Vance, NCIS to Square Off With the Army

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Vance's tough year is about to get even tougher on NCIS.

According to TV Guide, the agency shot-caller will work closely with the Army equivalent of NCIS when the show returns in January. His typically complicated mission? To protect a high-ranking foreign diplomat from terrorist threats at a treaty signing.


Rocky Carroll as Director Vance.

When things don't go as planned, it's NCIS that takes the heat, setting Vance up for a critical showdown (and possible dressing down) at the U.S. State Department.

Not as tension-filled as the attempts on his life we saw in "Enemies Foreign" and "Enemies Domestic," but sounds like our fearless leader will be under the gun.

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I am so sick of people wanting Ziva and her father reunion who care Ziva just like Jenny has run his course after they both help ari Kill Kate I still miss her :( Anyways I want to know whats up with Vance Eye is it his or his buddy also anyone eles think these season finale will be about Tony


hope it wont be another vance episode if so i know now that it will be boring so keep him in his office and let team gibbs do the work.


Not another Vance episode. Vance is beginning to grow on me but I don't need to learn anymore about his past or really I don't need to know anything about him at all for awhile. I do agree that the last episode should have had a bit more of the reunion of Eli and Ziva then that cheap flag thing and forgiveness, instead we had to see this Vance thing for the whole show and Liat the annoying agent.


I like the Vance Episode but I like better when it`s about Gibbs Abby Tony Ziva Ducky and McGee. well anyways can`t wait to see the Vance episode hopefully it`s one episode.


Just me but I don't find the Vance episodes interesting enough. They are good but NCIS is so much better when the team members are involved. The much anticipated Ziva and her father reunion was turned into a Vance bad hair day.

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McGee: There's nothing wrong with that.
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