Castle Review: "Murder Most Fowl"

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Castle is known for its complex and twisted murder mysteries, but “Murder Most Fowl” had more turns than needed.

The case changed seemingly every other minute, from a bird watcher in a tree, to a child kidnapping, to Wall Streeters looking to get ahead. Although I am usually a fan of the twists that leave me guessing on the show, this case just did not work.

A Fowl Murder

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Castle excels at having mysteries that rival those of the main author’s books. They are eccentric and outrageous - and usually totally unrealistic. This is part of what makes the series so good. That said, though, the case of Lightbulb Len and the child kidnapping did not mesh well with the show’s dynamic.

Points to the writers for making an attempt at realism, but they should stick with their typically over-the-top, fun-filled murders. (Case in point: check out the preview
for next week’s episode. Looks much more fun.)

Clearly, I am not the biggest fan of Gina and desperately want some action on the Castle/Beckett front. And though I thoroughly enjoyed another Gina-less episode, I have started to notice a trend:

Another installment came and went without the mention of Gina or Beckett’s new surgeon boyfriend. How are we supposed to believe that our favorite detectives are in these serious relationships about which we know nothing? The writers either need to explore this side of the show more, or drop it entirely and just focus on the tension between Castle and Beckett.

Am I being too harsh on the episode, TV Fanatic? What did you think?


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I have to say I agree with you. The 'other love interests' storyline has been hugely disappointing to me. I expected a lot more character development as a result of them, and while we have seen some from Castle via Gina, Josh has basically been a non-entity roadblock. Disappointing in the extreme. It's not going to stop me from watching but they either need to run with the Love Interests properly or give us our Castle/Beckett banter back. One or the other, not neither. So far the banter is either non-existant or coming across as mean, especially from Kate.


I 100% agree! I am finding that I miss the fun banter and I am learning nothing about our lead characters. The show is better with the fun cases like next week.


I wasn't a big fan of the episode either, though I'm not a big fan of the Caskett relationship.. I think that, like Moonlighting, them together would ruin it.. though, the threatened office romance that takes place next year is probably not them... back to the episode. I hope that in the next episode, one of the significant others is mentions


I don't know, I love the show so much that I agree and disagree. True, there hasn't been much Castle/Beckett-tension driven story lines in the past two episodes after a large leap of advancement in 3XK. That is what elevates Castle above others. However, the case was good. Having Castle emotionally-involved in the case because of alexis connection was sweet (plus, having Beckett so interested and giving undivided attention when it really counts). I also find it sweet and entertaining when Castle and Beckett say the exact same thing at the same time during crime-solving. So, although it seems the more character driven episodes are being saved for later in the season, this one was much better than 'almost famous'. I think after one of the best episodes ever (3XK), Castle writers slowly get back to the excitement! I know, I know.. I just can't hate the show!


I agree. I think what makes "Castle" such a successful show is not the cases, it's the characters. And unfortunately for the last 2 episodes they were not character driven at all. No castle/beckett progress, no sentimental or emotional moments concerning the case itself, only procedural episdoes, which is not what makes the show so special. I hope the writers in the coming episodes do a better job!


I completely agree with you. There's just not enough movement on the personal front. It's been weeks since we've seen Beckett's love interest and we've only seen Gina once this entire season. This makes it insanely difficult for the viewers to root for any other relationship except for Becktle (help me with the name).

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Castle: Generally because they are murdering somebody.

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