Bones Review: Brennan's Universe Turned Upside Down

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The universe turned on its head on Bones this week, according to Brennan had her sage night watchman friend Micah. This concept was true from the viewer's perspective, too.

Bones, at its core, is a fun show. People are happy and familial at the Jeffersonian. One-liners abound. They spoof Jersey Shore and cast Wayne Knight as a chocolate company CEO.

Yet from the moment you saw Brennan alone in her apartment at the onset, you could sense this episode was going to be different. Her life as she knew it would cease to exist.

Or, to put it more accurately, would never feel the same again.

Hitting Close to Home

To say this case hit home for Brennan would be understating it.

What is it that Temperance wants out of life? The discovery of the slain doctor's remains in D.C. made her reexamine that question like never before over the course of the hour.

This case forced Brennan to reflect on her existence with some objectivity (which does exist, like it or not) and gave her some perspective. She didn't like what she saw, either.

The wonderful ensemble cast was relegated to the background - not an easy task to pull off - in an episode carried entirely by Brennan, and Emily Deschanel was outstanding.

What if "The Doctor in the Photo" really was Brennan?

That's what Brennan kept asking herself again and again as she dug deeper into the late doctor's life, seeing the victim as herself and even having conversations with her.

There were cinematic, almost supernatural elements in play, from those exchanges that weren't even real, to the photo that didn't really look like a Brennan doppelganger.

Booth's heroic rescue of Brennan on the street (filmed in black and white) and charming Micah's routine visits gave it the feel of A Christmas Carol or It's a Wonderful Life.

This is YOUR life, Temperance. Do you like what you see?

Meeting the Star-Crossed Lover That Could Have Been

Dr. Eames missed her chance. Dr. Brennan isn't about to.

The doubly tragic part is that when Brennan finally breaks down and proclaims to Booth that she made a mistake, he replies matter-of-factly that he's with Hannah now.

She's not a consolation prize, Booth says, and he's in love with her. That may well be true, and it hurts Brennan, who we actually got to see cry as the words sank in.

Still, you have to wonder if this was their pivotal moment. Booth can't turn off his feelings for Hannah, but Brennan's revelation had to resonate with him. It had to.

The doctor's demise was revealed, but for Brennan personally, there was no real resolution. That chapter has yet to be written, but she needed this wake-up call.

This was a dark episode told in a way unlike any Bones has attempted before, but it was very well done. It gets better the more we think about and talk about it.

In short, a perfect place to pause and reflect until January.

What did you think of last night's Bones? Discuss!


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I've followed Bones for the past 6 seasons; until this season I've enjoyed it. While I understand the "why" of the Hannah character, inserting her into the mix pretty much destroys the basic tenor of the show. I agree with all of the comments saying that the character has got to go -- unfortunately got to be killed off or Booth, the dumb ox, will pine and "wait for her" to come back. E.D. has an 8 year contract with the show producers so I suspect we will have at least 2 more seasons. Hopefully the creative team will get back on track and re-pair B&B in a more positive (go to the next level) relationship. Failing that I doubt the show will survive 2 more seasons.


I thought I was going to really like Hannah, 'cause she was supposed to resolve the "BB situation" and she'd portrait a journalist, but the very moment she brought up Christiane Amanpour, she got my full and undivided hate.


I think that the writers on the show have given us hope that Booth and Hannah won't last. Dr. Sweets has twice in previous episodes told Booth that his feelings for Hannah aren't as real because they started during a high risk courtship. Also, Hannah is unhappy covering the White House and wants to do more dangerous work.


this episode broke my heart. it was one of the best behind the 100th episode when booth proclaimed his love for brennen. when she cried in the car i cried. like i said it broke my heart


I am not liking this season as a whole. I can't stand Hannah, but even with another girl in the picture, I don't think Booth's treatment of Brennan would have changed so much. I liked this last episode and thought it was well done, but was very disappointed in the ending. I could have kicked Booth! Even if he does love Hannah and she is no "consolation prize", I don't think he would have offered to call someone to be with her....He would have taken her home and stayed with her himself to make sure that she was okay. I mean...Come on!......

@ Donna

that would be really bad.. they might end up having sex...


This episode broke my heart. It was excellent-the tone, the insight into Brennan, her insight into herself...absolutely brilliant. Really hope Micah is real-he was so awesome. I think people ripping on this season need to be a bit realistic in terms of people and their needs. Booth is a grown man, with a huge heart, no serious gf for years-he gets knocked back after spilling his guts to the woman he loves and works closely with-he needs to move on and get love in his life. Just because we all want that to be Bones- doesn't make him a bad guy. Plus her knock back has changed their relationship not him-he had hope, now he doesn't (or didn't) he isn't going to flirt as he did once, it would be futile and painful. This happens in real life people. We miss chances, and suddenly, when that person we think is ours despite not letting them in, moves on, we regret what we lost. Its awkward. Uncomfortable. Sad. I know its just a show, but a huge part of its success is in the characters and how real they seem to us-it is unreasonable to expect a guy like Booth to pine forever. He isn't that guy. He waited long enough. Turns out, along with this case-it was what Brennan needed to wake her up. Sad but true. The fact that he followed her and saved her speaks volumes-he still cares. Of course he does. But he can't be there all the time like before, that isn't fair on him and Brennan knew that which was why she knocked him back, convinced she couldn't love him like he deserved. The closeness between them is still there, but out of respect for Hannah they don't exhibit it so openly-but it is there, in gestures, words, looks... This is one of the best shows on tv. Bones and Booth are such interesting characters outside of their relationship- if its just that you watch for you miss so much. I cant wait for it to come back!!


I think I'm probably the only one who doesn't think that Micah the night watchmen was a figment of Brennan's imagination. Maybe it's just wishful thinking though, because I love Enrico Colantoni so much and I want him to be a regular... While I don't really dislike Hannah in any way, I just find her extraordinarily boring. Sure, she rode a camel, but everything she says just has such a blah tone that I find it hard to become emotionally attached to such a colorless character. I think Hannah (the commenter) described my feelings towards this show spot on. One thing to add though is that I find all the supporting characters, who I usually love, sort of bland this season. They usually add such rich support to Brennan and Booth's characters, but so far they've been pretty noncommittal in establishing themselves as characters this season.


I for one did not like this episode. One of the reasons i loved this tv show so much was because of Booth and Brennan's special connection. This season really disappointed me when the writers brought in Hannah. But now that Brennan can show more emotions, maybe Agent Sully can comeback and they can start up something??


Absolutely amazing, epic and dark. Definately the best in this season, which wouldn't be this hard to achieve, actually. And Emily's acting and her conversations with nightquard and all was perfect. I really can't agree with people who claim that what Booth said was cruel. I mean, for me it's obvious that the way he was acting through this season is a kind of a self-defence mechanism- I guess it just hurts him to be around Brennan. and it's quite logical that when you're in a relationship, you spend time with your girlfriend. However, it was really heartbreaking to watch Brennan finally confessing her true feeling and getting turned down. The irony of Booth telling Bones 'what the facts are' strikes as hell. And it's a little tragic as well, seeing her finding courage to get out there and getting a kick in the ass, instead of a prize. But honestly, people, what did you expect Booth would say, really? I, for one, don't think I could respect him if he just dumped the woman he claims he loves and went straight to Brennan. Cause, you know, this would be CRUEL. It's not that I'm a Hannah fan but I just wouldn't be right. I guess that what Bones said will gradually grow on him and Hannah herself will understand that she's not the one for Booth and won't be able to be entirely happy with each other.


Kudos to Emily! Fantastic performance!

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Brennan: How-how come I understand every word you say? Always? I don't have that with anybody else. Sometimes I just hear … noise.
Micah: Well, I guess I've been here so long, I speak the secret language of the Jeffersonian, hmm?

Booth: Bones, what are you doing here?
Brennan: What are you doing?
Booth: I don't know; following you to a bad part of town and saving your life. You know, the usual. Your turn.