It's you, Liam. I wanna be with you. More than you can ever imagine.


I probably owe you a fish taco or something for saving my life.


Emily: I totally get why you are so HOH over him.
Annie: I am not HOH... where do you even get that?

Emily: OMG. Katy Perry and Ben Affleck are next door neighbors. How cool must their block parties be?
Debbie: I don't know. They've never invited me.

Dixon: You freak out over hairless dogs.
Annie: Yeah, because they're gross. All that skin!

I just slept with my boyfriend's brother, in my brother's bed. This is so wrong, on so many levels.


Never, in the history of mankind, has a guy that got the crap kicked out of him felt as fantastic as I do.


Is this a relationship or The Bourne Identity?

Ian [to Teddy]
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