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The final season of Smallville started off with such promise, seeming to have plotted a fantastic course to the end.

But even though there were parts of "Ambush" I loved, as a whole it left me with the feeling that the writers are trying to stall until they can kick Clark's final transformation into high gear.

The General Visits

It's not that the episode was bad.  It really wasn't.  The cat-ate-the-canary glances between Lois and Clark at the beginning were priceless, as was the hinted "question" Clark wanted to ask her father.  And even though the Vigilante Registration Act felt like a complete ripoff of the Mutant Registration Act from X-Men, it gave us a pretty cool sequence with Green Arrow and Clark taking down Flagg's truck, only to be foiled by a teleporter. 

We definitely need more Justice League team-ups like this before the series ends.

Oliver's make up moment with Tess was refreshing.  Thank you, Clark, for setting Ollie straight where Tess is concerned, because I'm really liking her in this new role as Watchtower.

I must say I admire her restraint because if I had to hear Ollie whine one more time about Chloe, he'd have ended up with a green arrow lodged in a particularly strategic location. Let's hope that's the last we'll hear about it; that is, of course, until Chloe actually makes her inevitable triumphant return.

Did we really need to have the General show up and contest Lois and Clark's relationship to get that Lois is fully committed to Clark?  I don't think so.  I already believe she's in it heart and soul, and felt the General's inquisition, and subsequent acquiescence, was banal and unnecessary.  Same for the exchanges between Lois and Lucy.  It all seemed like a big time waster.

We're already on episode seven and have barely scratched the surface with Darkseid, which bodes badly for the exploration of that storyline.  Given that in the last scene Rick Flagg declares war on the anti-vigilante movement, I get the distinct impression there is so much getting crammed into this final season, Darkseid is going to end up getting the shaft the way Doomsday did.

Yes, that is both a dig at how they watered down one of Clark's greatest foes, as well as the ridiculous way Clark disposed of him.

It's time to dispense with the tangents and get to the matter at hand: develop Darkseid the way he deserves to be in what little time we have left, and give him a proper showdown with Clark.  I don't want to see this get stuffed into the last one or two episodes of the season.  What a letdown that would be.  Especially when we still have to have one last final confrontation between Clark and his greatest enemy, Lex Luthor - whatever incarnation he may take.

What did you think about "Ambush" and the way this season is progressing as a whole?


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Jennmo13 gg 3

one of my favorite episodes :)


My first question for the reviewer is (1) How long have you followed the show? and (2) What made you think any part of this episode was a big time-waster? I have followed the series since season 4 (I even remember watching the first broadcast of the episode "Lucy") and I feel like the direction they're taking the show is, not only a good direction, but it's also answering other behind-the-scenes questions that have been posed over the last few seasons. In the past, Smallville has dropped the ball when it comes to continuity on previous storylines, especially ones that involved family members of the characters. We never found out what happened to Chloe's dad and besides Lois, no other character on the show had a sibling (besides Lex, who had Julian, now deceased, and Lucas, another forgotten storyline). I think it speaks volumes of the writers to remember as much continuity as possibly, and this episode basically picked up the ball when it came to Lois's family. Of course, now that she's dating Clark, it would be foolish to think that she'd never again have contact with her father and sister. So the fact that her dad, who was originally presented as a hardcore, untrusting general, would reappear to study his daughter's new boyfriend makes perfect sense. And Lucy, who we haven't seen in 6 years and has only been mentioned twice since her departure, picked up the sibling rivalry with Lois that they originally left us with. As far as Rick Flagg goes, this episode really spoke volumes for him since we now know what he's about and what his current mentality is as far as tracking Clark and Oliver. As the reviewer mentioned earlier, we are only 7 episodes into this season, but it seems to me that the writers have made the best of each one by including relevant storylines that needed to be tied up before the end of the series. I have no doubt that as the season unfolds, we will have more storylines committed to Darkseid and what he's doing this season. In fact, next week's episode preview includes footage of Granny Goodness, who is associated with Darkseid in the comics. However, with only four series regulars this season, doing multiple storylines in episodes will be much more of a challenge as opposed to previous seasons. I ask that you review carefully before writing down the first thoughts that come to mind, and have some faith in the writers. Smallville is in its 10th season, and although I haven't been in love with every single episode they've ever done, at the same time it has proven it has about a decade's worth of credit to its name.


Are you kidding me...This was a GREAT EPISODE. This season isn't just about him becoming Superman but his relationship with Lois. 6 years and counting of him meeting Lois, becoming friends, and then becoming more than friends. There not stalling...they are moving forward with this relationship at a GREAT PACE. Lois so far has found out his secret, protected his secret, help Clark become the hero he will be...Told each other they love one another(while he flies/floats), Tells her his secret, move forward in there relationship by being honest and also moving forward with their relationship in a physical way...and with the latest episode, you see him being with Lois' family, Lois declaring her love for Clark to her father, and Clark asking her father for his blessing(assuming). I have seen Clark battle one bad guy after the next in the past 9 seasons but we never have seen a relationship progress more than...I want her, I got her, I can't be with her. This is what this show needs. Lois and Clark in love and in a relationship. As for Doomsday, it ended that way b/c they had to change the ending at the very last second b/c they thought it was going to be the last season. I will take a bad fight scene between Doomsday and Clark just so that we can have this final season. And What a GREAT FINAL SEASON IT HAS BEEN.


Overall it was fun episode but smallville needs to speed up rather than slowing down on bringing lex Luther and Dark seed.


That was in the 1950s. X-Men movies were in the Oughts. Way more recent and fresh in people's minds. Only an extremely die hard comic book fanatic would know there was ever a DC reference. Most people will recognize it as a plot point from the X-Men movies, and therefore would feel like a ripoff. As you even mention @Alex, it has become associated with the Marvel universe. The writers would have been advised to pull a different line of storytelling from the vast DC annals so as not to appear a copycat. Filler in previous seasons, while grating, were more acceptable since there was no end in sight. In the final season, there should be no "filler." Once we hit 22 that's it. No more Smallville. All eyes should be on Clark becoming Superman and chopping off any loose story threads and ending this series in epic fashion.


it seems like the episode got a lower rating because of what may happen in the season ? I think this episode was great, and im hoping that the season is going to start to thicken up, remember in season 9, there was a filler at around 12 and 16, the rest was good, in the second half. so its still early days, the zod story line didnt kick of until episode 13.. and that was more then satisfying ! R.I.P Talon ;'( all those memories of the coffee shop wow... nostalgia nostalgia, NOSTALGIA !! as far as doomsday is concerned, pretty bad yep, i think that the writers could have gone with Davis being Sam Witwer having no powers normally, but evolving into a kryptonian with spikes level increasing. By the finale, he has been taken over by doomsday, and clark has a fight, still the same outcome though, because Superman Vs Doomsday would come later, the burial creates hate in the monster, so he can come back crazier then before... but thats a debate for yesterday :p


They need to have some buffer episodes where things are lighter and then bang we have an awesome episode like the 200th. Marvel and DC are both similar and different and with comics there is only a finite number of stories and if ideas get copied, its only natural and probably wasnt intentional!
I agree with the previous comment about doomsday.... For me it felt that they robbed superman followers by just having one small fiting scene and then killing doomsday... The creators shouldnt have brought doomsday in at all... They should have found something else for season 8, which was lank boring... The fite with Zod was longer!


I watched it and thought it was a good episode. Then after reading the review I agree with most notes. I didn't think of how this is the final season, and this episode was just that, filler. It could've been a random general person getting targeted and Oliver/Clark team up to take down the mobile command station, same finale just not the 30 minutes to setup. I think it's slightly moving more and more to the end, eventually there'll be a few big storyline episodes within 3 or 4 episodes, halfway. Assuming that it's a 24 episode season.


For those who don't know comic book history ill set the record straight the vigilante registration is NOT an Idea stolen by DC from Marvel in fact DC came up with it 1st. And it was Marvel who ripped the idea from DC..the original Justicte Society decided to quit because of itand that. Was in the 1950's.just that marvel kept using so it became associated wit one has mentioned that Clarks hair was combed Superman style for 1st time!!!


"Shamrock" that made me laugh. Finally a fresh joke on the Green Arrow custome. Besides that moment I felt let down and here is why: The last couple episodes have been a former one hit wonder guest cameo appearance. I dont need Lois' family in this season. This episode did nothing to develope "Superman" and with only what 15 or so left why are the writers wasting time. I get that they want to pay respect to the characters that have made the show but I believe that "Homecoming" did that perfectly now its time to move on. Yo made a great point in the Darseid, Doomsday let down. Lets not forget the DC Comics way to re-energize the Superman comic franchise was having Doomsday KILL Superman. Clark (not Superman) didnt have much of a problem. Its been so long since Darkseid has been on, I forget the set up! (not really but you get my point). I still believe Lex will be the ultimate final battle (and really hope its Michael Rosenbaum in the role). As much as Smallville has creat episodes, they also have made us suffer through episodes like this that do very little. Its time to set up the final story arch and bring closure to this series. It deserves a send off worthy of the name name Superman.

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