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@K: thank you it makes slot more sense now that I know that noww !! I get it noww ahahaa !!


@McDreamyLover18: Because she usually says inappropriate things - so she needs a filter on her mouth before she blabs absolutely everything and anything.


Great episode I loved itt. Felt so bad for charlotte .. Cas how Cooper freak out on her cas if how she said that already felt soo bad. glad naiomi's back things were weird without her. And eveyrthijg else was soo interesting I loved it . Shonda is doing a good job with private practice this season it keeps me at the edge of my Seattle almost every episode cas yu don't know hat gonna happen next.

I have a questionn ... Does anyone know why everyone was saying "filter" to Amelia cas I didn't get what that meant ? So if some one knows can yu please tell me thanks


It was a good way for the writers to end the 2010 part of the season. I can't believe Coop made a pass on Amelia. Don't get me wrong, Amelia's new presence in the show brings in some humor and more drama, but Coop that wasn't smooth. You know you gotta hold it together! All I have left to say is you really got me craving for 2011 to come around Shonda and writers!


Cooper and Charlotte are my favourite characters.
I can't believe Cooper kissed Amelia. He is meant to be with Charlotte since the beggining and they are perfect for each other. They have to be together! He has to understand that Charlotte has been through a lot and I know that he's been there for her, but he can't leave her. She's afraid and scared and she loves him. According to Cooper, he loves her too so he has to understand her, he has to be there for her. They're enganged for god's love, they have to get married.


Another great episode coming from Private Practice! I thought that a lot of the scenes were so genuinely done. Since I'm such a Charlotte and Cooper fan those were the parts that I am most enthralled by. From the very beginning of the episode, when they were sitting in the DA's office, you could already tell how Charlotte was staying strong for the sake of Cooper. And when she ran into the bathroom after Cooper's hysterics, you couldn't help but cry with her. I loved the moment between her and Naomi where she confessed that she wouldn't let him touch her and how she was scared he'd leave her. Although the Naomi and Charlotte pairing is a bit out of the blue, I still thought it was such a genuine scene. It probably worked it was Naomi because she was the only one who wasn't there when everything happened. The part that killed me the most is when Cooper confessed to Sheldon about how the Charlotte he loved is no longer there. I thought that was completely heartbreaking.

I think we can all agree that Cooper was an ass for making a pass at Amelia but we also need to understand where he's coming from. It wasn't the best thing he could've done but you get why he did it. I think what I'm looking forward to the most when the show comes back in 2011 is how Cooper will learn to love who Charlotte is now and how Charlotte will learn to let Cooper in. We're going to start seeing this couple go through what it really means to be in the aftermath of a rape and I think that's really special.

Still, I'm hoping this season doesn't end without them getting married. I think that will be the best thing that could happen for the both of them before the season ends.


Normally, Cooper is my favorite character, along with Charlotte and Amelia, but I agree with Anna - I hate him right now.


At this moment I hate Cooper..


Gee. Can I say "hiatus-hate is me"? Ok that didn't even make sense. Whatever. The Bizzy storyline is SO tantalising...


I liked the episode a lot. But I must say that Pete, Violet and Charlotte were really horrible to that pregnant patient. I can't possibly understand what it is like to deal with a patient that is off and on drugs all the time, but it's their right as doctors to be professional to the patient. It's their hypocritical oath of being a doctor. Overall though, it was a fantastic episode.

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