The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Memory Lane"

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Welcome to this week's edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table!

Our staff has gathered on this Friday afternoon for the important task of analyzing the latest episode of this CW hit, "Memory Lane." Can we really trust Mason? Should we be surprised Damon likes Guitar Hero? Let's dive right in to these pressing topics...

What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?
M.L. House: "I tried to kill a werewolf, I failed. Now I feel like I'm not living up to the version of my best self." While this quote by Damon made me laugh, his sheer terror in the face of his failed murder attempt just made me love Ian Somerhalder all the more.

LJ Gibbs: Katherine's response to why she is back in town: Stefan, Stefan, Stefan. Could she really be telling the truth?!?

Elena: Loved the banter between Mason and Damon.

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Do you really think Mason returned just for the sake of his family?
M.L. House: No. He's back to prove once and for all just who the best Pictionary player in Mystic Falls history is.

LJ Gibbs: Sure, is that really so hard to believe? He actually has been there for Tyler, helping the kid work on his cardio and his ability to shed his shirt while running.

Elena: I think Mason wants that stone almost as much as I want to know what the stone does.

More surprising admission: Damon's affection for Guitar Hero, or Katherine's feelings for Stefan?
M.L. House: Before last night, I could have pictured Damon rocking out on an axe. But I never would have thought Katherine would have opened up to a dying Stefan in such a manner. Gotta go with the latter.

LJ Gibbs: Can I go with most humorous admission? I loved when Damon referred to himself as a "dick."

Elena: Definitely Damon and Guitar Hero. He could probably kick ass doing it, too. 

Which character did you miss more this week: Bonnie, Matt Jeremy?
M.L. House: Matt. There was a serious lack of boring hotness on the episode.

LJ Gibbs: Jeremy. My ears didn't know what to do with themselves without all the incessant whining.

Elena: Bonnie. She seems to bring out the wit in Damon when they cross paths.

Flashbacks: Still fun or getting old?
M.L. House: I've loved the use of these... until last night. The main information revealed via flashback - how George Lockwood played a role in Katherine's escape - could have been summed up in a much shorter time period. These flashbacks felt clunky and drawn out for the first time in the show's run.

LJ Gibbs: My favorite all-time episode is "Blood Brothers," so I'll never object to the use of flashbacks. But Damon's 1864 hair? That I find objectionable.

Elena: They aren't my favorite part, but they are needed to tell the back story of the Lockwoods, and to show just how much Katherine compelled Damon. Sad to think he really thought she never compelled him.

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1. I loved Caroline's stalling, she's such a bad liar.
2. No, he needs the moonstone. It more than likely stops the change. All that aside, I'm glad he's here and I want him to stay.
3. Katherine's admission. Now we know that it's not just a game. I think they just threw in the GH thing for Damon to act all superior.
4. Suprisingly Jeremy, but that's soley b/c the bbq was at his house. But we need Bonnie as well.
5. I like the flashbacks as long as they have continuity.


I'm getting seriously scared of Katherine. Bonnie's witchy powers doesn't have any effect on her. So does vervein. And she could easily free herself from the metal shackles which Stefan used to detain her. Good thing she's just a fictional character. I don't think I could ever sleep with someone like her running around. She kills people without shame and guilt, imagine if you cross paths with her. scary :)


I think the moonstone will help the Lockwoods not turn into a wolf on the full moon. It make sense because how after Katherine gave George the moonstone, there was no more deaths in Mystic Falls.


Well, the season only emphasizes, that Kat treated Damon like a toy and, in fact, he seems to be the most miserable person on the show. Even emo-alike Jeremy isn't in as sad situation as Damon. I really like Katherine's presence in the last episodes (and I admire Nina Dobrev's acting craft soooo much each and every time she appears as our evil Kat :>) but still, I wait for a perfect love match for Damon [and I hope there won't be 'Delena' on the show, never ever]


Delena FTW (Died and went to shippy heaven from the beginning scenes in Stefan's dream.) This deserves a repost hahaha.


Favourite quote:
Mason: I know, I've heard great things about you.
Damon: Really? That's weird...'cause I'm a dick. Once again Ian delivers it with perfect bluntness. Delena FTW (Died and went to shippy heaven from the beginning scenes in Stefan's dream.)

Anna maria

ps: I din;t like damon this ep though, he was mean to mason, my new love. I don't want him to die, I like werewolves and he is HOT!

Anna maria

I hate that she seemed not to care at all for damon..then I don't get why she gave them both blood and hooked up with both..why not just stephan then? Poor baby Damon..


Oh my GOD. HOW can you not mention that fabulous ending, Caroline's betrayal, Damon's hopeful something smirk once he heard about the fake breakup? Those were essential points in the show you Shouldve brought up. The ending kind if shows the honest reality of Stelena- (Did anybody else freak out when Stefan hissed SO believingly "What is it about you that names me still Care?" and then stabbed Katherine (quite literally) in the back?) The fact that Katherine followed Damon in the almost last scene and asked oh so casually (like they were still FRIENDS or something) what he was ppuyibg about and then said -"Be careful about the werewolves Damon" or something like that it's clear she has.... An affection for both brothers. Some sort of a true honest fondness. I didn't know Katherine WAS capable of melting at being called an angel. And that ending with Stelena Was surprising- who knew Stefan could be so conyving? I thought Damon was the clever one. and Damon's little smirk at pseudo Stelena break up sadened me- that guy can't catch a break.
All in all I'm surprised Katherine is capable of Feeling real love. I was sure it was just a healthy obsession until she kissed a dead Stefan- (While Damon just lay there poor thing. And he STILL loves his brother- like when he considers Mason an enemy just because ge almost attacked Stefan). Damon almost seems mistreated to the height at this point. Also misled.
Ps. Is anybody else waiting for Tyler to kill somebody?
PPS. Okay Mason Lockwood can do nice guy better then Stefan. Sigh. What soulful eyes....


As the weeks go on I become more and more impressed with Nina's portrayal of Katherine! She is genius in this role and I honestly don't look at her and think "that's one actress playing two roles." She feels like a completely different person when she is in her Katherine persona. You've got to give Nina major props for being such a great actress in this role. :)

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