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It seems this season really is about Clark finally embracing his destiny.  Who knew, though, that it would be Cat "Pretty-in-Pink" Grant to finally give Clark the impetus to come out of the vigilante closet?

I wasn't crazy about the introduction of Cat on "Shield," as she was just... annoying.  Maybe if a different actress had played the part, I wouldn't feel this way, but something about her just really irritated me.  However, she did manage to make the point to Clark that true heroes need to be seen and understood to be appreciated, not lurking in the shadows.

And by the looks of Clark standing, in broad daylight, wearing a new spiffy red leather jacket sporting the symbol of the House of El embossed across the front, it appears he's ready to embrace who he is to become. 

Kat Grant Photo

For a split second I thought he might actually fly, since he dropped the airline tickets to Africa he had printed earlier.  Yet another tease. You know the writers are sitting in their bullpen laughing it up as we speak. 

I guess if you can't bring in Batman, you do the next best thing and bring in one of his adversaries.  Confession time: I've never read Superman comics, or Batman for that matter.  I've always loved superheroes, but much prefer seeing the TV and movie incarnations rather than reading the comics. 

So I did a little Web search and lo and behold Deadshot was created by Bob Kane as a Batman villain.  Interesting. The representation here wasn't all that exciting, but it was an interesting little twist to see Plastique show up at the end and the two working in tandem with Rick and the Suicide Squad.

It wasn't a reveal provocative enough to erase the disappointment that after the dramatic and all to brief introduction of Darkseid last week, this was the follow up story we were given.  I get that Suicide Squad was a big DC Comics institution, but this is the last season and I want to see the Darkseid story evolve, not just a one or two episode face-off and that's it. 

I suppose it was only fitting that Carter Hall be the one to talk to Lois about her destiny with Clark, seeing as how he and Shayera are star-crossed loves.  He knows of that which he speaks. Incidentally, it was rather cool to catch a glimpse of Shayera; I wonder if we'll see more of her - hopefully as Hawkgirl!  Perhaps I'm just too used to instant gratification, but I like my heroes costumed. 

I mean, how can you have Carter and not even a single glimpse of Hawkman? Although, when he spoke Nietzsche to Lois, and she replied "a Superman" I got chills. I understand she ran off to Africa because she felt she endangered Clark in Metropolis, but it's just not the same when these two aren't on screen together.  Lois needs to hop a plane back to the big city pronto.

In Egypt

It's taken a few seasons, but I finally like Tess Mercer, and I love that she knows Clark's secret - though, let's face it, everyone knows it by now. It's much more fun having her in on what's going on than trying her dastardly best to unearth hidden truths. Even though her moral compass doesn't always point north, she definitely is someone who can be useful to both Clark and Oliver.

I'm not sure "Shield" was quite as spectacular as the season opener, but it definitely served its purpose in pushing Clark, and Smallville, on a journey to the ultimate conclusion.


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clark your cool


also to reply to this review....Trust me there will be more Darkseid episodes! They already casted Granny Goodness, Deesaad, Godfrey and even Mad Harriet (Justin "Oliver"'s real wife)


My review:
Honestly, I got really annoyed by Cat Grant. At first at the daily planet and in the car she was funny but after seeing and listening to her REALLY HAPPY talking….it got annoying and i hate her now. Besides that I liked everything else especially deadshot he was wicked awsome! The only other thing that i got pist about is how little they showed Plastique…..I was hoping more of her considering she might not be in it ever again. Rick Flagg is always in my opinion the 3rd lex luthor of Smallville (2nd being Amanda Waller) So i was happy to see him again. Lois and Carter in egypt was funny and Shayera was HOT!!! One last thing I was really happy when I saw the new costume! For people who dont know the comics they might not understand but if u do then u will...Clark just made a leap to Superboy! Look at the costumes that will give u the hint. He may not say Superboy but he is! I give it a 8.5 out of 10. Too much Cat….too little plastique


How is it chloe has been clarks friends 4 over 15years and she desapears and he acts as he doesnt care i really hope they hav clark worrying and looking for his bestfriends well shes like a sister


Did I just miss it, or was chloe not in the opening title..
I know she's still alive, maybe to join the suïcide squad
(everyone on our team is believed to be dead, or something)
or she faked her dead to get out of the suïcide squad and join Lana (seems to me a great destiny for chloe)
But when they said there was no file on chloe left I figured that maybe that's the explanation the writers are trying for chloe playing such a big part in smallville and no part in de superman series (both comic books and movies)..
it's like she never excisted.. a shame if you ask me and I quietly hope that they're gonna put a chloe sullivan in the new superman movie..


Wasn't the greatest episode (at least the Cat Grant part of it) but still had some really interesting moments like those mentioned in the review. Man that cliffhanger though...the writers sure like to tease us!


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Loved the review! thanks for sharing your opinion!


ok cat girl or whatever is super annoying! Loved the stuff between oliver and clark.. desperatley want chloe back..and lois and carter was very sweet she needs to grow some balls and get back to her man.


great review SPTV. the one thing i was disappointed about was Carter telling Lois she was right about EVERYTHING...offscreen. favorite scene was between Oliver and Clark discussing hiding in the shadows.

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