Glee Round Table: "Special Education"

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Drama abounded on "Special Education," this week's shocking episode of Glee.

From an unexpected break-up to a startling marriage and a few great performances, this installment gave our staff plenty to discuss in our TV Fanatic Round Table. We encourage fans do to the same in our Glee forum and/or the Comments section below...

What was your favorite quote from the episode?
Matt R.: I think I'm still laughing from Brittany thinking adultery had to do with acting like "a dolt."

Steve M.: Call me cheesy or call me sentimental, but also call me a major Finchel supporter. That's why I teared up when Finn said to Rachel: "I never thought you'd make me feel like this."

Eric H.: "I know the cricket that reads to me at night is totally stealing my jewelry." - Brittany

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What was your favorite song from the episode?
Matt R.: From this episode and from this season, the answer is "Valerie." The vocals may not have been top-notch, but the energy was amazing. Go back an re-watch some of the moves between Mike and Brittany. Simply incredible.

Steve M.: I second that, Matt. I wasn't familiar with this song, but I've since downloaded it and will dedicate my life to trying to be 1/100th of the dancer that Mike is.

Eric H.: You guys can have your Asian Mike. I'll take my Caucasian Blaine and his version of "Hey, Soul Sister."

Bigger surprise: Emma's marriage or Finchel's split?
Matt R.: It's a cop-out (like tying at Sectionals!), but I have to say both. There was nothing in the past few episodes leading up to either of these developments, as both felt contrived and far too sudden to have actual, emotional impact.

Steve M.: Emma's wedding to Carl. When was the last time he was even on the show?!? The Rocky Horror tribute? It would have been nice to get some sense of this relationship before the two took such a step.

Eric H.: Option C, the utter lack of Sue Sylvester. The show does want us to laugh, doesn't it?!?

Will Kurt return to New Directions?
Matt R.: Ever? I'm sure he will. But I hope they drag this storyline out, as it's actually been built up well and gives us a countless number of (pun intended!) new directions to go in with Kurt a part of the Warblers. 

Steve M.: Of course. I actually think Blaine may turn out to be not such a great guy after all. He arranged a solo try-out for Kurt, only to then tell him that one must subjugate oneself to the group. Huh? Perhaps Blaine just wants the spotlight on himself at all times.

Eric H.: No. I say he and Rachel break off and form a splinter group. Its name? Hum 'n Berry!

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My favorite thing about this episode? Puck! I cracked up at pretty much everything he said lol The rest, meh.


Blaine may play a Caucasian character but Mr Darren Criss is half Filipino-half Irish. I'm so proud of him.. Poor Rachel...bring back Puckleberry!


After spending so much time discussing bullying, they sure ALL put a lot of effort into obliterating Rachel. It’s sickening, and a reason that I will be very reluctant to watch this show again. Don’t cry for me, Argentina and The Dog Days are Over were the only reason I didn’t stop watching glee. The thing that sucked the most for me was that Mr. Schue did exactly what their High School does: it glorified the cheerleaders and jocks and oppress the geeks. The sectional songs were terrible – Quinn and Sam (while extremely cute together, despite the fact that he has the personality of a wet rag and she is a total cow) are not strong enough singers to carry a solo like that, especially that song. It was a huge disappointment, and I found myself cringing as I listened to it. Let´s remember last's year: Don't Stop Believing, Proud Mary, And I'm telling you I'm not going, Don't Rain on my Parade and You can't always get what you want. BIG songs, with harmony. I love Mike and Brittanny but It's a singing competition! If you got give the solo to other gleek, it could at least have been to Artie, Mercedes, Puck or Tina (who can actually sing really well – it is a SINGING competition after all) and not Barbie and Ken (who sing well but not prize worthy). Hey, Soul Sister was really cute, but I struggle to believe it was a song for Sectionals. But it was enjoyable. Like the last end season, the voting doesn't add up… Which makes me wonder if they ever do the math. As far as character development, the friendship Rachel and Kurt is the BEST thing of this season… Seriously. They are the only two that still get (and can) take the big songs and their friendship bring the whole diva² to light. The other ones that can do not get them and those who do kill them. Even Blaine who is usually super adorable was jerky in this episode, which was heartbreaking. Mr Schue was bullying Rachel with the other kids, is making terrible choices and poor song selection. He is in no way professional, and to be honest needs to be called out about the way he handles that club. As a high school teacher, I find it hard to watch how he cannot separate his personal life/feelings from his job of caring for those kids. He needs a good talking to, or, to be totally honest, firing! In this episode Santana was just mean, hurtful and bitchy. WTH? She used to be relatable, now she is a stereotype! An important thing that aggravated the suckyness of this episode was the lack of Sue! Rachel is so vilified, and what the rest of the gleeks do to here is almost bullying. The reactions are never proportional. Quinn slept with Finn’s best friend, got pregnant and blame it on him, and he was all lovey dovey with her in the firsts episodes. He is never there for Kurt. He kissed Rachel while he was dating Quinn. He smurks at Santana, he never stands up for Rachel. Puck was the only one (sort of) standing up for Rachel in the green room. He had broken up with Rachel to go on a date with Santana and Brittanny. He lied about sleeping with Santana. But because he is Finn, he says he is sorry in last 5 minutes of the episode and all is automatically forgiven. I don’t know why Rachel gets so much hate, but after this episode, Finn, for me, is the biggest jerk. I can not stand him anymore. He is not a leader and he never does the right thing, he has to be forced into it. Overall, this episode was a huge disappointment, I’m looking forward for some Christmas cheer. More of Mercedes and Sue! Who knows? Maybe Santa would bring the old Glee spirit back!


i legit cried when finchel broke up. ryan promised us a full season? hello?!!! lol. i loved dog days are over. i'm obsessed! although tina does annoy me, i still love it =D and carl and emma getting married=WTF??? like since when were they overly in love?! and since when would emma run away to vegas with some guy she met 2 months ago? that is too unlike emma...


-I don't want douchy Blaine...He's so great *__*
Yes, as I read somewhere, he's the Rachel of Dalton Academy, but hey...he's allowed to be! - Finchel breakup: it felt awful, didn't it? I mean, they were becoming an entertaining couple and not the stereotypical quarterback/cheerleader...I join the "Get them back together on the Christmas episode" fandom xD - Kurt will return to ND, I don't think he'll get used to the Warblers' way of running their glee club, even with the help of Pavarotti. - Best song: uhm, hard to choose, but I'll go with Hey Soul Sister, just because I love me some Blaine u.u - Last thing...Emma and Carl, married?! Why, Grilled Cheesus, why?!


OMG Muzical1 I agree with you 100%!!! It's nice to know I'm not alone. Okay, this episode had a song that had my name on it, and I couldn't even stand it. The thing that sucked the most for me was that Mr. Sue did exactly what their High School does: it glorified the cheerleaders and jocks and oppress the geeks. Furthermore, the fact that an OCD person like Emma could get married on a whim TWICE seems so unbelievable! Like the last end season, the voting doesn´t add up... Which makes me wonder if they ever do the math. Rachel is so vilified, and what the rest of the gleeks do to here is almost bullying. The reactions are never proportional. C'ommon Quinn slep with Finn's best friend, got pregnant and blame it on him, and he was all attentive in the firsts episodes. He is never there for Kurt. Only in the last 5 minutes of the episode and he is automatically forgiven. I don't know why Rachel gets so much hate. But if you got give the solo to other is could have been to Artie, Mercedes, Puck and Tina (who can actually sing really well - it is a SINGING competition after all) and not Barbie and Ken (who sing well but not prize worthy). Thank God most of you agree. I though I was going insane!


I felt bad for Rachel. I mean she's like my least favorite character but the others have no room to judge her or treat her the way they did.
That being said. Who goes to a super expensive, exclusive boarding school (with uniforms all well) and not expect to have to conform. I adore Kurt he's my favorite character and I felt bad for him I really did.
But I hold out hope for Blaine and beg that he doesn't turn out to be a complete douche. If only for the sake of my fangirlishness, cause Darren Criss, totally awesome. "Supermegafoxyawesomehot". And now I will go hide in the corner with my dorkiness.


AGGGHHH!!!!!!! Why did Finchel break up???????? I know that both of them acted like idiots, but geez!!!!!! They should be together!!!!! Grovel Rachel, GROVEL!!! Finn, please forgive her. That's what being a couple is all about! Yes, she screwed up majorly, but you know how Rachel is, and you totally should have expected this! You love her! Get her back! Puck was so sweet, he definetly needs a true love girl. And I like that idea with Santana and Rachel, even though I love Finchel. I love the scene with Kurt and Rachel, so sweet. It actually made Rachel be nice and not annoying. I like Rachel, she's my favourite character, and I wish they would show this side of her more often. Rachel should not always have to be the bad guy!!! Sam and Quinn are so cute!!!!!!! Blain acted like a jerk, but Kurt needs a man. Let Blain join ND and become all awesome! With Kurt! Definetly, the Warblers need to add a little variety in their performances! God Will, get a spine! Stop mooning and sleeping around! Be a man for Pete's sake! And Emma, why the hell are you married to CArl?!!!! You just met! AND, you were engaged to a different man a year ago! Move fast enough?!!! Sue is awesome. Is there anything else to be said?


I think that Rachel was a little out of line this week. While I'm sure she was upset to find out that she wouldn't have been Finn's first and that he lied to her about it, she went about it like he cheated on her with Santana, which was precisely NOT the case. Her kissing Puck was out of line and wrong. While I hope that they can work things out (because I love Finchel) Rachel has some serious groveling and maturing to do.

Glee Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

You used to be just sort of unlikeable, but now I feel like punching you every time you open your mouth.

Quinn [to Rachel]

You're a constellation of stars. I just hate to think you might be ignoring some of them because they don't burn quite as bright.