Glee Review: Drama, Drama, Drama!

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This episode of Glee would have been a lot more powerful if the show had spent time actually building up the drama that came crashing around everyone on "Special Education."

Instead, after weeks of practice, in a rushed, panicked move, Will suddenly changed up everything about the group's Sectionals performance. The show may have been trying to prove a point about how much he's whipped by Emma, but it came across as manufactured drama instead.

Santana and Artie

Elsewhere, Emma married Carl.

Again, instead of actually feeling bad for Will, I felt manipulated by the writers. We haven't seen Emma in weeks, and she's given every indication over the last season-plus that she's pretty much the last person on earth who would ever take such a rash step in a relationship.

This is the kind of problem Glee can run into when it spends so much time focusing on societal issues over character development and storylines: all intrigue, suspense and emotion feels rushed and unearned.

Two more complaint before I get to the parts of "Special Education" I loved: first, after dedicating so much time to the issue of bullying with Kurt, why is everyone - within New Directions itself, no less - allowed to just lay into Rachel?

I find her irritating, as well; and I acknowledge nothing she's going through is on the same level as what Karofsky was doing to Kurt. But am I the only one who feels like there's a double standard at work here, when the show makes the issue of bullying a gay student so substantial, yet is perfectly fine with Quinn telling Rachel she wants to punch her in the face every time she talks?

Second... a tie?!? Seriously?! What a cop-out. It's safe to assume any competition such as this would give us an odd number of judges as a safeguard against that possibility.

Fortunately, a few aspects of this episode saved it from ruin. Among them:

  • A trio of truly wonderful performances at Sectionals. The Warblers take on Train, followed by Sam and Quinn having the time of their lives and Brittany and Mike absolutely tearing up the dance floor on Santana's "Valerie" were all-time greats.
  • Brittany is in a motocross club.
  • Brittany thinks adultery is when one acts like a dolt.
  • Brittany believes in throwing possums at those she dislikes.
  • Okay, Brittany in general.
  • It was also nice to see Kurt actually miss his former group, as opposed to instantly adjusting well to life with at Dalton Academy. For all their fault, New Directions are like a fun family.

What did everyone else think of the episode? Were you moved by the shocking break-up of Finchel and marriage of Emma? Or did these storylines feel rushed and forced? Sound off now!


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First of all they are going to make Santana a little nicer. I heard hear real dad was with the Mafia.Also I hate Lauren she cant sing. I thought Pucktana was the cutest ever Also they should give Santana more solos her latin voice is good Also maybe get her a boyfriend a real on then he cheats on her instead of the other way around. Also Rachel should back of her cuz remeber the pole incicident. Maybe Castle Walls would be a good song for her by Christina Augleria BOTTOM LINE BACKOFF SANTANA LOPEZ GET ON LAUREN


Okay so I love Glee, but there are some characters that really annoy me. Quinn is at the top of my list for least favourite characters. She has been treating Rachel like crap for god knows how long, she cheated on her boyfriend and then got herself pregnant. She was horrible to all the unpopular kids until she got kicked out of the Cheerios, and suddenly she likes them all because she has no one else! It seems like just because she got herself knocked up it excuses her shitty behaviour in the past.
What also really annoyed me, is that Quinn has been bullying Rachel for ages, and Rachel was pretty nice to her about the pregnancy, most people would have seen it as an oppertunity to get revenge. But despite Rachel's kindness to Quinn, Quinn still continues to bully her and is just careful to be nice to everyone else?!
I understand that Rachel is selfish and irritating, but she really is adorable and she doesn't mean to hurt anyone, whereas characters like Quinn and Santanna make it their missions to upset people.
Also even though Quinn and Santanna are or have been horrible to almost all of the Glee members, they all still abuse Rachel! It really bugs me how it is acceptable to bully Rachel but not Kurt. And to be fair Kurt doesn't really make it easy for himself.
I hope in future Rachel gets more respect, and if Finn forgives her, he will treat her with more respect too.


Ok, I seriously want vocal adrenaline to come and steal Rachel so that the glee club can realize that they need her and that the way they treated her was unacceptable!! I mean, almost everyone in glee says awful things to her, like Santana always calls her a hobbit or a midget or what not. Quinn is no better! Now that she's a cheerio again shes allowed to say things like she wants to punch Rachel in the face everytime she opens her mouth!! I seriously want Santana to get slushied. They have to show a more vulnerable side of her so her character has at least some redeeming qualities. Aside from Puck, Rachel has no one in the glee club. I really liked Puck in this episode, way more than Finn ! Whenever Santana or anyone else was mean to her he didn't stand up for her, unlike Puck in the green room. On some higher notes: I looovveeed Brittany and Artie in this ep. Their entire storyline was absolutely adorable. I'm looking forward to them in the Christmas episode :)
Puck, I loved him just in general.
Sam and quinns performance was sub par. Rachel and Finn would have done much better. Quinns voice is weak. As much as I hate Santana, I liked Valerie. Mike and brittanys dancing was absolutely AMAZING.
Overall the episode was really good. But if the behavior towards rachel doesn't stop, I will be pretty pissed off. :(


i hated the episode the finchel part was all wrong and so was the emma part.
people say that the best episodes are from the beginning of the first peason but i disagree i prefer the second part of the first and the beginning of the second the first episodes were just plain boring


I'm glad I'm not the only one who now finds Glee ridiculous. They go on for an entire season about how bullying Kurt is wrong, but then the entire club verbally abuses Rachel, including her teacher. I seriously want her to go to Vocal Adrenaline and for Glee to realize they suck without her. Agree with Quinn to, I started to really like her last season, but now she's a cheerleader again she completely forgot everything Rachel did for her. Now she wants to "punch her in the face"? I know most people were against it, but now I would love a Taylor Swift epiosde. I want Rachel to sing Mean to the club, Better than Revenge to Santana, and Picture to Burn to Finn. It would be epic. I only watch for rachel, and if the bullying continues with no addressment, I will not be watching any longer.


I don't know about you, but I only watch this show to hear Rachel sing and to see her and Finn TOGETHER! For as much crap as Rachel takes, she deserves to at least have a great boyfriend. Which reminds me, I think it's about time that the writers helped Finn to grow up. Put Rachel and Finn back together and make him be a real boyfriend who shows emotion towards Rachel and defends her when others bully her. Another thing, I hate Santana and how slutty and evil she is. I have to agree with a comment that was made earlier that after being a bitch and trying to break up Finn and Rachel, Santana got a solo! I can't even stand to watch her sing, I hate her so badly. She needs a reality check. The writers will be doing themselves a favor and keeping all of the fans of Rachel watching the show, by putting Finn and Rachel back together and making them happy.


Most of you seem pretty angry that Kurt's bullying got so much attention while Rachel's is going unchecked, but isn't this how it would go in an actual scenario? It is much easier to recognise physical bullying than the psychological, and therefore it is easier to deal with it. I think that not even Rachel is aware that she is being bullied, she is so used to being treated that way that she just responds by being more of a diva and a bitch which leads to more bullying. It's very easy to overlook these things especially when the victim seems to be angered but unhurt. They will have to address it some time but I think the way they're going about it is realistic and it also makes a more satisfying story arc, to make Rachel suffer a bit more and then see her rise from the ashes while everything else falls into place.


If some of the viewers believe that Rachel deserves to be treated like that because she is not lovable and selfish, I would like to ask what exactly makes Santana not selfish or Quinn who cheated on Finn last year, gave away a baby etc.
What exactly justifies the way Rachel is treated? They are NOT like a family, because as someone said before, being a family means they would actually have to be nice to her. Which they have never been!
Telling her to shut up, that they would like to punch her, that she is a hobbit or a midget, is just inacceptable and words can hurt a lot too. I really don't get why Barbie doll Quinn and slutty Santana are popular - because they are pretty? I actually think Rachel is very beautiful and don't understand why she is treated like the ugly duckling. It would help a lot of young girls out there to know that they don't have to be Barbie like pretty to be beautiful and lovable. I wish the writers could show this message through Rachel's character instead of making her an outcast. Love the friendship between Rachel and Kurt.


I need too add one more little point...
Who else found it strange that Sue didn't sabotage the competition?? Isn't that kind off here thing?
She just love too ruine those things for Glee club..
Soo I thought that was kinda off.
Maybe im the only one thinking about, but I think it would made it more complete.


Saying that it's okay for the other members of Glee (and Mr. Schuester) to bully Rachel because if it were something serious they would back her up is absolutely ridiculous. If I recall correctly it was Puck leading the charge to confront VA after they egged her, but it seems to me that the rest of them were following along more because they took it as a personal affront (because of Jesse leaving) than any anger on her behalf. Yes Rachel can be annoying and is selfish when it comes to solos, there's no doubt about that. That being said, she's no more selfish or annoying than any of the other characters so there's no excuse for them to be so awful to her. No matter how annoying you think someone is, it's no excuse to treat them like crap.

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