Bones Review: "The Body in the Bag"

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Bones returned for its first episode of 2011 last night, but my reaction to "The Body in the Bag" was somewhat mixed. To be honest, it was somewhat of a letdown.

This isn't to say it was a bad episode, or that I can even pinpoint one exact reason for coming away with that sentiment. Sometimes you just expect a little better.

Perhaps some of the blame lies with all the Bones spoilers about proposals, deaths, lingering sexual tension, etc. Last night didn't really get any of that rolling.

Working It at Work

EASTERN MEDICINE AND FAUX FASHION: B-squared explored the worlds of both.

The primary personal plot line was the awkwardness between Booth and Hannah, and between Brennan and Hannah, over what Bones revealed in "The Doctor in the Photo."

Brennan still has feelings for Booth, who told Hannah in the interest of full disclosure, but left her understandably unhappy as a result. Talk about a rock and a hard place.

After Angela alerted Brennan to the statistical impossibility of Hannah's string of excuses being legit, Bones confronted her partner's girlfriend and asked what was wrong.

Most of this story was handled very well. Just not the end.

I like the idea of Brennan and Hannah trying to be friends and act like mature adults, and I like that there is awkwardness and that it isn't always easy. It feels very real.

But the last scene with Bones and Hannah at the bar, drinking and laughing, just felt forced. Bones concluded it's time she moved on. Hannah agreed. Problem solved!

Quite an about-face for both parties. We don't expect Brennan to fight Hannah or deliver some impassioned speech about how she intends to fight for Booth, but still.

We get it, they're trying to be friends and this is a complex, non-cliche love triangle. But giggling like lifelong BFFs when some guy tries to pick them both up? Really?

What do you think? Would you like to see this handled differently? Should Bones fight for her man or really try to move on - and will she and Booth even get together?

Body in the Bag Pic

JENNY'S A SWEET GIRL: Or so we're told.

As for the murder victim this week, the case offered some serious twists, some very cool science and a body find that was easily a 8.0-8.5 on the Bones grossness scale.

The decaying corpse was pretty standard, but Hodgins' excavation of the shower and the stream of debris sent flying onto Booth and Brennan was delightfully disgusting.

Interestingly, the victim was not actually the girl who lived in the apartment, but a girl who sold her fake purses. A camera caught her on top of the likely killer. Sexually.

For Booth and Sweets, there was definitely an overlap between porn and work as they searched for clues. Naturally, the guys were distracted and more or less useless.

Angela saved the day by collecting different pieces of images, if you will, from various reflections in the room on the tape. With that, she made a composite of the killer.

It was neither socialite Paisley, nor her boyfriend, but the agent investigating Jenny and her little contraband purse-selling ring. The Prada Police ... who'd have guessed.

Speaking of Angela, she and Hodgins had some terrific scenes this week, just the kind of normal interaction we've grown to love from them, but a treat just the same.

They really are going to make bizarre, but splendid parents, as Dr. Clark Edison said. It's good to see Clark 2.0 trying to forge human relationships, however awkwardly.

Overall, it was a fine episode, even if it felt lacking for some of the laughs and drama we've come to expect. It's great to have Bones back, and I look forward to next week.

What did you think of last night's Bones? In particular, do you like how the Booth-Brennnan story line is playing out? What would you like to see happen going forward?

Leave us a comment below and discuss!


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I totally agree with other comments of last nights show - rather boring. I ususally put this show above others but this may change. I really like the intermingling between Bones and Booth -none last night. Disappointed. Hannah is BLAH.


The chemistry between Bones and Booth MADE this show as well as the chemistry between all of the "squints" I am so not getting where things are going, don't like the chemistry between Booth and Hannah (or lack of) and miss the chemistry between Booth and Bones! Come on writers - you are running people away from what was the best show around!


I didn't care for the last scene with Brennan and Hannah BUT I have to say it was WAY less uncomfortable and weird than the hospital/sunglasses situation earlier in the season. SN tweeted today: "For all the #Bones fans who are upset about Booth and Brennan and Hannah: patience. All good things come to those who wait."


Last night's episode was a major disappointment and painful to watch! The ending scene with Brennan and Hannah was totally ridiculous...I mean seriously? Best buddies?? The relationship between B&B just isn't there anymore or even the team is 'off'. I agree with lots of folks that the writers are killing the show being overly worried that the show will end if they do get together. The only good thing about last night's show was Clark and the team's reaction to the new him, now that was enjoyable to watch!


there was very little bones and booth interaction last night which took away from the show. if you want to keep the show going then you need to listen to the people who watch the show. and we all want booth and bones together. if my bf told me he had feeling for a girl and now this girl said she had fellings back we would not be sharing drings baby we would be sharing fist ...

Josie leeds

The writers are utterly destroying this show. I think they are scared to death that if they satisfy the tension between Booth & Bones, the show will die--.....IT'S IN ITS DEATH THROES NOW! I don't watch this show for Hannah--she's boring, predictable and really not even in the same room as Bones. I guess the writers are too young to remember the magic created by Nick & Nora Charles or, if they are REALLY young, the magic between Cybil and Bruce before the writers on MOONLIGHTING screwed IT up. Keep going in this direction and it will go the way of all shows where writers disregard the fans as annoying. There's always reruns.


I do feel that the last scene was a little off. I mean that part were they looked like buddies after Brennan admitted she loved Booth...seriously? The show was also very quiet...BB almost never talked however I did find myself LOL from the bath scene and squintern Clark's sudden change of heart towards his bottle-it-up-in-the-workplace attitude. Hodgins and Angela are so cute together though I wish that Angela and Bones get more camera time. If I were Angela I'd be jealous of Hannah! Looking forward to V-day episode and also the Sniper episodes too!


Concerning the triangle Booth, Bones & Hannah - I also don't like the way the writers are going with it.
First of all Bones declaring her love for Booth was quite a HUGE thing for her character because if you think about it: she was always the one saying "love doesn't exist", it's just some weird synapse connecting thing (or whatever) called science. So for her that was one freaking big step so I expected this episode to follow up on this kind of angle. Instead the writers decided not to and ignored it completely - Booth and Bones acted like nothing had happened at all - I don't think it's believable at all.
Second the reaction of Hannah was weird. Even if she trusts Booth completely and is absolutely sure about his love for her I don't believe that there are no jealous or awkward feelings (even the tiniest ones) at all. I mean if your boyfriend tells you that he used to have feelings for his best friend but she didn't and now this best friend declares her love for your boyfriend - wouldn't you be worried (at least a little)?!! I don't think I would be confused for a day and then by the end of it sit in a bar with her drinking and acting as if all is fine and nothing had happened at all. They even seemed to be closer than ever, wth? I don't think it is believable at all on both sides - Hannahs and Bones' (Bones already looking for a new guy???)
Concerning not B&B related story lines - I loved Angela and Hodgins looking at the baby together and I thought it was funny that Clark seemed to be a completely different guy freaking out the others! ;)


I think last night's episode was a major disappointment. I'm sure a lot of devoted fans expected more given Brennan's revelation in The Doctor in the Photo. I found the personal issues very anti-climatic. I remember seeing some promo and them stating "Hannah can't deal". This is all nonsense. What we got was an indecisive Booth bothering Sweets with how he must tell Hannah. What was the point of this scene. Booth has always been self assured and can make up his own mind. The rather matter of fact way he tells Hannah and this is all taken very calmly doesn't gel very well with me. If Booth was so in love with Brennan as he stated at the end of the 100th episode how could he still not have some feelings left for her. I truly believe that his being in love with Brennan was not a side effect of his brain tumor and subsequent coma. I think he had been in love with her from the moment he set eyes on her during their first case. This business with Brennan and Hannah being friends is really stupid. You have two women competing for the same man. I agree with the comment above that since the 100th episode the series has gone downhill. There is no chemistry between Brennan and Booth and the truly wonderful moments that were Booth and Brennan together at the end of each episode as the case wrappped up are now non-existent and sorely missed. I really feel that the writers need to change things and change them soon because they are killing what was once a great series. I wouldn't be surprised if the show was not renewed for next year. Then maybe the writers could have a show called Booth and Hannah - After Bones.


The writers and PTB no longer have to worry about putting Booth and Brennan together ruining the show. Keeping them apart the way they have done it for as long as they are doing it ... has already ruined it. I can no longer imagine them together, not the "them" they now are.
I no longer want to either. Ah it was a great ride as long as it lasted.

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