Desperate Housewives Review: A Stampede and a Shooting

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Granted, I had been asking for a return of dramatic action to Desperate Housewives, considering the ho-hum season so far, but “Down the Block There’s a Riot" may have been a bit too much of a good thing.

Let’s be honest, the kind of scenes below would never occur outside the doors of the housewives, would it?

In the Middle of Chaos
Wisteria Lane Riot

The protesters throwing tomatoes at the Mayor? That, I believe. But the stampede - which mirrored a Black Friday sale at Walmart - was extensive to say the least. Still, at least it led to the shooting of Paul Young. We were getting a little sick of that guy, anyway.

More concerning (wink) is whether or not Susan will survive yet another freak accident: being trampled by suburbia.  My gut says yes, with a long recovery ahead, which will lead to Mike coming home from Alaska early. 

Thank goodness, too, we don’t want him to get too unbearably horny while away on the oil rig. Who knows what may happen then.

The Breith breakup also finally went down. Let's hope it sticks. I can’t say it had me crying at all.  It’s high time for these two to move on.

Speaking of moving on: will Renee bounce from the Lane?  We didn’t expect her to stick around this long, and with her limited participation in this episode, we have to wonder what's store.  Will her old love affair with Tom lead to her Desperate demise?

In bigger news, we are taking bets on who shot Paul Young. His lovely wife Beth, perhaps?  With this guy out of the way, there is not really a reason for her to stay put. 

Or could it have been one of Paul’s beloved ex-cons?  The irony is unimaginable. Stay tuned to get the story on this one.  Too bad we’ll have to hold our breath until January 2 to find out. Who do you think pulled the trigger?


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I really like Keith's character, just not with Bree, but I guess he really doesn't have a purpose on the show without her, maybe he could get with Rene or something. This episode was entertaining but ridiculous, I loved watching Juanita shove her mother though


Before watching the episode i Thought it could be Lee or Bob but at the end i get it it cant be susan because she is on the hospital, and lynette felt guilty, bree to easy because the shoth (I love that part) and it gots to be a housewive. So the one left it´s gabrielle protecting Juannita, and if it´s not a housewive my choice its Andrew because what happend to bree, or mike whanted to surprise Susan and he find out what happend of her...


* It did happen


"As for the stampede, I cannot even see the possibility of that really happening in real life but after all," I did happen in Germany in june 2010.. people got panic because of the huge amount of people at a small place and 20 of them died. So unfortunately it is realistic.


My choices on who shot Paul Young: Lee, Mintsy or Paul's wife (is it Beth?).
But, most probably Lee. Because he had a gun in his bag before. Why would they make that scene if Lee did not even gonna use the bloody gun? This episode was exciting. But, a little bit too much riot for me. And I just never seen DH with such violence.


This episode was brutal. After the unnecessarily long "riot," I was a little envious of Paul Young lying in a pool of blood, at least someone ended his misery. I think the DH writers squandered a number of potentially interesting story lines with this episode. Hopefully Brieth will stick around for a few more episodes.


I think its Mazy or whatever her name was. Someone completely unexpected. And I dont think paul will die. Maybe Paralyze him or something but not dead.


Juanita shots on Paul ?


is Paul even dead? I feel like if he died like that it'd ruin the whole felicia tilman/beth thing to early. Remember last year usually christmas is the halfway point of the season, I highly doubt he'd be gone after only doing that. Remember season 3 when he realized Orson's first wife wasnt dead, season 5 when we realized that Dave was truly after someone on the lane, or last year when we just started to realize what was up with the mob story. Id be really dissapointed if he peaced out this soon.


the best ep of this season.. i loved evryone,mike and susan convesation,Gaby and huanita i'm glad to see that she really does love her,and Tom.. and Renee and Lynette.. which i really really like .. she made a great appearance and what she did for Lee.. one of the best ep of DH

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Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

Bree: It's six o'clock. How long have you been kneeling there?
Keith: I don't know, but after you answer this, I'm gonna need you to help me up.

I must say, I don't know how you got your neighbors to agree to a halfway house on their street. But they must think a lot of you.

Mayor [to Paul]