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With a friend of Will's on trial for taking payments from Muslim extremists, Alicia was part of the team this week that listened in on federal wiretaps in order to get him off. This resulted in a number of developments:

First, they got their client off because they actually heard the voice of a White House employee on the tapes and the defense didn't want to drag Obama's name through any case involving ties to terrorism. The firm also discovered that its client did accept money from a druglord, but, hey, that wasn't the issue on the table.

Second, the firm heard Eli on the tapes, implying there was something shady going on with Peter's campaign. Diane told Eli he was being tapped and also told him of her plans to start a new firm with David Lee. She wants his business.

Third, Alicia actually heard Will talking to his friend about the infamous voicemails. She learned of the one Eli erased and how Will truly felt. But when she went to confront him about that at the conclusion of the episode, Tammy was in his office. Awkward!


- Kalinda discovered that Blake tried to set her up, using her bat and placing her fingerprints at the scene of a beating he put on a witness from a couple cases ago. Cary told Kalinda about the fingerprint and how he steered the police away from her as a suspect.

- Zack played a big role on the episode: he's dating a girl from Samoa, which his grandmother doesn't approve of. And he make a viral rainbow that mocked Glenn Childs Jr. When the Childs' campaign found out about this, it released it own video, which depicted Grace talking about her father and his hooker.

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Derrick Bond is the one who brought Blake to the firm with him. HE obviously knows about Blake's criminal past, working as an enforcer for a meth gang, since Bond was his lawyer who got him off. Why isn't anybody pointing fingers of blame at Bond? Will, on the other hand, very likely has just assumed that Blake is the same kind of slick operator as Kalinda, and will use the same clever and devious techniques that she does. In the elevator, it's just as likely that he used the expression "to kneecap" figuratively, meaning get whatever they could use in the case -- and brutal thug Blake thought he meant it literally. We don't know yet what other links there might be between Will and Blake. Kalinda has pictures of them in some sort of sports environment, in which a poster on another board thought they both looked VERY cosy together. If Kalinda is bisexual, it could turn out that Will and Blake are, too. I find myself liking Tammy. Will wasn't going to wait forever. Maybe Alicia has blown her chances with him by standing by that sleazy rat of a husband who cheated on her so many times, and those two hopelessly clueless kids they have produced.....


How would anybody think it is ok to try and murder someone to win a case ? If anybody missed the elevator ride with Will and Blake discussing kneeing the Doctor, I don't think that goes into the nice guy columm that any self-respecting woman would be interested in. I think Kalinda should go after Blake and get him charged with the crime and take his partner Will along as the brains of the crime in order to win a case.


Just give me Will and Alicia and I am all yours baby love them too even when they are not like togather you can just see the heat between them or the way he look's at her or how she looks at him i am only 22 and i love this show. but sorry i cant stand peter and the show he donst fit in to this show for me and she should dump him all ready. and for this show i was hopeing that Alicia would walk in and say will i love you but still love the show Will and Alicia all the way.


I t hought Blake did a number on the doctor not the witness-my bad! Would it not make more sense for Kalinda to have been dishing up some justice for him since the client decided not to press charges against him, even though another victim came forward? (Not that Kalinda DID it- just trying to establish motive - see no reason to harm the victim....)I thought Cary's having Kalinda's back refreshing, but it was rather humourous when he said that he told the police it did not look like Kalinda's 'work',at least not this time(or something to that effect)just under his breath! LOL! Wonder if Kalinda shared her beating of Blake's car to Cary?!




Actually, they said Zach's new girl friend was from Somalia, not Samoa (i.e. the African country, not the island in the South Pacific). This was the best episode so far! It felt like a spy thriller, with intrigue and suspense, surprises, and lots of twists and turns, with changes brewing. I was riveted all through it. I can't WAIT to see what happens next, now that Alicia has found out there was another voicemail. I was prepared to hate Tammy, but I really kind of like her. She has a wry wit and a cynical attitude, which I like. She also says she's only using Will's body for fun, and if he ever falls in love with her, she's outta there! Which will be handy if Alicia ever comes to her senses.... But next week, the best show on TV is being bumped by a display of scrawny girls parading around in their underwear? Whose idiotic idea was THAT??


I absolutely love this show and look forward to watching it each week. I get frustrated, intrigued, angry, sad and happy all at the same time, watching the various plots unfold. I feel addicted to it (and NCIS and NCIS-LA). Tuesday nights are incredible!


I love this show. You can't just sit back and relax: you have to think. This episode had so much plot and information it really kept you on your toes. I love the triangle, and I'm glad that finally she knows about the other voicemail that Will left. Did I like the cliffhanger? No way! But will I be in front of my TV in two weeks: YOU BET!!