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Please, anyone, tell me that Gwyneth is staying!


I liked the episode. Best episode so far of the season. I really do miss season 1 type writing. I thought they said this summer Season 2 will be more development of our first glee characters. I haven't gotten that. Seriously stop with tribute episodes. I am glad they got back to "today type music." Why can't we start seeing more fight and power to win again. I could write this entire season in a notebook about how they need to do new bigger things like Vocal Adrenaline to beat them, and how to win the entire thing. I get it first season you can not win. But what about this season. We have had no story telling to gear them up for it. I get it the world right now is big on gays and bullying. You did an episode of that MOVE ON! Also, I am getting sick of this whole Kurt being gay story line. Every single week it is the same thing he talks about in just different words. Go back to Puck and Rachel and Finn and Quinn and Santana and the cheerios. COME ON WRITERS! You are going to lose your fan base FAST!!! Also, Forget you was the best performance yet this season. I am so sick of the bad lip-synching and voice being altered. Make them sound like they are really singing and have not been touched up. Please refer to Mercedes singing in church and how her mouth and words did not match up AT ALL!


I didn't think last nights episode was all that great. Yeah, there were a few funny moments, but most of the episode felt forced and random to me. Gwyneth Paltrow did a good job, but I felt like she was a little forced as well. All in all, just kind of a blah episode for me.


Glee is silly, it always has been but the reviewer is right..we've been low on simple silly fun this season so I loved this weeks dish and think next week will be awesome! And there is a longtime storytelling arc, sectionals & regionals..they are always looming in the background!


I want Gwyneth to stay, too! She and Mr. Schue are great together, ND needs someone like that to make it Nationals.
Rachel's attempt to take over the club was hilarious. Mini glee clubbers were ADORABLE. Sue realized being a dictator doesn't work, Mercedes had somewhat of a story, the club was having FUN again and they finally poked fun at the fact that Mr. Schue and Rachel have been total drags lately. Great dance numbers and a Singing in the Rain/Umbrella mashup. Yup, 5 stars from me. Oh, and...TOTS!

I won't Forget You, Holly!



Season 1's, pregnancy theme and the groups' preparation for regional were a season-long story. Therefore they did long term story telling. Anyway that's my opinion, and you have your own. To each is own, right?

I'm saying this to help the show improve through a viewer's perspective. Honestly, I'm trying hard to be engaged with the stories in season 2, but I just couldn't get engaged with it.

Also I was not promoting the bullying of the gay-closet bully, I was referring how his character slowly revealed to be interesting. If I say I find the character interesting, that is the truth for me. You cannot tell me what I shouldn't or should like, right?

Anyway, I'm still hoping the show's magic in story telling in season 1 will be revived. But honestly, I may just come back to watch it if I find it already engaging.

Thanks for taking time to answer me though.


@Glee Girl in Manhattan: We have to accept that Glee doesn't really do any kind of long-term storytelling.

I must also respectfully disagree that the closeted gay bully is interesting. I find him to be a totally cliched cop-out. Instead of dealing with the issue of bullying in a realistic manner - seriously, most are far more nuanced than the simple solution of someone repressing one's homosexuality - Ryan Murphy chose the easy way out and chose to tie this storyline into Kurt's sexuality.


No story! No story! No story!

Gwyneth's talent is a waste in this episode. Why is Glee's story is super lame this season? Please bring back the fluid story phasing last of Season 1 and stop those tribute episodes, it kill the story continuity. Also Emma, what happened to her? I used to like her, but she's boring this season. I stopped watching it during the Chicago version of Lea and Gwyneth.

The only interesting character this season is the closet-gay bully who kissed Kurt, too bad he had very little exposure. Sam character development is shallow, and too early for Blaine to keep appearing. And what happened to that Sunshine character who's supposed to rival Rachel?

Wake me up when the show does.


Although I found Kurts mystical mouth of purse regurgitation histerical, the way blaine was written made me wish I was straight.

The show is giving me hope that they`re going to try for continuity with figgins firing... but they`ve already dashed hope from me in this episode, with will being unfired



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