House Review: Seriously, Everybody Lies!

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House aired its 467th episode about religion and lying this week.

But while those aren't anything resembling fresh territory for the series, "Small Sacrifices" did give us a few funny moments at least.

From the opening line about Cuddy's hatred for chickens (why else force House to choke one?), to House and Wilson's unique conversation that combined a cancer diagnosis with accusations of the latter fibbing about a flat tire, to the look Foreman gave Chase when the latter explained he had no choice but to ditch him because it was a threesome, the hour was full of great quotes and moments.

Refusing Treatment

On a larger scale, however, the installment was problematic.

Let's start with Wilson and Sam. It was a stretch to believe he'd have referenced her questionable files/studies while on one knee proposing.

He had decided to take this step before ever seeing those files and before House gave him the brief speech about how any mis-dosage in them simply reinforced how perfect Sam was for Wilson. The entire exchange that led to this couple's fight/break-up just felt like a contrived way to make Wilson single again.

Props to Robert Sean Leonard, however, who does a great job of mixing anger with sadness.

Then there was the entire storyline between Taub and his wife. I'd love to see more of these two on a regular basis. I find the relationship interesting. But does anyone believe we'll actually revisit this situation again next episode or, heck, even this season?

It's difficult to care much about issues of team members because the show so infrequently gives us anything of that nature. It's a nice change of pace when House does go there, but it needs to do so on a more consistent basis in order to keep me invested.

Lastly, I've expressed my frustration over the last couple weeks with the fight between Cuddy and House. It just seems silly for her to be mad at him over lying in order to save a patient, while also being unable to separate the pair's personal life from its professional one.

But the game of trying to catch Cuddy in a lie led to a couple humorous conversations, as well as a nice payoff of Cuddy getting angry over House's use of her failed marriage as part of his grand point about lying.

Yes, everybody lies at times, but that doesn't mean trust isn't important in a relationship. It's a good message, even if House lied to Cuddy while stating it. Still, I wasn't especially moved by the closing shot of House considering his misleading ways only because, again, we've been here dozens of times with the character. We're well aware of his philosophy at this point and I, for one, don't expect him to change.

What did everyone else think of the episode?


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See, I didn't care when House lied to Cuddy about the patient because he was obviously doing the right thing. Her being mad at him was just an excuse to give the two more drama. Now he's lied to her again about something that actually matters: his whole philosophy on trust and lying. Why did she even believe that? Cuddy knows House better than that, she's usually the one who sees through him. I wish the show would stop making them clash all the time just for the sake of it.
That being said, I enjoyed the episode. Chase was hilarious and Taub and his wife's always slightly broken marriage are interesting.


Completely agree with you there. There was no real intellectual discussion about God or Religion.


Whenever House argues with somebody about god he dose not sound like an intelligent person but rather like how a stupid person imagines an intelligent person to talk.


The show needs a gimmick episode, if you ask me. It's getting too preachy and morose. The only person who seems to be having any fun is Chase. Amber Tamblyn is a good addition only in that they have to skirt her to do what they always do to get results. She's a human mogul, what's so great about that? And...What the hell? Wilson shows up at House' and tells his best friend that his woman left him, and he gets ushered out for make up sex? Cleaning the language up just a tad, isn't it "Pals before Gals" in this situation? House proves himself to be an even bigger asshole than before.


PS. I love Martha Masters too.. They should have put her on seasons ago. Amber Tamblyn is doing a fantastic job..


I'm confused about why Sam broke up with Wilson.. Did she really fudge the numbers or not? Because her strong reaction/protest made me wonder if she didn't mess with the numbers. Any insight or clarification?


Faith as part of the disease has been done again and again on House, enough already. This episode seemed lackluster to me and made up of bits and pieces of other episodes from past seasons. I enjoyed it because I love House, but not with any new excitement or revelation. As so Sam and Wilson, it made sense that a totally important/romantic/meaningful moment should backfire and break them up. Why, because Sam does run away in relationships and she was waiting for the moment she could claim she wasn't believed or understood in order to take off. Stay and have a marriage and babies, I don't think so. Chase is chasing so hard he's going to come to a cropper pretty soon and woe to Chace when that happens.
I like the new girl, Foreman is a pain in the tush and alls well that ends well with House and his opposite, the new girl, having the same thoughts about lying.

Chair me up

wilson-house interaction, chase being hotter than ever, awesome case and house making sacrifice, denying his own rules for cuddy.
i loved the ep and the direction it;s going

Whipped by damon

I liked the episode but one moment stood out for me..House as James Bond...frickin loved it!!


I think it's an interesting problem with Amber Tamblyn -- her realizing that if she had known about House's lie-to-get-treatment to the patient, he'd be dead. It's a little different ethics-dilemma-debate than House's "Everybody lies."

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House Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Ramon: Faith is not a disease.
House: No, of course not. On the other hand, it is communicable, and it kills a lot of people.

Marisa: You don't believe in God?
House: I did. Then I grew my curly hairs.