90210 Round Table: "Liars"

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From one character faking PTSD to another actually coming down with a form of the disorder, 90210 returned this week with "Liars."

Did the episode cure our staff of its desire to see Annie and Liam get together? How do we feel about the presence of Emily? We tackle this topics and more in the latest edition of the 90210 Round Table...

What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt R: Gotta be when Emily first turned the corner. I'll talk about it more below, but I spit out my Fruit Punch Gatorade. I seriously thought it was Jennie Garth's doppleganger.

Steve M: I loved when AnnaLynne McCord broke the cell phone and really got down to beating on Mr. Cannon. It was one of the funniest, worst acted scenes in the history of television.

Eric H: Watching Adrianna burst into tears on the set of that talk show. She totally gets whatever is coming to her!

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Are you sick of all this Lannie teasing?
Matt R: God, yes. Can they be together for more than 10 minutes before the show splits them apart again? It's fine for Liam to want to be close to his brother, but maybe he should start by being honest himself about what transpired with Annie.

Steve M: No way. The back and forth is what makes the pairing so intriguing. Will they ever find happiness? High school couples really do go through these kinds of constant obstacles, so it feels realistic to watch.

Eric H: Is Shenae Grimes involved? Yes. Then I'm sick of it.

Is Navid being understanding or selfish?
Matt R: SELFISH. There's simply no other answer, people. He's cheating on his girlfriend with one of her best friends. There's no grey area here. He's simply being a jerk.

Steve M: Can I just say "confused?" Navid hasn't exactly been a stud or a player for all of his life. Now, he has tow beautiful girls that want and need him. He wants to do the right thing, but you try breaking up with a blubbering mess. It's difficult.

Eric H: He's just being da man!!! Adrianna during the day, Silver at night. Way to go, 'Vid! Keep up the smooth work.

What are your impressions of Emily?
Matt R: She's positively insane, which makes her awesome for the show. I've often said 90210 suffers from every conflict being based on the latest relationship misunderstanding. This is different and fresh.

Steve M: I'm sorry, I don't do impressions. I'm a TV critic.

Eric H: She's the most confusing character on TV. She'll end up going after Annie's whole life. Who would want that?!?


I just have one question!!!! What is that ladies name, the talk show host from "Hello LA"?!?!?!?!?! her real name

Anna maria



Argy I agree with u so much and I have to say Annie looks like she get interesting during the second half of the season with her cousin Emily here


Why all this hate about Annie ?? I'm guessing none of you critics really like 90210 ... I don't get why you keep watching this show, and you post all those negative aspects about the show!! One said, Annalyne's worst acting... have you watched the show ?? it was naomi's best acting part ever on the 3 seasons... So mad ...


I like the new development of emily

I adore chair

1. When Naomi was finally beat the crap out of cannon.. although she should have cut his balls off..disappointed. 2. Yes! I actually like Liam and Annie, and that Michael Jackson guy is so boring.. he has no secrets or problems. He should just leave the show 3. Navid needs to give Adrianna the honest truth, the way that she's treated him was ridiculous and he shouldn't beat around the bush with her.. although I don't care for Silver and Navid 4. I think she is Jennie Garth, as a teenager and hoped in a time machine.. I also think she's going for Liam.


Lol I agree this was a funny round table. Quite frankly I think that this show has lost the spark the moment they stopped using jennie garth and shannen doherty! The writers need to write better. Make the characters more interesting and complex! And for the love of all that is good in the world please send Annalynne McCord for acting classes! She was terrible in that scene with that teacher! My word! Her body can only take her so far.


I love ready these 'Round Tables'.
They're so funny. XD


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt R Are you sick of all this Lannie teasing?
Steve M Is Navid being understanding or selfish?
Steve M What are your impressions of Emily?
Eric H

Whipped by damon

I too am a bit sick of the Lannie teasing but I do love gratuitous semi naked Matt Lanter! ;)

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