Like Brennan, the victim had a person who loved her but she did not pick up the signals. It's all too eerie for our heroine.
Bones digs deep - internally - when she must ID the remains of a victim she feels is her doppelganger.
A case of a murdered doctor tests Brennan's objectivity. Will it change how she feels about herself, and life?

Bones Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Brennan: How-how come I understand every word you say? Always? I don't have that with anybody else. Sometimes I just hear … noise.
Micah: Well, I guess I've been here so long, I speak the secret language of the Jeffersonian, hmm?

Booth: Bones, what are you doing here?
Brennan: What are you doing?
Booth: I don't know; following you to a bad part of town and saving your life. You know, the usual. Your turn.