Vance, NCIS to Square Off With the Army

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Vance's tough year is about to get even tougher on NCIS.

According to TV Guide, the agency shot-caller will work closely with the Army equivalent of NCIS when the show returns in January. His typically complicated mission? To protect a high-ranking foreign diplomat from terrorist threats at a treaty signing.


Rocky Carroll as Director Vance.

When things don't go as planned, it's NCIS that takes the heat, setting Vance up for a critical showdown (and possible dressing down) at the U.S. State Department.

Not as tension-filled as the attempts on his life we saw in "Enemies Foreign" and "Enemies Domestic," but sounds like our fearless leader will be under the gun.

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OH come on Ziva had 3 whole season about her let do someone new


I agree with most of you that the season finale should be about Tony. I don't understand why it has to have so much to do with Vance. I was dissapointed that Enemies Domestic had so much Vance in it, I wanted it to focuss ONLY on Ziva! I found the episodes with Vance storylines kind of boring.
But who knows, the writers has a way of surprising me. But I honestly wouldn't mind if they killed Vance off or he got fired. I have nothing against Rocky as an actor, but the Vance character is just annoying me. The director I liked the most was Jenny but she was a horrible director. I honestly think her relationship with Gibbs was too personal to have a professinal relationship.
TONY CENTRIC FINALE PLEASE! They did say that the Miami Man would be around in the last part of the season, so that might lead to some kind of Tiva finale. But if they'll focuss on the politics (Like it is being hinted in the article) I don't think it will get emotional, like maybe Miami Man decides to move to Washington.


Since when is Vance our fearless leader? Lets get back to the heart of the show!


Would love a Tony centric finale, but it's probably too much to ask We just had Gibbs, and other than him, Ziva (ug) and Vance (yawn) seem to be the only characters that get the big multi episode danger dramas.


Georgia I much rather have Vance then Ziva


I think the season finale should be Tony Centric. I personally thought that the 'Gibbs Season CLiffhanger' wasn't the anticipated hype that we all thought it was going to be. Sometimes, I think less is more with some characters. And I think this goes with Vance. I just think he isnt enough of a major character to have entire episodes and story lines centered around him. MCIS retains it's reputation as a police-procedual drama that is fresh and new every week, has a great cast, and team dynamics that would be hard to beat on any other show, and i'm sure most of you would agree with me. But pumping it full of of Vance all the time, just is not the way to go


Janet brown and Michael I agree with you about the season finale will be about Tony it his turn


hi michael i didnt understand the 2nd paragraph when you said 'whats up with vance's eye is it his or his buddy"ive a feeling the season final will be about tony as its his turn.


My english is perfect what don't you understand


what are you talking about michael your english is not so good dont understand what about vance's eye.

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