90210 Review: PTSD for Everyone!

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The 90210 writers didn't try very hard to give us contrasting storylines this week, did they?

On "Liars," we watched as Adrianna faked PTSD, and then as Ivy actually suffered through it. We also saw Navid unable to end his relationship with Adrianna due to the current state of her life... and Annie unable to end her relationship with Charlie due to the current state of Liam's life.

Surfing Pair

Did anyone else experience a feeling of deja vu when they watched the conversation between Annie and Liam at the Beach Club?

It wasn't just that this development so closely resembles the triangle between Navid, Adrianna and Silver; it's that 90210 is in serious danger of permanently angering all Lannie fans. You can only tease a relationship so many times before viewers simply get annoyed at the obstacles being thrown in between a pairing.

Has the show reached that point with Annie and Liam? Are you still exciting over the possibility of these two as a couple, or just irritated at the constant oscillating of their status?

As I have been throughout the season, I was impressed with the way the show continued to slow play Teddy's evolution. I just wish Teddy Donovan hadn't basically told us exactly how this would all play out.

At first it seemed a little silly that Dixon would actually hesitate to take his wet suit off in front of his friend, but then I remembered this character hails from Kansas. That's a far more conservative region than Beverly Hills. It's possible that Teddy is the first gay person Dixon has ever knowingly been around, which would make for an interesting angle in this storyline.

Moving on to Naomi and Mr. Cannon, I'm just praying this plot is finally over. I don't mind the way it concluded, but I don't understand why the same ending couldn't have taken place weeks ago. Why have Cannon go away for multiple episodes, then return (slipping under police radar somehow, despite being in the home of the girl he raped) and then have such a confrontation? Why not just have everything play out this same way, minus the weeks-long disappearance, for the sake of continuity and logic?

Let's also hope we never have to see AnnaLynne McCord act hysterical or scared ever again. I had to hold my eyeballs in place to prevent them from rolling at the sight of her attempts to do so here.

Finally, we get to my favorite part of the episode: cousin Emily! I'm really curious if producers purposely cast a Jennie Garth-lookalike with Abbie Cobb. Because it just adds to the overall creepiness factor, doesn't it? Granted, we saw this exact, Single White Female-like scenario play out on the original 90210, when that Tara girl Kelly befriended in rehab and then went on to cut and dye her hair and almost commit a murder/suicide.

But I sort of like it if 90210 is just straight up paying homage to its predecessor now. Remember when Dylan got injured surfing years ago? And he hooked up with Brenda while being nursed back to health in Brandon's room? Does that sound similar to any recent events on the new version?

I'll leave you with a few questions to debate: Do you feel badly for Adrianna at all? Which hunk did you miss more: Ryan or Oscar? Were you happy with the resolution to the issue of Mr. Cannon?


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HAHA, i just got arount to watch the ep and thank you so much for mentioning the Jenny Garth-resemblance.
That was my first thought as well. Almost creepy how much they look alike ;-)
And quite frankly this was the only thing interesting from the ep.
The fact that I am more interested in a character that i met 5 minutes ago speaks for itself. I hope they at least do something fun with her!!! The rest has gotten boring! Except for Ivy maybe... And what the hell happened with Silver, Liam and Dixon? They used to be so fun and now they are just a hollow shell of their former selfes. No personality whatsoever. SUCH A SHAME!!!


So, OK, here's what i thought of the episode: Naomi kicks ass. She is the only character really evolving on this show and I think her acting in any situation is good and has depth. I actually thought her acting was really good in this episode. Now that she's been through this whole ordeal I feel like she is "damaged" enough to be with Liam without seeming as shallow and detached as when they got together. I too think they had better chemistry.
original 90210 parallel: Kelly started out as spoiled LA chick and after fire and weird guru and crazy chick experiences grew to be the character everyone sympathizes with Adrianna's fall from fame should be a little more drawn out. I think the writers are missing opportunities for drama. Also I feel like Adriannas character is the most all over the place of all. From season to season she goes from druggie to teenage mom to singing sensation teen star...i mean...really? It makes me not care about her because why care? next season she will just be someone else going through something entirely unrelated to anything shes gone through so far. Also, a recovered druggie/teenage mom who gave up her kid I'd expect would have a little more maturity than what Adrianna has demonstrated on her rise to fame. Silver is kinda disappointing me with this whole navid thing. I like Silver as the pillar of virtue and ethics to kinda ground everyone and shes tossing it out the window now. And this whole thing where Navid calls her and gives her a play by play of how the breakup plans are going is gross.
original 90210 parallel: they are kinda doing a Donna/David thing here where like the good girl and dorky guy get together Emily is Valery. Messed up past, nice country girl on the outside, psycho on the inside. we get it. The fact that she looks like jenny garth is weird and the fact that nobody brings it up is weirder. Liam and his bro....snooze
Annie and Liam...snooze
Annie and Liams bro...snooze
Dixon is annoying. Always pissed off or moody or upset with someone. get over urself dixon. Teddy is gay. Its LA. I dunno why this is a big deal. Ivy's cool. I like her. give her more to work with.
Didnt miss teacher guy. And finally.....: BRING ETHAN BACK. thank you


I think they played the drama out well


i really enjoyed this episode!


this episode is crap!!!


I really don't like Annie and Liam together.. she should stop going after the same people as Naomi. I mean I may be warming up to them A LITTLE, but Liam and Naomi were perfect, I hope they get back together. I kinda like Annie and Charlie..
I have mixed feelings about the Navid/Adrianna/Silver triangle. I loove Navid and Adrianna together, but I can't help but think that him and Silver are cute. I see where he's coming from though, I mean c'mon, bitch much Adrianna? But yeah.. in conclusion:
-Annie and Liam should be together only for a couple episodes, then break up.
-Naomi and Liam NEED to get back together
-Mixed feelings with Adrianna/Silver/Navid


Silver and Navid dont do it for me, niether do Dixon and Ivy why the writers paired the mup i will never know, even in this episode Ivy had more chemistry with Liam and Teddy and they only had a few lines. I liked the badass Naomi, SIlver is so obnoxious its annoying i want the old silver back, this serious stressed out one is a bore. Liam is sex machine for women. Charlie is boring lol i swear i always complain about 90210. Hopefully it will get better.


I miss Mr Mathews! He can't just be gone!! I don't miss Jasper, but uh where the heck is he? Last time we saw him he was being beaten up by Liam (after the boat incident) I don't understand why Adrianna doesn't just tell them that Javier and her were supposed to do the songs together. That way Javier's fans would love her.


gotta agree with the fact that annalynne mccord didnt do a terrific job, but she kind of made up for it in the conclusion of the cannon storyline. i dont think it was dragged, because it helped us see that noemi's behaviour these past few weeks was just a façade. the silver/navid/adrianna thing is pathetic, they did the same thing on season 1, only annie was less of a bitch because naomi and ethan werent together anymore.(btw how the writers can honestly say they didnt have any material for ethan when dixon is the most annoying and useless character on the show??)
silver is such a slut " i dont want ade to get hurt", well, she wouldnt if you managed to keep your tongue in your mouth you whore.
im not sure about the emily thing...she's not that interesting...yet.
as always loved ivy and the fact that she's the only coherent character on the show.
matt lanter is given shit material to work on, and i gotta admit, sleeping with your mate's sister in his bed? gotta be a jerk, but in this situation annie is the worst, she has a room doesnt she?
im so worried they are going to drag the annie/liam thing and the love triangle for ages, waiting for a adrianna/silver smackdown, their friendship wont be missed, they were never that close


I am not happy at all with the new stealing personality story line. mostly storylines like thatare boring, last too long and are very annoying.


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