CBS President Admits to Major Concern Over Charlie Sheen

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TV Fanatic readers aren't the only ones talking about Charlie Sheen.

At today's Television Critics Association panel, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler was asked about the troubled actor and didn't shy away from the topic of Sheen's behavior.

“We have a high level of concern – how could we not?" she said. "This man is a father, he’s got children... so obviously there’s concern on a personal level. But Charlie’s a professional, he comes to work, he does his job extremely well... It’s very complicated, but we have a very good relationship with Warner Bros., and tremendous trust and respect in the way they’re managing the situation.”

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In Sheen's latest round of unruly actions, he partied the week away in Las Vegas, surrounded by alcohol and porn stars. CBS officials reportedly considered staging a quasi-intervention in order to force their star into rehab, but his lawyers stepped in.

Why doesn't the network simply fire the actor? Asks Tassler:

“How do you get fired for going to work and doing your job?”

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Unless there's a clause in the contract about them having the right to fire him for drinking too much and partying with porn stars and domestic abuse, they have no right to fire him. If they fire him when he does his job, can't he sue them since, as stated, he is doing his job? It's even specifically stated his lawyers stepped in on his behalf. Contract renewal time, though, would be their chance to change things and show they care more than the money he brings in.


AKA - We're not going to sack him, he brings in the money.


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