Secret Circle Rumored to Replace Life Unexpected on The CW

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Sad news for fans of Life Unexpected today: The CW has officially announced that it will NOT order any additional episodes of the teen drama.

As a result, it will go off the air following its 13th episode of this season and is very unlikely to return.

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But there is a silver lining to this cloud of cancellation: E! News quotes insiders who believe the network will replace the show with Secret Circle, a new show based on the witch-based book series written by LJ Smith, the author of The Vampire Diaries.

Moreover, writers/producers Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain, who have worked on both The Vampire Diaries and Angel, will take charge of the series. Sounds promising, doesn't it?

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does anyone know when the secret circle will be aired on cwtv?


I watched the first half of season one of LUX but only tuned in for the first episode of the second half and never again after. For some reason, the show lost it's appeal. It was something new for the CW and I'm sad that it's eliminating that part of The CW's fan base, but it's getting plenty of viewers from The Vampire Diaries, I'm sure The Secret Circle will do well also. I hope that 18 To Life might return along with Life Unexpected in an off-season, maybe. Or the two might have done well if aired on the same night [both capture somewhat similar audiences; one as a comedy, one as a drama]. The CW Schedule I'd Love For Next Season:
Gossip Girl / 90210 | Monday
ANTM / Hellcats | Tuesday
18 To Life / Life Unexpected | Wednesday
Supernatural / Nikita | Thursday
Vampire Diaries / Secret Circle| Friday One Tree Hill is free to disappear. -.-


I agree with ya matt think about the alternative


Read the first SC book it's really good. Can't wait, if they make a show out of Night World that's even better


This is just stupid, we already have enough shows on TV that revolve around super powers or supernatural crap.
And why the hell can't the CW pick one show and stick with it?!
Instead of cancelling then replacing them just to CANCEL IT AGAIN.
The CW have been cancelling their best shows for years and that's why their losing so much cash. Viewers won't stick if they know the network is just gonna cancel it if the ratings are a bit down.
Tell those supernatural shows to go to SyFy, it's whole friggin' channel of them there. There are more than enough on CW.
They need to get a friggin' grip and renew Life Unexpected!


No offense but why do some people think that just because vampires and witches aren't real we shouldn't watch it? It's ridiculous.


Need to buy the SC books so I can know what to expect. If they do as good a treatment of SC as they have done of TVD, it will be great viewing :)


90210 is def the next show to go! GG is way better, the acting and the plot is much better than 90210. 90210 has no plot. It's a series of small stories that have been put together. The worrst is Debbie and Harry's marriage. My word! Then Naomi who loves sex so much gets raped and Teddy becomes gay. That's the next show to go. Besides with smallville and supernatural which could also get the heave ho. They would need their sci fi/ fantasy qouta to be filled. N m sure they would find a replacement for family drama.


I think the CW was very premature in getting
rid of LUX, they should have given it more time n worked on a better story.
@Arriene take a chill pill.. It's not the end of the world! If the creator of LUX and producers have any brains they would have seen it coming and tried something to boost ratings. All shows go thro' dips and most come out of it. Greys and PP to name but two.
2ndly they could take it to another network and work on it. But they don't seem to want to fite it. I have read the secret circle books a while back, they r actually quite gud. It would be very interesting to see what they come up with. And so what if vampires and witches are not real. Some if not a majority of people like watching something fictional. LUX embodied something that a lot of people go thro that they would rahter watch fantasy and escape. If CW wants to make a profit how do u stop them?


I dont think Gossip Girl will be the next to go, just for the simple fact that it does better in the ratings for the target audience than most of the shows on the CW including OTH and 90210.


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