surf lifestyle and made a lot of money. A lot of people resented that.
Kono: Only one pulled the trigger.

Danny: I hate it when rich people get killed.
Steve: Why?
Danny: They have something everybody wants.
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