The Good Wife Review: "On Tap"

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For a show that treats its viewers with such respect, The Good Wife concluded this episode in a disappointing manner.

I was shocked to see Alicia learn of Will's voicemails via federal wiretaps and curious how she'd deal with this new piece of information, but then left with a bitter taste when "On Tap" ended with a cliffhanger that felt more contrived than exciting.

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This incredible drama has succeeded almost too well at pushing the Will/Alicia romance to the back burner. There are just so many interesting storylines going on every week that I don't want too much time dedicated to what's beginning to feel like a high school love triangle.

I was hoping this episode would conclude with Alicia simply walking into Will's office and saying she loved him, too, or at least that there had been a miscommunication.

But having Tammy present, and leading to what I'm sure will just be Alicia making up some question and quickly exiting the room in two weeks (no new episode next Tuesday) feels like a lame way to drag this development out.

Which is surprising because every other aspect of "On Tap" continued what's been an exciting season. There were current references (the double rainbow video, a sly, quick mention of Jenny Sanford) sprinkled in to fascinating developments that make me anxious for what will happen next.

What shady secret about Peter's campaign is Eli hiding? Will Diane truly form her own firm with David Lee? For how many years will Zack be grounded once his mom learns of what he did? Just how far will the show take this Kalinda/Blake feud?

Because The Good Wife lives in a grey area, it wouldn't shock me if Kalinda took extreme measures to rid herself and the firm of Blake. Might Cary then play a role, having to decide whether to prosecute his friend or not? I'm loving the bond these two share. It's one simply been on honesty and professional respect... okay, Cary mind also find her hot.

What did everyone else think of the episode? Is the Will/Alicia romance interesting or almost irrelevant at this point? And, seriously, how much do you hate Becca?!?


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I'm really getting tired of the Will/Alicia/Peter love triangle. Just when you think Alicia may have actually convinced herself that her marriage is worth saving, she has a panic attack over the possibility that Will did call back with "a plan" (actually, he didn't really have a plan)and may have even professed his love for her. OMG! Alicia quickly becomes a pile of mush and goes into her love sick teenager routine. I have always found the possibility of Peter and Alicia finding a way to repair their heavily damaged relationship and Peter being able to earn Alicia's trust again a much more interesting story arc than Alicia jumping into bed with Will. It's time the Kings wrapped up this sub-plot and moved on - one way or another. A season and a half of Alicia not being sure what she wants is enough.There are plenty of other more interesting relationships on this show that can be explored. The worst case scenario for me would be Alicia having an affair with Will while pretending to still want her marriage to survive. If she does that, I really wouldn't see much difference between her and Peter. I doubt the Kings will go in that direction, but if they do I'll be done with the show.

Anna maria

when will there be a new episode?? it's been ages!


I think it is about time for the writers to move on and stop ther old news of season one, as a women who has watched all episodes since the start I think Alicia made up her mind in the beginning to hold her family together and get on with life. She has said a couple of times that she still is in love with Peter. So we don't need to keep hearing about the Will/Alicia love triangle there isn't any !! I like to see more on the Kalinde and Blake runnin with the assault of the Doctor in episiode 6 that almost kill him, Cary would get a real thrill trying the case against Blake and implicating Will in the assault that would send them both to big house.
This would open the way for more intrige with Alicia's position with the firm and Peters future in the SA office again.


The episode had its ups and downs as usual the seedy top firm lawyers are still making currupt decisions, I can't wait till the police catch Blake for the knee capping and almost death of the doctor in episode 6. Of course he isn't going to swing alone his good old pal Will who asked to have it done will swing to whoope he deseres it.
Tammy is the perfect choice for Will she can see right through him as the game player he is.
Alicia part has to be written with more than lawyer roles it is getting to repitious, there is more going on at the home front with her family. And yes it would be nice to see alot more of Peter in the episodes, we need to see the whole picture not just one side of it.
I am so sick and tired of the Alicia/Will scripts, that was season 1 get on with season 2 and leave her alone to live up to the words she spoke to her brother about Peter.


I found this episode tying up a few loose ends and chockful (chickful?)of foreshadowing! 4 of the female characters are being betrayed in one way or another and what will they do about it? First thanks to Kalinda's expert investigation, Diane finds out that the new lawyer and Will have a past and planned to oust her. That makes her decide to beat them to the punch by dumping them first. Thanks to the wiretap, she is able to get to Eli Gold first to get him as a client. He tells her it's all pending on where Alicia winds up. Diane says Alicia will likely stay with Will. Enter Alicia who has just heard Will say he is over Alicia and comes off as quite a pr*ck. She bristles at his coldness. Given that, Alicia may just sign up for Diane's firm after all. Girls against the boys, right? Oh, yes! Now we have Kalinda finding out from pal Cary that the prominent doctor who sexually harassed the massage therapist/client, that dedided not to press charges (from a few episodes back) has been beaten within an inch of his life and the weapon of choice was Kalinda's baseball bat. When she goes to her vehicle to locate her bat and it's missing, she knows Blake has stolen it and is trying to incriminate her. Now, remember Kalinda found out that Blake and Will have a past and that Blake had a former position where he was in charge of some sort of danerous unit-making him equally dangerous. (And on a side note, we have the son's Somalian girlfriend being dissed by the manipulative ex-girlfriend.) So it's looking like nothing is as it appears and all of the women are being played by the men in their lives in one form or another. Now what will they do about it? Stay tuned! (I agree Kalinda will put Blake in a special hell - she makes the show for me!) This show is absolutely a thinking woman's show! Kudos all around!


I would never call Peter the back bone! First of all he is not home both as we have seen and been said “he is working on his debates.� Since Alicia has go back to work?! The reason she went back to work is because he was charged with corruption! He is not making any money and they had to sell their house to pay for his trial! Are we watching the same show?! Ok so let put aside feminist issues. I think Will is too smart to get himself messed up with illegal matters just because of one client! It doesn’t make sense. But I do like to know what kind of past these two shared. I wanna know what Derek and Lee are up to; I have this vague feeling that they are working together to get rid of both Daian and Will. I think the whole message thing will be resolved by the end of the show like their diner last season. I love Tammy’s character! I think she’ll be around until 11 at least.( we might not see her but it will go on.) And Becca oh dear sweet vicious self centered reckless Becca . She has an interesting character too. And BTW well performance! One of the best episodes; very realistic and contemporary.


The Will/Alicia tape should have been a gut tearing thing to hear Will having a conversation with his good buddy, that shows how much he can be trusted. I can't wait till the seriously ruffing up of the Doctor on the BAD GIRLS episode between Blake with Will as co-conspiritors that should blow the lid off the Will/Alicia garbage, I see more of Peter in the picture he has been the back bone of the family since Alicia went back to work. ALL I see from Alicia is her carear coming first and family second that doesn't seem to be the answer to why her children are thrown to the bottom of her pile.


I really liked this episode. I think it was just great.
I hope Diane will not leave the firm, 'cause I lieke her character, I think Christine Baranski is a great actress.
I also like the Eli Character, he's alwasy good for some surprises.
The Will/Alicia Plot is my favourite, I hate Tammy, I hope Will dumps her next episode.
Becca is not a nice girl, put the Character is quit interessting and well played.
Really looking forward to the next episode!


Can only hope the writers havn't shot themselves in the foot by going down this road for season 2.Too much politics and really I don't give a fig about Peter. Make no mistake their strongest storyline was Will/Alicia relationship so what do they do- Throw it under a bus.Toss Will into the arms of another woman and leave Alicia to talk herself into loving Peter. The whole plot is starting to feel contrived. Those rude,obnoxious and boring teenagers leave me cold. Move the story along as it is starting to get boring.


This episode was typically alright. I was disappointed about the ending how the show left a cliffhanger and we have to wait another few weeks before the show returns. May I ask? Where is Glenn Childs? I thought the whole political situation was the B-story. BTW, I really don't like how the show is turning its focus on the kids. Like when did Grace and Zach become so nosy in this situation. I loved the 'In My Opinion' case although I thought it was week. BECCA is a hell of a bitch. Can't wait till next episode. Overall I think this season is starting up pretty solid for a lawyer drama.

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