90210 Round Table: "They're Playing Her Song"

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A couple relationships moved forward on this week's episode of 90210, as Adrianna's behavior pushed Navid toward Silver, and sheer loneliness encouraged Ryan and Debbie to get closer. A LOT closer.

We analyze these events and other developments from "They're Playing Her Song" in the following edition of the 90210 Round Table...

What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt R.: I rag on Annie all the time, and often for good reason. But I enjoyed her final scene with Charlie. The show had given us nothing at all on this character or this relationship, but finally made viewers care about the couple over the course of a couple honest minutes.

Steve M.: I got a kick out of the random scene of the girls picking Ivy up to go to the beach. I'm not kidding, I think it was meant to be included on the November 29 episode instead. Just look at the promo for that one and tell me I'm wrong.

Eric H.: Navid blowing up at his father. It was a totally different side to this character, a fiery one, and I liked seeing it.

90210 RT, Take 2

Harder to believe: That Navid's father would flee town so soon, or Ryan would panic to greatly over Jen's absence?
Matt R.: I was sincerely annoyed over the way they did a 180 on Ryan's ability as a father. Would he be upset over Jen leaving? Of course. But wasn't he the one teaching Jen how to take care of Jack just last week, acting totally calm and in control? Now, we're meant to believe he'd forget all parenting skills just because his irresponsible ex-lover skipped town?!? Lame.

Steve M.: Navid's father. I loved your point in your review, Matt, about how this could have been a fascinating storyline if the show saw it through, had Mr. Shirazi go to trial, be on the verge of a loss and then kill himself. The show needs a major event such as that to really jolt viewers into believing anything is possible.

Eric H.: Can I go with Option C, that the waitress would go for Teddy over Dixon? No way, right, ladies?

Are you now more on board the Nilver bandwagon?
Matt R.: No. I totally agree that Adrianna is becoming a self-obsessed diva, but then Navid should end that relationship before doing anything with Silver.

Steve M.: Yes, but not for the reasons you may think. If Adrianna gets cheated on, it will make her sympathetic and probably land her an Us Weekly cover, ensuring she's a celebrity gossip staple for weeks on end. Isn't that what she wants?

Eric H.: Absolutely. You know what they say: the girl you go to when you need to talk about your father employing underage porn stars is the girl you should be with.

Do you wanna see more of Liam and the purse/drug storyline?
Matt R.: YES! Liam was brought on board to be the show's bad boy, right? So now he has a chance to follow through on that reputation, while making some much-needed cash. Why is the show shying away from giving us a lot more of this storyline?

Steve M.: It would beat Liam just sitting around, which is all he's done for weeks now.

Eric H.: I just wanna see more of Liam without a shirt on.

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fav. scene: Def. the random beach scene in the beging or the one with liam because he is so hot way harder to believe that navids dad would flee so soon and especially to iran. that storyline is becoming way to gossip girl for me heck yessss i love silver and navid they are really cute togeher even though i was soooo rooting for teddy and silver i just want to see more liam he is so hot and so bad he and annie need to be together. but i would love to see him as the bad boy purse drug dealer. they are turning him into ethan (which by the way they need to bring him back) but i dont want to lose 2 hot people off the show 1 was bad enough


Adrianna and Navid all the way ! they have ruined her character ! Cant they just give those two some slack! Stop paring navid to SILVER ? c´moon, they cant be serious.. And what kind a friend would mess a round with a friends boyfriend ? And please do they always have to put it on Ade ? Its always something that she did ! Navid cant bo so bloody perfect !!!!!!!

Anna maria

and to quote Eric H.: "I just wanna see more of Liam without a shirt on." I couldn't agree more.

Anna maria

I agree with matt R though, he should end it with Ade before moving on with silver, not cool. And what happened to bro's before hos (the other way round), because silver is Ade's bff. This won't end well..but they're a great couple!

Anna maria

I want to KILL Adrianna! why did they ruin her character!?! She was my favorite one!!


yeah, i think the waitress would be soo nuts to like teddy!! but hey, this happened for making the plot unfold about gay teddy


I don't watch 90210 regularly,
and the only time I do watch it is when its on before ggirl (my obsession)
i have to say its pretty good!
i just cant get deeply into it cause its too far into the season,
but i still like to watch it =D


i actually enjoyed this episode. but yeah, why the waitress would be hitting on Teddy rather than Liam is beyond me.


i think its harder to believe that the waitress would go for teddy over liam rather than dixon! :)


i like navid and i w`d like to see more of him with adrianna

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Debbie: What can we do to bring you down to mildly panicked?
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