Grey's Anatomy Review: "That's Me Trying"

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I was completely moved by many aspects from last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but one that stood out the most for me was Cristina’s whole storyline.

In “That’s Me Trying,” Cristina’s past patient Roy returned for a lung transplant. I was expecting to see something major happen here, perhaps a breakthrough to get our old Cristina back. But instead, we got to see where the root of her anger lies.

All this time, Cristina has been harboring hate for Meredith because she thinks that it is her fault for where she is today. Did anyone see this coming?

I felt totally blindsided by this. Yet, it also makes perfect sense.

Yang in Thought

In a way, Cristina blames her own best friend.

When Cristina admitted she would have walked away if it was anyone else pleading to stay and save Derek‘s life, I could clearly see the old robotic Cristina up and leave.

But, as we all know, Cristina and Meredith have a very special relationship. They are each other’s persons and she could never leave Meredith Grey just hanging there.

Because of all these events, Cristina has made up her mind to up and quit Seattle Grace What?! Really? This can’t last long! After all, this is Grey’s Anatomy.

I really thought Roy getting his lung transplant would be what we needed to get Cristina back to her old self this week. What will bring her back now?

How long do you think it will take Dr. Yang to come back to work? I’m willing to bet it won’t be for at least another three episodes. What do you think?

Meanwhile, Callie was trying to show Arizona her unhappiness with moving to Africa. It was like Callie was trying to make a grandiose point that moving is a sacrifice.

Who would have thought that Arizona would call it quits right before they both board the plane? Why wait until the last second (other than for ratings/shock value)?

As much as Callie openly admitted hating the idea of living in Africa, she was willing to sacrifice her professional happiness to be with the woman she loved. I applaud Callie for her effort.

There is so much love here, I just can’t imagine these two being over! When will Arizona come back? Do you think Callie will be able to move on? Knowing Callie and her record, I foresee her having a couple flings before these two make up. What do you think?

Arizona R. Photo

Arizona and Callie are over ... but for how long?

Bailey’s efforts to find some closure with Mary’s death had me tearing up. You could feel the frustration she’s carrying for the inability to get an answer for why she died.

Hopefully, after a few weeks Mary’s brain will provide the answers she’s waiting for.

April really has grown on me! I couldn’t believe what an excellent trauma surgeon she would be! I am just unsure about the brewing romance forming between her and Alex. A part of me really wants to see her end up with someone great, but is that Alex?

It almost feels like the writers are just throwing these two together because they ran out of other options. This is a pretty big hit show, couldn’t the writers / executive producers afford someone else for April and Alex to date?

Still no big breakthrough happening between Sloan and Lexie, although the ending scene where he’s checking out her butt was really cute! I hope these two get back together really soon! It’s been plenty of time already!

What was your favorite storyline from this week’s episode? Leave your thoughts below!

Until next week, here are a few of my favorite Grey’s Anatomy quotes from last night:

Meredith: We are all looking for answers. In medicine, in life, in everything. Sometimes the answers we were looking for were hiding just below the surface. Other times, we find answers when we didn't realize we were asking a question. Sometimes, the answers can catch us completely by surprise. And sometimes, even when we find the answer we've been looking for, we're still left with a whole helluva lot of questions. | permalink
Arizona: You are ruining Africa for me.
Callie: No I'm not.
Arizona: You are.
Callie: Okay fine, I don't want to go to Africa, but I do want to be with you.
Arizona: You stay here and be happy. And I'll go there and be happy.
Callie: If you get on that plane and go without me we are done. Do you hear me? We are over.
Arizona: We are standing in the middle of an airport screaming at each other. We are already over. | permalink
Sloan: Now who am I going to talk to about women?
Callie: You have Derek.
Sloan: He's married and self satisfied it's irritating.
Callie: You could always email. | permalink
Cristina: How are you fine? How are you just completely fine? I'm ruined, okay I'm dead. I am wrecked. And you're just what, walking around babysitting me? As if you didn't go through the same thing too. Why are you okay?
Meredith: I don't know.
Cristina: You know what, you were there too. You were there too with your sad eyes screaming at me to save his life. Telling the guy to shoot you and not giving a crap about yourself or your pregnancy. I didn't have a choice. And you did that. If it was anyone else on the table, if it was anyone else standing there I would have walked away.
Meredith: You could not have walked away.
Cristina: I could have walked away and then I wouldn't be here! | permalink
Cristina: Yes, he's stable-ish for now.
Meredith: Great. So let me take over here and you can give his daughter an update.
Cristina: No you go. Tell her that his blood pressure is coming up.
Meredith: No she needs to hear from you.
Cristina: Well, he needs to be monitored.
Meredith: Well, I can do that.
Cristina: She doesn't need to hear an update from me. All she wants is to make sure that I know that she's afraid and I can't hear that now because I am scared enough as it is. I was scared when he coded. I'm scared now that he's stable. I'm scared walking across the lobby. I'm scared all the time.
Meredith: Well, let me help you.
Cristina: You can not help. You can't help me! | permalink
Bailey: (to Derek) Great you're in here. Now where can I sulk? | permalink
Callie: This is a party?
Sloan: It's a busy day. | permalink
Callie: I don't want to go home yet.
Sloan: You want to see us give a lady a really big ass?
Callie: Oh my God yes! | permalink
April: Now move! Or I will run you down. | permalink
Callie: Big plans. Big plans. You know what? I don't care. I've got big plans myself. Great big African plans.
Sloan: Yeah you do. | permalink
Owen: Patients don't suddenly die, it just seems that way when you stop paying attention. Food for thought. | permalink
Chief Webber: It's a shame Torres. I had such big plans for you. Big plans. | permalink
Meredith: Question - when was the last time a complete stranger took off her close in front of you, pointed to a big purple splash on her back and asked, "what the hell is this thing?" If you're a normal person the answer is hopefully never; if you're a doctor the answer is probably about five years ago. People expect doctors to have all the answers. The truth is we love to think we have all the answers too. Basically, doctors are know-it-alls until something comes along that reminds us that we're not. | permalink


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@Shannon Tipton We all know Cristina can be cold and hard, but...everyone has it's limits. I guess her limit is drawn to having a loaded gun to her head and who can blame her??? Everyone has it's limits...


This episode has to be one of the best I've seen in a while for Grey's. The only problem I had with this ep was April... OMG! She was such a pain!... But likable at the same time. Alex was pissy as usual and Avery was a wimp. But Christina's surprise.. wow! I never thought that I'd see the day.


Oh and dr.April is becoming one of my favorites, her eccentricness was hilarious. I don't like how they're making it so obvious April and Alex are going to have a thing. I'd like them to have more depth. And Alex has changed so I don't think it would be a bad thing.


So sorry.


I teared up when Arizona said we're screaming in the middle of the airport blahblahblah we're over. It was sad but it felt inevitable Callie wouldn't have been happy and she wouldve ruined Africa for Arizona. Question now is if they'll get back together when Arizona inevitably returns. I felt bad for Mer when Christina blamed her but I feel like Christina admitting that will be a process for her healing. I hope they will be able to work it out, I'd hate to see their friendship slip down the drain /:
I can't believe Yang was living with those bitter feelings and why she didn't snap sooner. Very interesting, interesting indeed.


Ju Ju Beans, I really love Steve as well!! Cuteness. Unprobed deptth!


Surprised that Calzona broke up in the airport but I knew somehow Callie wasn't going to Africa. Think that Derek is going to get Chrstina to come back and help him with the clinical trial for Alzhemiers, since he told Meredith that he couldn't do the trial with her there. I still don't like April. Wish they would find Alex a good match!


I agree about April...I was cracking up so much! She is def starting to grow on me.


I laughed SO hard at April. Oh my goodness. that entire scene was hilarious. How she got in the ambulance and drove 3 feet and got out and started describing the patient's conditions. haha i never thought I would like her this much.


I am very disappointed in Christina..She is my all time favorite of the show. I know she is traumatized but where is the christina i know.. Cold and Hard and daring and a go getter... She isn't a coward and she doesn't ever walk away from a challenge and this roll makes her look like such a coward... makes me not want to watch her anymore... Please bring her back to herself soon!!!

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Question - when was the last time a complete stranger took off her close in front of you, pointed to a big purple splash on her back and asked, "what the hell is this thing?" If you're a normal person the answer is hopefully never; if you're a doctor the answer is probably about five years ago. People expect doctors to have all the answers. The truth is we love to think we have all the answers too. Basically, doctors are know-it-alls until something comes along that reminds us that we're not.