How I Met Your Mother Review: "Subway Wars"

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Barney and crew embarked on their own Amazing Race this week to see who deserved to call themselves a real New Yorker.

Maury Povich made cameo after cameo as he insulted Lily on the subway, stole Robin’s cab, was on the bus with Ted, emerged from Dean & Deluca walking his dog, listened to his iPod on the subway, shopped at Tribeca Photo and finally was mistaken for Woody Allen at Gregor’s steak house.  Trying to spot him in each scene was like a How I Met Your Mother version of Where’s Waldo.

Run, Robin!

What I did not appreciate were the shameless Bing search engine promotions, the first of which came when Ted turned his laptop around to show Marshall the route to Gregor’s steak house and the second one occurred when he looked up Grade Boo product placement!

Like Garth said in Wayne’s World (while wearing Reebok wardrobe) “It's like people only do these things because they can get paid. And that's just really sad.”  It was almost as sad as hearing the theme song to Magnum P.I. in the background of the new Maybelline commercial that aired following the credits. 

  • Lily can speak subway conductor. Very impressive. I tried to learn how years ago, but never could. I don’t even remove my headphones anymore to try and decipher what is being said over the speakers down there.
  • Robin stole a cab from a woman who then threw herself on the windshield. All I could think about was the “Mista Mista” lady from Happy Gilmore.
  • Ranjit the driver came to Barney’s rescue like Alfred the butler would Batman. 

Loved the Pitfall game reference, as well as the Fonz jukebox line during Marshall’s folk song montage. I almost fell off my couch laughing with recognition when he yelled out “come on, Spice Channel,” while trying to rig up the cable box.

Marshall did have one major misstep, though.  While on his seven-mile run, he waited for the walk signal to turn.  I seriously called his New Yorker status into question on this one.  You are not a real New Yorker unless you j-walk. In fact in New York it’s just called walking, like how Chinese Food in China is just called food.

In the tender married moment of the week, Lily coined a new phrase. The Cradle List was born when she and Marshall realize they have a whole bucket list of things to do before they have a baby.

Robin gave up and admitted the city had bested her, but she emerged victorious in the end and shared a table at Gregor's with Max, Marshall’s friend from law school. Max could be a new love interest for Robin, but I’m still pulling for Barney to win out. Barney letting Robin win the race was reminiscent of when Ross let Rachel win the game in "The One With All The Poker" on Friends.

Overall, a great episode! The quotes were plentiful. Barney wowed with a few multi-lined gems, and Marshall stole the show with his hard-hitting one-liners. Would love to rehash more but it will have to wait until next week because “I’ve got a thing.”

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There is one thing I don't get with this episode. I either missed something, or there is an funny error in this story!
They all race from the bar to Gregor's Steakhouse, where Max is waiting at the restaurant. But when they all arrive to Gregor's the same time, they start racing back to the bar, right?
But when they arrive after this race back, they are met by Max, and the next scen is at Gregor's. One explanation would be that they went back to the steakhouse, without it being shoen. But that doesn't explain why Max is where the race ultimately ends up.
Is it a flaw in the storyboard och have I missed something?
I have seen this episode 4-5 times, and it is only just now that I noticed this.


I need help to find the backround music whitch is playin while they are running!!

C f ohara

Nice call on the windows logo Pickachiu. Made me laugh to think of Barney doing one of those "Windows 7 was my idea" commercials. In the flash back though it would of course just be him instead of the better looking body double they always use.


did you also notice the WINDOWS logo on the laptop? there is no such computer like that! trying to copy Apple - Fail!



How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

How can you be a New Yorker and never have seen Woody Allen?


Puffy cheeks, smudged mascara, slightly red nose, that girl was just crying. She's so sad and defenseless. Anyone have a condom?