Desperate Housewives Review: Chimichangas vs. Franks & Beans

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Could Keith really be Bree’s future? 

All bets were against it, especially given their 17-year age difference, when this season started. But on the episode “A Humiliating Business," Bree confesses to Keith that she has begun menopause and he takes it in sexy stride.


Keith does, of course want kids, but Bree is over that stage of her life, more interested in hot sex and learning new aerobic actvities.  After all, she is a grandmother, remember.

The irony of Bree’s gyno being Keith’s mother was a good twist, especially when Mary told Keith that Bree’s signature red hair is not her natural color. Awkward!

Speaking of unnatural: is it just me, or was it a bit of a stretch to try to imply that Carlos could be flipped by gay neighbor Bob?  I just didn’t see it, but I suppose it did provide a good set up for some of the best quotes of the night. To wit:
Gaby [to Lee]: Use the back door.
Lee: I always do. | permalink
Gaby [on Carlos]: He's not going to give up these chimichangas, for a plate of frank and beans. | permalink

Although that mini storyline did not have me convinced, it did have me laughing.

A Humiliating Business Scene

[Photos: ABC]

In other humiliating Lane news, kudos to Renee and Lynette for starting their own business.  A bit random that they chose interior design, however. I mean, it’s not like either of them have any experience, and, let’s face it, Lynette does not exactly have a high style home of her own. Then again, she's just the brains behind the operation.

I actually felt bad for Susan when she was asked to be the nanny instead of a part of the design team.  She actually would have been a good addition considering she is an artist, and clearly has a better eye for it than gold digging Renee and Mom of the Year Lynette.  But it’s Mary Poppins-ville for Susan this time around.  Man, from an Internet porn maid to a nanny all in one swoop – now that’s progress!

Vengeance is the key for both Paul and Beth, and as predicted, Beth is a co-conspiritor with Felicia Tillman to get revenge.  Although we’re not sure what their plan is yet, we can’t wait to see what comes next.  Beth, the demure and naïve wife, may just have the last laugh in this marriage.  She’s showing signs of the other Desperates on the Lane: blackmailing an ex con. Sounds like she’s catching on quickly. 

What did you think of the episode and reveal at the end?


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I'm liking Beth, and the fact that she's willing to give up her virginity AND pretty much THREATEN a dude who jux got outta jail for murder tells me that she's willing to do A LOT. All for her mother. Blood sure as hell is thicker than water


Beth stole the show this time... she was Outstanding... how suddenly she rip off her clothes that was so fast that my Jaws literally dropped... Kudos to her... All the other humor was fun and Carlos uses moisturizer now that was funny :p


Beth was the best part of this episode. The whole Bob thing themed a bit ignorant overall, but Bree and Keith brought in some nice humor


Beth-Felicia connection is as predicted. ;-)


I don't like Carlos one bit... Wish they got a different Carlos...


Hmmm... This season is turning out to be interesting... Maybe Susan will help out and save renee and Lynnette anyways...
Although I'm glad Bree is getting a somewhat 'healthy' male love figure, the whole age difference thing is a bit overdone... Is this the final season th0? I heard a while back that Marc cherry decided he would end the show after a certain number of seasons. Is the time almost up?


I hope Bree and Keith don't split, they're great together and is kinda the whole reason why i started watching this show. (Fingers crossed)

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I must say, for a virgin you were surprisingly open-minded.


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