Beth Riesgraf to Guest Star, Flirt With McGee on NCIS

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Beth Riesgraf of Leverage fame is coming to NCIS on February 22.

She'll play Maxine Edwards, an infamous online gamer who still has bad blood with her Marine ex-boyfriend, who cheated her in more ways than one, TV Guide reports.

When his dismembered fingers and teeth are discovered in a pickpocket's purse, she becomes one of NCIS' suspects - and piques the curiosity of Sean Murray's McGee.


The NCIS episode featuring Riesgra is titled "Killscreen."

Maxine and Tim not only share common interests, but a whole lot of chemistry. No word if DiNozzo will give her as hard a time as he does Tim for their gaming passion.

In addition to adrenaline-junkie thief Parker on Leverage, Parker is known for My Name is Earl (with former fiancé Jason Lee) and the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie.

What do you think? Are you excited for this McGee-related story? Will Abby get jealous if he takes a liking to this fellow cyber-geek? Sound off with your comments.

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You better email me and tell me how to do this facebook stuff or hell with it and the info. concerning Beth Riesgraf better stay where it is or I won't join your little club. Why do you have to make this complicated, Starpulse was easy. Goodby unless I hear from you, you have my E-mail address.


To whomever, Beth has been my TV valentine for 2010 and 2011. Other years since 2004 have been Sasha Alexander, Marin Hinkle, Kathryn Morris, A.J. Cook. This has more to do with how they are, and personality than just looks even though they are all gorgeous. I think even though they are acting the real person shows through anyway. I remember Dec. 2009 I kept seeing commercials advertising Leverage and I saw flashes of Parker and I just had to know who she was, so I started watching Leverage, the best show to me. NCIS is an Icon, but a favorite. At the time A.J. Cook had the spot, but she was leaving Criminal Minds and I think she was pregnant and I was already in love with Beth, so she became TV valentine for 2010 and still is, but Kathy Morris could be having a comeback. I have until midnight Dec. 31rst. I should say in love with Parker too instead of just Beth, ha ha. I've seen every NCIS and still watch it alot, every Walker Texas Ranger still watching, and every Cold Case still watching. Leverage is already one of my all time favorite shows. Beth is quite a good little actress, I saw her on Without a Trace. She can do drama very good and I expect great things fron her. Now, there is no Timmy McGee, no Hardison, no Memphis Beat cop, she's mine. She was Parker undercover on that episode of NCIS. I'm a member with Starpulse on Kathryn Morris's website, so send me to my E-mail to be involved like that with Parker (Beth). This thing is a little old don't ya think. Bring me up to date.


I would be more excited if they would bring David James Elliott and Catherine Bell by for a congenial visit. Some of the other cast members of JAG would also be great. I still miss JAG and I am hoping they will make a JAG movie. I love NCIS,Mark Harmon, and cast. Last night show was superb! (Feb.8th) Looking forward to more of the same.


dont know about everybody else but all the companies ive worked in there where a lot of dating and even marriges between workmates dont know what kind of companies you worked in michael.


Its never ok to married a coworker In fact in some company when you get married to a coworker one of you have to leave


that will be nice, mcgee wth another girl! but i want abby and mcgee!and also tony and ziva!the 2 pairs have a total chemistry, they make ncis fun to watch in between the crime scenes!=)

Sue ann

Technically, it would be OK for co-workers to date or to be married in NCIS. They covered that in one of the DVD extras one year. There are married couples amongst the NCIS agents. It is not part of the Navy, it is a civilian agency, and it is allowed. The reason it is mostly not done here is Gibbs's rule number 12, "Never date a co-worker", as established in Season 7, episode 14.


I wonder if she stay past these


Sounds cool!!! Hope it's not another heartbreak for McGeek.


sounds like an interesting episode there will be a jealous abby and we all know what a jealous abby can do.

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McGee: All right. Well you should probably know that Abby and I used to date?
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