Bones Review: Brennan's Universe Turned Upside Down

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The universe turned on its head on Bones this week, according to Brennan had her sage night watchman friend Micah. This concept was true from the viewer's perspective, too.

Bones, at its core, is a fun show. People are happy and familial at the Jeffersonian. One-liners abound. They spoof Jersey Shore and cast Wayne Knight as a chocolate company CEO.

Yet from the moment you saw Brennan alone in her apartment at the onset, you could sense this episode was going to be different. Her life as she knew it would cease to exist.

Or, to put it more accurately, would never feel the same again.

Hitting Close to Home

To say this case hit home for Brennan would be understating it.

What is it that Temperance wants out of life? The discovery of the slain doctor's remains in D.C. made her reexamine that question like never before over the course of the hour.

This case forced Brennan to reflect on her existence with some objectivity (which does exist, like it or not) and gave her some perspective. She didn't like what she saw, either.

The wonderful ensemble cast was relegated to the background - not an easy task to pull off - in an episode carried entirely by Brennan, and Emily Deschanel was outstanding.

What if "The Doctor in the Photo" really was Brennan?

That's what Brennan kept asking herself again and again as she dug deeper into the late doctor's life, seeing the victim as herself and even having conversations with her.

There were cinematic, almost supernatural elements in play, from those exchanges that weren't even real, to the photo that didn't really look like a Brennan doppelganger.

Booth's heroic rescue of Brennan on the street (filmed in black and white) and charming Micah's routine visits gave it the feel of A Christmas Carol or It's a Wonderful Life.

This is YOUR life, Temperance. Do you like what you see?

Meeting the Star-Crossed Lover That Could Have Been

Dr. Eames missed her chance. Dr. Brennan isn't about to.

The doubly tragic part is that when Brennan finally breaks down and proclaims to Booth that she made a mistake, he replies matter-of-factly that he's with Hannah now.

She's not a consolation prize, Booth says, and he's in love with her. That may well be true, and it hurts Brennan, who we actually got to see cry as the words sank in.

Still, you have to wonder if this was their pivotal moment. Booth can't turn off his feelings for Hannah, but Brennan's revelation had to resonate with him. It had to.

The doctor's demise was revealed, but for Brennan personally, there was no real resolution. That chapter has yet to be written, but she needed this wake-up call.

This was a dark episode told in a way unlike any Bones has attempted before, but it was very well done. It gets better the more we think about and talk about it.

In short, a perfect place to pause and reflect until January.

What did you think of last night's Bones? Discuss!


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Sue ann

One thing I forgot to mention was how charmed I was by the night watchman's character. I have seen this actor steal scenes before in other programs, and he has always been endearing. I hope he was no figment of her imagination, and I would like to see more of him.

Sue ann

I agree that this season has been disappointing, and that Booth seems to be contemptuous of Brennan, and that the writers have gone nuts. But on one point I must disagree. I went through a scene like that in the truck myself once. Literally. He loved me, I didn't love him. I loved him, he didn't love me. At our "point of the truck" scene, he said to me much the same thing as Booth said to Brennan, and it was the kindest way to do it. There was no possible doubt of his meaning, and while it was agony to hear, I got over it and moved on. He gave me no false hope. In terms of a joke which goes around periodically, he cut the puppydog's tail off all at once, not one inch at a time. But Bones this season still ticks me off royally, and I think if they don't shape it up, this show will die a young death.


I thought this was a great episode. It certainly gave Brennan some depth. I'm also one of the few people who like Hannah; I think she's good for Booth. Once the PTB put Booth and Brennan together in a romantic relationship, this show will suffer the same fate as "House," which totally sucks this season. The chemistry between the two characters will be gone. Does anyone else think that Micah was a figment of Brennan's imagination? She was sleep-deprived and hallucinating (her "conversations" with the dead doctor); it stands to reason that Micah wasn't real either. I think he was a representation of Brennan's scientific, rational side. He helped her think things through and kept her moving in the right direction. On the other hand, he also helped her access the emotional part of herself, i.e. confronting and confessing her feelings for Booth. I think the writers did her character justice. The line, "She's not a consolation prize" was perfect. I just hope the writers play this one out, at least throughout the rest of the season. But I'm afraid that Hannah's going to get killed off sooner rather than later.


I couldn't agree with Mickey & Maureen more.
What kept viewers emotionally attached to the show was that even if romance wasn't involved, the friendship that had been so meticulously crafted throughout the first five seasons was so strong and heartwarming that whatever the outcome of their romantic situations you were always confident that the wit and extraordinary care that existed between these two characters was so singularly impregnable that your faith in them never wavered. That being said, the sixth season has been woefully disappointing. Reverting to painfully awkward Brennan dialogue, even after her character in the last season developed so dramatically, coupled with Booth's unappealing and frankly insulting confused side-long glances makes the show difficult to continue to enjoy. Why is it that all of a sudden Booth seems so wholeheartedly uninterested in spending any time with Brennan? Their touching goodbye at the end of last season seemed to assure an emotional bond to be reckoned with, but upon their return they acted uncomfortable and cold. The enjoyment that used to be felt just watching the character's bicker has become almost embarrassing as they struggle with the direction their characters have taken. And for the love of god, why is Booth being so uncharacteristically and rudely distant? All in all, a show that I felt had some truly spectacular chemistry and writing has fallen prey to 6th seasonitis, disappointing viewers who had stuck by two characters who would have died for each other by returning their beloved duo with a weakened rapport and a friendship waning with questioning credibility.


Why we don't have a round table for bones? there is one for every show on tv fanatic... loved the episode and the acting was epic. I just hope Hannah figures out soon that brennan and booth love each other, don't get me wrong i have nothing against hannah but, you know...


EPIIC!! great episode, i've just love it. i'm so sorry for bones... i didn't thik i would see her crying that way... and the mikah's dialogue was amazing, i hope to see him again during this season. can't wait to january!!


If Hannah wasn't with Booth I'd still find her a vapid, clueless, self-centered, Lolita. Puppies are adorable, babies and young children. She's supposed to be a mature, smart, savvy woman. That's what the show-runners keep saying. She has yet to appear that way. She's looks and acts like an adolescent boy's fantasy girl.

Whipped by damon

I loved this episode, Emily was excellent and I really felt for Brennan! And although I completely understand what you mean re. Booth, do you not think he's being a bit cold with her as means of self preservation. It's not easy to love someone who doesn't completely feel the same way or can't express that, perhaps he's just trying to protect his heart! If he really does love her, he is bound to start looking at he differently! Oh and I can't stand Hannah, she's just so blaaaah!


I agree with Mickey 100%. This was definitely Brennan's episode and Emily Deschanel was brilliant. I really don't like what the writer's have done with Booth lately and I particularly detest Hannah. Part of the joy of watching Bones for the past five and a half seasons was the wonderful chemistry between the characters and although Booth was rejected by Brennan in the 100th episode for someone who was supposed to have loved her so much and had been in love with her from the moment he first met her, he has become someone who simply does not care about her. Although this was a sort of epiphany for Brennan and was much needed in order to further develop the character, that joy that spark that use to make this show something special has become banal. Although last night episode was good I hated the ending and am really starting to dislike Booth. Booth was fully aware of Brennan's social awkwardness and her fears of long lasting relationships but claimed to love her over the previous seasons. It would seem that the love has to under his conditions or not at all. Booth being with Hannah is not adding to the wonderful show that Bones was. It almost feels like a shift is being made to be more Booth centric. Have the creator and writers of the show forgotten that the name of the show is Bones and not Booth. I have had enough with all the so so storylines and the non existant chemistry. If the people responsable for the show don't seem to care what they are presenting they why should I care to tune in. I will stop watching until I hear that the quality of the program improves. Personally I think they should have finish up the series last year with Booth leaving to go to Afghanistan.


I don't know that there's no hope for the two (although partners can be such close friends that they do actually love each other more than they might a mate ... without becoming mates). What I keep wondering is which series regular is going to be killed by the sniper. This episode makes me suspect it's Hannah. I think it's important too that Brennan realized she's not the doctor and unlike her in many ways. Brennan may realize she might have regrets before her life is over and that she does have feelings that can't very easily be compartmentalized intellectually ... but she isn't in live with danger and dangerously tossing her life out there in the way of petty harm to see if the fates take it ... which of course, if you cross enough streets without looking on purpose or hang out of helicopters often enough, it will. Brennan knows she's not like that. In fact, just speaking up to Booth, I believe, allows the character to look at others who might come into her life with eyes open rather than for what niche she can fit them in in her comfort zone.

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Brennan: How-how come I understand every word you say? Always? I don't have that with anybody else. Sometimes I just hear … noise.
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Booth: Bones, what are you doing here?
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