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Look, 90210, I've been critical of this boring season for awhile now, but I was willing to give you a pass on the Teddy storyline.

I found it disappointing and simply lame that such a major development was spoiled by producers over the summer, but, hey, at least I've been giving the series credit for slow-playing this character's self-realization and dealing with such a pressing topic in a respectful fashion.

Then, you air an episode such as "They're Playing Her Song" and give viewers such a glaring plot hole that I can't help but wonder what the writers are doing over there. The plot hole in question: If Teddy forgot his wallet, how did he get into the gay bar?!? I know Trevor Donovan is like 59 in real life, but he is portraying a 17-year old, right?

Growing Tight

This will sound like nit-picking, I know. And I'm aware it's not a major detail in the overall story - but it is symbolic of just how lazy 90210 can often be. There are many ways in which the show could have had Teddy require Ian's help... so why choose something that makes so little sense? It's insulting to viewers.

Elsewhere, I can give a positive review to everything involving Annie and Charlie this week. I was ready to rail against the latter character for being so underdeveloped and the series forgetting all about his and Liam's back-scar storyline.

But it brought it back in a realistic way this week, as it makes perfect sense that Annie would feel pressure to "lock in" a college man, and it was also a nice moment for the two to share once she came clean and then he did the same. Important message, readers: sometimes, there are ways to get close to someone with your clothes on!

As for Navid? Weak! If the show wanted to really take a big step and give us some gravity, it would have had Mr. Shirazi kill himself. This truly would have been an unexpected jolt, something that would affect Navid to his core.

Instead, it half-assed the storyline and gave us the unbelievable (in a bad sense) notion that Navid's father would up and leave the country, just a day or two after a guidance counselor apparently spoke to authorities. Talk about a sudden reaction to the baby steps of an investigation.

Finally, we get to Debbie and Ryan. I'm all for this pairing. Why not, right? The two characters do have a lot in common these days... if you entirely forget the events from last week, that is. After all, wasn't Ryan the one totally in control of Jack and seemingly knowledgeable about babies?

Fast forward an episode and suddenly he can't tell if his son needs his diaper changed?!? I understand that Jen leaving would result in a bit of panic, but the show took it to an extreme and is now painting this previously reliable father into a total buffoon. Just poor pacing and inconsistent character development.

What did everyone else think? Are you more on board with Silver and Navid now, in light of the way Adrianna is acting? Did Do you wanna see Naomi and Ivy buddy up? Has Liam or Dixon does anything noteworthy all season long? Sound off now!


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The Only story m interested in is Off course Teddy's besides Bar goof up its still going strong and in a decent way rather than over the Top in Glee... Annie is Boring why the hell she wouldn't Fu*k Liam?I would? ;-) does anyone found it weird that Annie has Black brother and Liam has Latin or Black mixture Brother? Creepy. Ryan and Debb are Cool...
Silver and Navid are Pukable together....
Can't wait for Naomi's Surfer Dude (Zachary Abel)... He is HOT ;-)


I loved Charlie and Annie!!! It was REAL teen drama (btw, that scene with Annie at the bathroom was SOOO HOOOT, she looked like she was having an orgasm!!! xD) Adrianna: still a bitch, but i love it. However, Navid's storyline: HATED IT!! I used to think Navid's dad was a great guy, even as a pornographer. And it wasn't realistic at all... He leaves the country??? WTF?? And to the reviewer, if mr. shiriazi was such a coward to run away, why the hell he would have kill himself??? THAT IS EVEN MORE UNREALISTIC than the whole story line. Navid and Silver: didn't go anywhere... except for that last scene with OR's "Secrets" Teddy: great. we got to know his past... and we got a sneek peak for the future. But the gay bar thing was like... Mmmmm. I was hoping to see him checking the place out, walking around the bar, checking the people out... but he sat and he took a drink. I expected more. The last scene with Ian was quite good, though. Ivy: i think the sow editors got wrong in putting this scene on this episode. I can't stop thinking it originally belong to the next one!!! lol. The whole point of that scene was to introduce Ade's song (that btw, is SOO boring) and to play Ke$ha's We R Who We R.


to the person below.. ure around a year too late..


I realize that I am going to sound like a weird one here and it's irrelevant to the review, but I just tuned into this show, I am recently watching the second season.
Can someone please answer these questions for me:
1. Why the hell did the Wilson's move into a glorified mansion into a cheap suburban home?
2. Why the hell did Naomi and Jenn move into a house made of windows when they had a decent one already?
3. Since when did the school change from the original BH90210 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer into The O.C campus?
4. Who bloody idea was it to change the intro into a window, a pool, fingers, a girls legs and a hand to state that the show is '90210'?
5. If there is a new show runner. Does anyone else agree that he/she should get the sack?
If someone could answer those for me, I'd appreciate it.

Whipped by damon

Didn't I read somewhere that Teddy and Ian would be kissing in this episode? Anyhoo, I liked the show overall and the couple development even though 90210 very often sells us viewers quite short! :)


Why would Navid be so sensitive about Adrianna ignoring him? She's not doing it on purpose, and she's happy. Shouldn't he be more considerate of her career? In case you weren't paying attention in season one, Navid has "liked" or "loved" Ade since second grade. Don't give up on me Navid! (Silver back the f*** off) And what happened to Jasper???????? Did I completely miss something?


can i know the song where they sing goodbye to abd times,hello to goodtimes you and i...blah blah..i really wanted it


Hahahaha I stopped reading when the reviewer suggests Mr Shirazi kill himself, when quite frankly he or she is asking for realism. Though reviews are reviewed in ones own opinion, we cant help but smirk can we ? As he says it, it IS seen as nit-picking, people are not watching this show to see reality, if we were, why would we buy tv's or even waste internet usage to watch 90210? Hence, obviously we are all in it for fantastical means. Does that mean everything in 90210 is fantasy? No, as there has to be a sense of reality to a drama based on reality, however it does not need to reflect upon reality so strictly that every illogical detail must be mentioned. Poor character development, or whatever, storylines are too lazy, it does not matter, most of 90210's viewers are in it, not to sit there and review it, rather enjoy it. If it does the job of giving viewers an enjoyable experience than so be it, it does not have to make perfect realistic, social, logical, economical, political sense. No one is asking for a show like that as we live it. The reviewer may defend him/herself by saying that obviously i am being too harsh as it IS his / her job to review it, and that is correct, however it feels as if this constant bashing is surrounding the reviewers head to the point that he/she will just continuously nit pick, and ultimately not even enjoy 90210, and disregard it slowly and ignorantly, week by week.


@argy very well said :)


why do u ppl even bother commenting on this show for starters u lot have given nearly every episode 4 stars so why all of a suddon is it boreing i think u lot are confused and P.s Trevor is 32 no need to over react ppl

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