Smallville Review: "Abandoned"

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Let me start off by saying Smallville freaking brought it this week.

My faith has been restored as they managed to produce the top episode of the season and one of the best of its entire run. I've been harping lately on how since this is the final season and we don't have time to waste on tangents which seem to have little to do with Clark's journey to Superman or his battle with Darkseid - or Lex for that matter. 

"Abandoned" is the perfect example of how I would hope the storytelling and the pacing for the remainder of this final season will progress.

Granny Goodness

While I felt that last week spent too much time on Lois' dad and sister, leaving little time for much else, Teri Hatcher's relatively brief scene as Lois' mom was handled perfectly.

It was incredibly touching and had me choking back a huge lump in my throat from start to finish, although I did get a kick out of they way they gave her the signature Lois haircut from season one of Lois and Clark.

Even though I would have liked to have had more scenes with Hatcher, and part of me wishes they'd thought of bringing her in seasons ago, this showed it is possible to include emotional moments concisely while continuing to move forward the story of Clark's path to destiny, as well as his relationship with Lois and battle with Darkseid.

Plus, it led to the most welcome surprise reappearance of Helen Slater as Clark's mom, Lara, alongside Jor-El! Bonus!

Although associated with Darkseid in the comics, I was somewhat dreading the Granny Goodness storyline as the only real knowledge I have of the character stems from the snooze-inducing version, voiced by Ed Asner, featured in the Justice League cartoon series.

Smallville's incarnation, however, literally gave me chills and had sort of a "Flowers In The Attic" vibe about her. And while I'm making movie references, who else was thinking Freddy Krueger when that chick seemed all too eager to slice and dice both Clark and Tess up with her kryptonite claw?

Lindsay Hartley as Harriet

Finally we have DeSaad! Albeit, not the most interesting character in his own right, but Darkseid just wouldn't feel right without his most trusted minion at his side. Though if I heard him right, he, Granny and Godfrey make up some sort of Trinity which will pave the way for Darkseid? 

That confused me, as I thought Godfrey was already inhabited by Darkseid, but I guess we'll see as the story progresses.

I'm very curious to know where they're taking Tess and her newfound identity as a bonafide Luthor.  I pray they don't pull her back to the, ahem, dark side, as she is much more interesting to me as Clark's ally than she ever was as his enemy.

Here's hoping next week's Aquaman-infused offering lives up to this stellar episode.


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Woah a bit vicious Wally, and terribly written. First thoughts of Granny were how freaky she was! Loved how Clark had a sidekick this episode, and great use of ice breath. I thought for awhile that Tess would have been saving him not vice versa. The way that Granny was talking about "the war that is coming" I imagined she was part of the Suicide Squad, not Darkseid's army, not that I'm complaining. Seeing how her girls can take down Clark without a lot of trouble I foresee some problems for him if it gets that far. Maybe that's why he has Superfriends to take them, while he goes after the end-of-the-video-game boss?


This episode DAMMMN, I love smallville but this episode was all wrng. 1st: why is lois goin to the fortress of solitude...2nd: the whole 'LUtesser' is bull shit and 3rd this is bullshit compared 2 the episode 'homecming' that was jus awesoooooooooome....


Piecar - As a fan of the series I thought it was great! As for derivative - everything is derived from something these days. Nothing new under the sun.


Piecar - As a fan of the series I thought it was great! As for derivative - everything is derived from something these days. Nothing new under the sun.


a tenth season of overwrought nonsense, invasive music cues, rip offs of other shows or movies, and massive underlighting. Every season, I try one of these eps, and this review seemed to indicate that this one was good. Instead it was just ridiculous. A little stunt casting, a stolen Freddy Kruger glove, and a few stoic looks. Hey! We got us a show. Blecch.


It was really great and I hope the remaining episodes will be great too and will continue this story Rather than entirely different setup.


If Granny did a mini mind wipe to Clark, he may have lost some short term memory and forgot about her.


I was also wondering why Clark didn’t go back for the little girl he rescued from the chair. Maybe she is part of the story and they’ll bring her back? Hope so.. wouldn’t mind seeing more of the story from that perspective.. it’s becomes extra evil when the little ones are involved and especially when they’ve cast such fantastic mini actors.


Great episode indeed! Loved all of the great cameos, but having watched Passions a bit back when I had nothing better to do in the afternoon, I was reaaly floored to see Mrs. Justin Hartley (who is also currently on Days of Our Lives) as the chick with the Kruger glove! My only question is: why didn't Clark go back for the little girl he rescued from the chair but stashed her in a broom closet or some such room?


Godfrey was inhabited by Darkseid, but I think that he is now just a man. "Because I am sure that Darkseid left his body at the end of the episode "Supergirl." Granny, did have me freaking out! She was just plain evil!
Not to mention, scary. And as for LUtessa, when granny said that it was a powerful family...i had the thought that it might be the luthors. And when I saw the long haired man under the umbrella...I was sure at that moment. I wonder what memories or whatever grannies power is, did to clark while she had him strapped in the chair...? Looking forward to another great episode next week!

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