Sarai Givaty to Guest Star on NCIS

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Looks like NCIS' Ziva David is being replaced, personally and professionally.

No, Cote de Pablo's character is not leaving the show. But Israeli actress/model Sarai Givaty has just been cast in a multi-episode story arc next month as Liat, an Israeli intelligence office liaison charged with keeping Ziva’s father, Eli David, dad out of harm’s way.


Sarai Givaty is the new Ziva ... on the Mossad side, that is.

Naturally, this being Ziva, she does what any smart, self-confident tough chick would: She has a knock-down, drag-out fight with the new “her.” Hmm. Our money's on Z.

This casting news, courtesy of EW, offers yet another clue about Vance's story line and the return of Eli David scheduled for this fall. It will be interesting to watch unfold.

There's also the matter of who she's been conversing with since her stint in Miami, which is bound to be revealed at some point. It could be ... Tony Sr., could it? No ...

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Words can't even express how truly EXCITED I am for these two episodes. Let's see... more on Vance, Eli's return and the buried emotions that will come to the surface in Ziva about Somalia and her father's inaction, a Tiva moment (potentially big, woo!!), and now this fight!!! Ziva will definitely beat Liat, but I wonder if it will be a pretty even match? I'm thinking whatever they duke it out over, it will probably be related to Eli. Poor Ziva, feeling replaced! Gahh, why is it not November yet!?! As others have previously stated, this will be EPIC!


Ziva's prettier than that Liat chick. (:
looking forward to this, except for the fact that vance is my least favorite character.


Yeah but still, why would she call Damon R? And Pat has a point, Ziva hinted that Tony havn't met this guy before.
About this article, I seriously hope this girl is going to flirt with Tony, in the way ZIva used to do. If they make a scene simillar to when Tony and Ziva first met, I would love that :D
I want Ziva to get jalous this time! On the Tony Sr. and Ziva thing, come on yes it would be DISGUSTING but think about Tony's reaction = PRICELESS! :D


remember damon werth from corporal punishment, outlaws and in laws and jack knife episodes?..i think it is he that Ziva has been meeting..remember in all those episodes, we can see that they have this connection especially in corporal punishment..


Don;t think that the person has ever been on because she said to Tony if you ever met this person what would you say? To be honest they could play with that all season and I would be happy. I like little mysteries like that. Can't wait for Eli. Oh my gosh Senior and Ziva, that is just gross.


Can't wait this sounds awesome. I read the emails and couldn't be Tony Sr. Ziva says that when you return from your assignement and also mentioned that he had the highest security. Sounds like someone working for the government, Sr is a scam artist.


Amusing, but since NCIS makes a better than average stab at continuity,I doubt it is Tony Senior who is the email-pal. I don't think it's a romance/romantic interest at all. We have seen and heard that Ziva has male friends from time to time, like the cop who was into her knife collection sort of thing. Nevertheless, whenever I read a NCIS spoiler I pray that there will never be an actual TIVA.


I paused and read the email as well. I will certainly be paying special attention to anyone whose name starts with "R". I can't get enough of NCIS!!


SERIOUSLY! I have a theory that it COULD be Tony Sr, but why whould she call him R? (In the email) - I paused it and read the email. (dork) OMG I'm really looking forward to those 2 episodes, it's going to be EPIC!

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