Supernatural Review: "You Can't Handle the Truth"

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ALthough the apocalypse was technically averted at the end of last season, the aftermath has not been a pleasant one. Everyone and everything seems broken and unnatural. The shattering glass title card of this season reflects the state of things to a tee.

Therefore I was pleased that this week's aptly-titled episode, “You Can’t Handle the Truth,” incorporated both a classic supernatural mystery and the all-important question looming in everyone’s mind: What has happened to Sam?

Easy, Dean

The brothers take on a case involving multiple suicides caused by an overabundance of harsh truths. This was a great way to involve a new case that would directly relate to the questions that have been concerning Dean for some time. Plus, watching that dentist literally drill a man to death doesn’t make me want to go to the dentist any time soon.

Dean’s distrust of Sam and need for help on the case cause him to call on Castiel. However, only when it appears that the root of the situation is a Weapon of Heaven does Castiel appear. I understand Dean’s frustration. I also understand that dealing with a rebellious Heaven might be a little time consuming and he can’t be on hand every moment the boys need him.

Castiel did at least help reveal that Sam is not Lucifer. I wish he could have stuck around a little longer, though, because I like when his character shows up.

When Dean ends up cursed, we get two of the funniest moments of the episode and one of the saddest for Dean.

First, Dean gives that classic look of smirking glee as he openly stares at a woman’s breasts. This womanizing and playful Dean has felt absent, especially with the weight of Sam’s problems and the thought of putting Lisa and Ben in danger. It was a hilarious moment that needed no words.

The second moment involves a plethora of truths as Bobby divulges some of his guilty pleasures. Who knew the gruff guy loved him some Tori Spelling and the occasional pedicure?

Yet it was his conversation with Lisa that led to the couple’s break up. Poor Dean. Their relationship was certainly strained from last episode and because Lisa was forced to tell the truth, it made it that much worse.

What had me the most excited was the moment where the Goddess of Truth revealed that Sam was not human. I knew he wasn’t succumbing to the power of the truth when Dean questioned him!

Sam tries to explain himself to Dean by exclaiming that he knows he’s changed, he just doesn’t know why. He’s become such a better hunter but something has made him feel nothing at all.

I was not expecting Dean to punch the crap out of Sam and then bam, credits roll. Ahh!  How could the episode just end? As much as I wanted to know why Sam was acting so differently, I loved the cliffhanger ending. It was a great episode.

I do have one minor complaint. I love the mystery of the show, so I’ve stayed away from any real spoilers. I’d rather not have the big reveal of a question that hasn’t been answered for 6 episodes to suddenly be simplistically revealed in the promo, no matter how cool it is. I’d rather wait for next episode to learn the full truth.

It really is a minor complaint though, because I’m looking forward to how Dean gets help for Sam in next week’s episode. This season is certainly moving right along!


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I just loved this episode! It looks like we’re FINALLY going to know the mystery about Sam not being himself. That mystery has been a loose end for just too long [ever since Dean brought Sam back to life in season 2]!!! But I don’t really get it… if Sam isn’t human does that mean he isn’t Sam at all or does it just mea that Sam has changed? Because in the first case there’s a possibility of cure, in the second case there definitely isn’t. I just want cute, sensible, sensitive, funny old Sam back!

Amy jackey

I liked the show from last night. I thought it was a cool episode. I really feel bad for Jensen's character Dean.


I really enjoyed this episode. I think both Jared and Jensen have been knocking it out of the park this season, and I'm really glad we finally got some movement on fixing the ever-growing rift between the brothers Winchester. I really enjoyed Dean enjoying that bar patron's new boobs, and I laughed out loud when Bobby started to tell Dean about his first girlfriend. It was terribly sad the way that Lisa and Dean broke up, but that wasn't even the saddest moment to me. The scene that really broke my heart was when Veritas made Dean tell the truth about his feelings regarding Sam, and Dean admitted that he has resigned himself to the fact that he's a hunter and that's all he'll ever be. He can't have a family. He can't have a normal life. He can't have a real future outside of hunting; despite that fact that he so desperately wants those things for himself. Great episode. Even though I called Sam not having a soul weeks ago, I'm really looking forward to next week's episode.


Last night's episode was amazing and I'm so glad they finally revealed more about the Sam issue. I really thought (and part of me still thinks so) that Dean killed Sam at the end yesterday but that because he's not human (or at least not completely) that he'll come back to life next week. That would certainly add even more mystery to the show. My only negative remark for this week is Castiel's too brief appearance...come on people, give this man more lines! The actor portraying him is amazing and Castiel is just such an interesting character.

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