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What was your favorite scene from the episode?
I have to go with Teddy finally growing up and going to a gay bar and on top of that having a little heart to heart with Ian,also finding out that he left his old school because he was having a crush on his roomate.

Harder to believe: That Navid's father would flee town so soon, or Ryan would panic to greatly over Jen's absence?
Im going with Eric H and say C.Ivy and Niamoi being friends,can you belive it just last season they were on the sand punching it out.BTW Eric Teddy is hotter then Dixon.

Are you now more on board the Nilver bandwagon?
Yes Sir,I hate Ade,shes always full of drama and on top of that a sob and so now im soooooooo on bored with Sliver and Navid and they are so perfect for each ther both nerds.

Do you wanna see more of Liam and the purse/drug storyline?
Yes Please Yes,just because Liam is becoming the next Ethan,she slowly is becoming boring and having less storylines.


I think the whole episode was AWKWARD, with the 'oops Im sorry I didnt saw you' its terrible

although I loooove the ian/teddy storyline but the rest is getting boring and sucks


Does anyone know the real name of the hot waitress that hit on Teddy?


Does anyone know where Annie's shirt is from?! (the white tank!)


@Eric H Dude, who would look to any of the boys there if Liam is right over there?!

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