90210 Review: Hot Tian Action!

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Pop quiz, 90210 readers: Which of these season three storylines has received more attention?

Teddy and his struggle to come to terms with his sexuality? Or Liam and his servant-like job of escorting Laura, a character who has so rarely been seen over the last couple weeks that, to be honest, I had forgotten her name when she first appeared on screen?

I ask this question because "Best Lei'd Plans" took a major step in its Teddy plot this week, one that I really wish had the distinction of concluding the episode. Instead, that honor fell to a fallen Liam, a character that's been out of the spotlight for weeks.

Hitting the Beach

I'm all for a larger focus on Liam, and I hope this development leads to the return of his bad boy attitude. But I felt like the significant develop of Teddy actually making out with Ian deserved to be the episode's final scene.

Still, let's give kudos to 90210 for going there and let's see what happens from here. Will Teddy truly come out to everyone? Or, as I predict, will he and Ian keep things on the down low for awhile?

In other relationship news, are you buying Oscar's sincerity? I believe he's truly sorry, but I also continue to believe his entire revenge plot was incredibly lame. Didn't it seem laughable when he explained to Laurel that she was indirectly responsible for his mother's death, so he got her back by... having consentual sex with her and her daughter?

Really, did Laurel even do anything so wrong here? A young, hot guy - who her daughter was NOT dating at the time - wanted to sleep with her? She took advantage of that fact and had some fun. Big deal. It's not like Ivy wasn't aware her mom was a very free spirit long before she did Oscar anyway.

So, sorry, I don't feel bad for anyone in this situation. But my heart did drop a bit for Silver. She's always been my favorite character and she got punished twice this week, both times for simply being a good person.

She helped Adrianna apologize to Navid and she forgave Teddy for his homophobic rant from a few weeks ago. Both times, the result was heartbreak and loneliness. Still, I hold out hope that her and Navid will find their way to one another in the near future.

I'm rooting for them. How about you? Elsewhere...

  • Man, Annie is even annoying when she cheers: We know her! That's our friend!
  • Has anyone seen Dixon's storylines? He just can't find one anywhere.
  • What does it say when Debbie and Ryan are the show's hottest couple? By far?
  • In many ways, isn't what Debbie doing much worse than what Laurel did. Ryan is the teacher of her children, after all. Yet this plot is mostly being played as light-hearted, while we're supposed to be on Ivy's side against her mother. Just something to ponder.
  • Yes, many celebrities really do call the paparazzi themselves. Just ask Kim Kardashian.

What did everyone else think of the episode?


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I though Debbie and ryan wouldn't work at all but it actually makes perfect sense, and really they all need some storylines


I can't even think about what will Adrianna yell at Silver when she finds out about Navid
and one of her best friends.
Oh wait. I can. It's 90210, of course she will find out.

Saad khan

*(Man, Annie is even annoying when she cheers: We know her! That's our friend!)
Oh God I love you for saying that because I also noticed that even in Cheering Annie was the Lousy one Oh Gosh!! *I was reading all Hoopla about Trevor Donovan on Twitters and Blog so i was literally looking forward to this what did he do in this epi that People are going Ga Ga over it... If you Follow Trevor Donovan on Twitter, you will know what I'm talking about! So, finally I saw it and well He Kissed Kyle Riabko (Ian), which was really good actually bx it was sincere and before that he kind ov hinted that he had some one else in Life... (Its sad creators are looking for some one else for Teddy). * Naomi and Oscar are miss match bx Naomi just got friendly with Ivy so its just lame and Annie/Ethan/Naomi all over Again!
I Loved the Surfer Dude (Zachary Abel) *I Love Silver and hate her Tiny hairs just to show her neck Tattoo C'mon grow hairs now... Rihanna Has it, it doesn't mean she won't grow hairs... Oh God.
Adrinna is getting Hot & Why for Once Naveed can't be happy for them? that's Weird :-/ If celebrities don't show Attitude who Will? C'mon Naveed+Silver= Terrible
I wish they Kill Off Naveed, Annie & Dixon Characters all together. though
* Keep Debbie for Hot Ryan (Hottest Couple right now on the Show sorry Teddy N Ian)


Can Silver and Navid just get it on already? In every episode im hoping they going to kiss but then Stupid Aid always interrups. Seriously, can she get more irritating?
I think Ian is a sweet guy i really like him for tolerating Teddy after everything because he could have easily spilled the beans but he didnt.
As for Mathews and Debbie, omg can they get any hotter? Love them. I hope they date.
I'm not really big on the whole Oscar and Naomi thing they kinda bore me.


do anyone knows the name of the song that its play in the last minute??

Anna maria

I LOVED this ep btw! I really like Teddy/Ian, Ian is so sweet and patient! And it's weird, but I like Naomi and Oscar a lot too..I serioulsy want to punch ade! Navid seriously HAS to dump her!

Anna maria

@90210 fan omg you're right! him and laurel was..eeww! at least debbie's in good shape! Laurel could be HIS mother! it was so awful I even blocked it out of my mind! lol


Navid/Silver had one episode of build-up. They're forced like I don't know what, and people have the nerve to call Navid/Ade forced? That's a crock.


loved this episode , especially naomi and oscar :) i just love them togeather

Whipped by damon

Loved that Ian and Teddy kissed, it was adorable! I am also very on board the Nilver train, I think they have chemistry! But yeah..I'll be interested to see how the Liam storyline will pan out..ah and go Ryan and Debbie! Hot stuff! Oh and incidentally I completely agree with the review, on the whole Oscar-Laurel-Ivy scenario..yeah he acted like a douche but what was so wrong with what her mom did..don't get it!

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90210 Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Silver: That's all kinds of crooked.
Ian: Man, I can't do anything straight!

Ryan: She is frightening. I think it's because she looks so much like Christopher Walken.
Deb: It's uncanny.

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