Chuck Versus Phase Three: Sarah-Centric Awesomeness!

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How do you like your Sarah Walker?  Pouring her heart out to Chuck?  Wearing short shorts and pouring water all over herself?  How about kicking ass and taking names of everyone in Southeast Asia? 

Whichever your pleasure, "Chuck Versus Phase Three" had everything you could ask for from a Sarah-centric episode.

Fighting Mad

Even though Chuck was in an Inception-esque dream coma throughout the entire episode, this week's installment was one of my favorites of the season.  Given all the Sarah beat downs, the Morgan hilarity and a nice B plot with Awesome and the Buy Morians, what was not to like?

As we do here with these reviews, let's take a look at how the Chuck Triple Threat panned out this week.

We had Morgan continuing to thrive in the spy world.  Well, in making us laugh while he attempts to succeed in the spy world.  He caves in to Sarah about Chuck's proposal with no hesitation, he over shares and then he waves a gun around proclaiming that he knows how to use it, once again calling all the bad guys "dirt bags."

Three other comedic highlights from the hour:

  1. Awesome bragging about the Toyota Sienna's five out of five stars for side impact protection.
  2. All of the people in Thailand referring to Sarah as the giant, blonde she-male.  
  3. Casey being a usual at the stomping grounds for the "scum of the Earth."

After a few weeks lacking in fight scenes, this week stepped it up a notch.  The kick boxing battle royal in the sand had enough adrenaline to keep me up all night.  To be fair, though, after dismantling that Thai champion in the ring, should Sarah have had to face Sagat and General M. Bison to move on to the next round?

Sarah was also kicking ass and taking names before and after that epic fight.  Of course, she had help from Morgan, who pretended to be a pot head tourist looking for a hostel while Casey and Sarah took out some more bad guys and eventually found Chuck.

Chuck Versus Phase Three Scene

It came down to a pair of moments when Sarah proclaimed her love for Chuck, with or without the intersect.  The first came as an admission to Morgan, but it still got my heart pumping.  When she finally had the nerve to spill her heart out to Chuck?  Fantastic. Yvonne Strahovski was absolutely brilliant as the tears came rushing out when Sarah was trying to wake Chuck up from his dream state.

Moving On
Hello, crazy green light computer formerly of Steve Bartowski!  What will you have in store for us?  I love that Awesome and his merry men got the computer to turn on by any means necessary, but it was also nice to see Ellie be the one to figure out the password.  What was on that first screen?  Might it be related to the intersect?  Frost and Volkoff?  Something crazier? 

Can't wait to learn more next week.

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This was by far the best episode of the season. It as every thing in it. I've watched like 10 times and still really enjoy watching it. Looking forward to the rest of season 4. Bring on a chuck and sarah wedding.


Loved the episode, spectacular action scenes, humorous comments issued by Morgan and Casey, last and not least the emotional confession of Sarah. This gives us the threshold to ask: What effect will leave the post lobotomy to Chuck? What it says the file that contained the computer left to Amy? As will fix the problem with the Intersect Chuck? What Chuck's mother charged in his brain?


I really thought Chuck had escaped from his lair and told Ellie the truth! It sounds like with her new laptop she'll get the truth out of him with that at least.
Awesome and hilarious episode, and it was neat seeing Zachary Levi (Chuck) on Conan the same night.


He said that the computer was "Roark", because that's as far as he knows Orion's laptop (previously seen in the episode "Chuck versus The Predator") is made by Roark Industries...


How was Chuck's memory restored? Lester says the computer is a Roark. It must be Ted Roark's software company.

Whipped by damon

ok I loved this episode, there were so many great things it offered! The story was good, great heart, Yvonne was amazing etc etc but I found myself confused at the end! I don't proclaim to know anything about lobotomizing people but if it was "almost complete" shouldn't Chuck have been least in some sense, however little!? As glad as I am that he wasn't, it was just a bit odd!?


love the episode! hope chuck gets the intersect back next episode..

Chuck Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Welcome back, and Daddy's got something Daddy likes...I'm Daddy.


You really expect to keep a girl like that, without flashing?