Private Practice Review: "Just Lose It"

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Like Grey's Anatomy before it, Private Practice closed out 2010 in dramatic fashion, setting up some story lines that will clearly have a major impact early next year.

"Just Lose It" marked the return of Naomi. She missed quite a lot ... most notably the fact that Addison wants to have her ex-husband's baby. Elephant? Meet room.

We also meet an addiction-riddled patient, Emily, who routinely shows up pregnant, and who is routinely paid CASH by Pete, Charlotte and Violet to give up the baby.

Nae and Coop

Naomi has a lot of catching up to do.

Emily says she’s clean and wants to keep this one. Addison is willing to help her, but Pete tries to convince her to have her tubes tied during the c-section, infuriating Addison.

Addison delivers the child but no tubes are tied whatsoever. Sadly, she later has a change of heart when the almighty dollar seems to be Emily's prime/only motivation in life.

In the end, the one who ends up giving this loser a grand to relinquish her parental rights is the one who had advocated for her. Talk about a lose-lose situation for everyone.

Unlawful? Check. Unethical? Check. The only feasible option anyway? You tell us.

This story line clearly ties in with Addison's own desire for a child. She tells Sam Emily’s baby could be THEIR baby. Social services has already found parents for her, but still.

Ultimately, Sam doesn't want to decide about the baby situation based on Addison's biological urges, which is obviously smart. He wants her to believe in him, and she does.

Think Sam and Addy make it happen by the end of the season? Will it drive Naomi out of town for good? The potential certainly exists for a number of intriguing plot twists.

Turning our attention to Charlotte, Cooper is livid when the D.A. will not file charges against her attacker. She puts on a good front, but behind that calmness is anything but.

Cooper knows it, too, and his confrontation about it leads to pain.

King of Pacific

Is the woman Cooper fell in love with really gone for good?

In an emotional scene that's hard to stomach, he calls her out over all her cliches and her faux sanguine attitude. She promptly bawls, and we're on the cusp of doing the same.

It gets worse later when Charlotte admits to Naomi that she’s afraid Cooper is going to leave her. He never actually will (at least in our opinion) but that's where her mind's at.

Maybe there is some reason to worry. What was with that pass he made at Amelia? We know you're vulnerable, but come on Coop! Get it together, man! Are you kidding?!

He makes his way to Sheldon’s office where he says the Charlotte he fell in love with is gone. He is there for her, but he's there for a person who, to him, doesn’t exist. Ouch.

Coop also treats a patient in this episode who eats too much ... because he didn't want to be touched anymore. That's not a reason you hear for obesity too frequently, is it?

Even compared to other typically hard to watch Private Practice medical and family story lines, this one us upsetting. Cooper thinks so too, pounding on the patient's father.

More shockingly than that, he had the wrong guy. It wasn't even a guy ... his mom was the culprit. What a messed up situation, but at least it's over for that poor young guy.

As rough as this week was on Cooper, Addison may have him beat when we return in 2011. A call from her mom makes Addison literally spring up out of bed. What now?!

A charted plane lands, Bizzy steps out and we see her longtime lover being taken off the plane in a wheelchair. Whatever happened to her, it's dire. Until next year ...

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Which song is played at the end?


I doubt Amelia had any intentions of that happening because she respects the relationship between Charlotte and Cooper. Especially since she has that new found friendship with Charlotte because of their similar addiction. It was Cooper's pass that was evidently wrong but it was kind of off for Amelia to enter a dark room with him as well.


i totally agree i don't think that amelia had any intentions of having something happen between her and cooper. and i agree that she has respect for char and coop as a couple.
just, don't go play in the street, and then cry when you get hit by a car. shouldn't have been there in the first place. yes, it's coopers fault for kissing her. but please take responsibility for being there in the first place. bad decision.


As far as Dr. Fife is concerned I heard that he'll be back eventually. I think the actor is out doing another project and will eventually come back.


Fife! I had completely forgotten about him! But as far as I can remember nothing was mentioned concerning his whereabouts.. @cconklin - about the Amelia thing: I don't know, I don't think that she had any intention of flirting with or hitting on Cooper. I think she's just really trying to find her place within that group, and trying to be a friend.
IMO she really respects Cooper's and Charlotte's relationship (even though she may not have in the past, I don't know..) and in that situation her intentions were actually innocent.


heeeey- also, i just realized this....where is fife?!?!?


i don't really blame amelia for the whole kiss thing; but i do want to hit her across the head and say, "duuuuuh! stupid" there are some lines you just don't cross. obviously, cooper crossed a major line by kissing her. BUT the first line that was crossed, was stepping into a dark room with a very vulnerable man who has hit on you in the past, and closing the door. DUUUUH!!! i'm not surprised that cooper kissed her. that's what people do when they put themselves in those types of situations. anyone else agree witht that?
Also, i've been a fan of addison and sam for awhile. but seriously- it's weird and awkward. i think i want it to end. i just wish i knew what was going on. i really thought that namoi and sam were done, done. in the past, in other comments i've made i even pitched for addisam as a couple and that it's not that uncommon or weird. is. it's like the most GIANT elephant in the room. it wouldnt' be weird if it didn't seem like namoi was still.....connected to sam. not that she's in love with him, but just very connected. AWKWARD. also- i would really like to know what namoi and sams daughter thinks. i can't think of her name right now. weird, weird, weird!


Totally agree with everything you said!!


@bebop I get how upsetting Cooper was in the last episode but I think everyone can be a little more understanding of what this character is going through. First of all, calling Amelia out on not wanting her near him was his way of reacting to what happened to Charlotte. Don't forget that between him finding out that Charlotte was raped and their conversation with one another was that elevator scene between him and Amelia. That was most likely the writers' way of showing his reaction towards finding out that Charlotte was raped. That's when we were able to see how regretful he is that he couldn't protect her. Second of all, it's unfortunate that he was drunk and out partying when Charlotte got attacked but that doesn't necessarily make him a bad guy. When you say that he lacks self-control that's kind of blowing the situation out of proportion. Part of the reason why they put Cooper in that situation when the rape happened was to show that these kinds of things happen when you don't expect it and most of the time the victim's partner can't save her. Then with regards to Cooper making a pass at Amelia which was undeniably the worst thing he's probably done, it's right that we're upset but we should cut the guy some slack. He was an ass but it doesn't make him a terrible person. From what we saw in his conversation with Sheldon, obviously he's going through something very difficult because of what happened to Charlotte. It's not that he doesn't love Charlotte anymore because he never said that. What he's struggling with right now is learning to love Charlotte for who she is after the attack. Charlotte's trying to put up the brave front for him but it shows that she's not letting him in to what she's really feeling. At the end of the day, Cooper and Charlotte obviously still love each other. What they're struggling with now is how to deal with the aftermath of this attack. Cooper needs to learn to love who Charlotte is now and Charlotte needs to learn to let Cooper in.


Ok, Cooper is acting like a complete ass..
First he has a go at Amelia for drinking and flirting with him the night Charlotte was attacked and tells her to stay away from him, when actually he should blame himself for drinking and flirting and the lack of self-control! Then he tries to kiss her (btw great how Amelia reacted!)!
And why? Because Charlotte isn't the person he fell in love with anymore? After how much time??
I mean, it's been like a month, or at best two months, since she was brutally attacked and raped, she is clearly traumatized as hell and still trying to make it as easy as possible for him.. And he can't control himself after such a short amount of time??
I get that he is frustrated, but he wants to marry her, for f***s sake! He should better start practicing that "for better or for worse" part and start acting like a man you can take seriously...

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