Desperate Housewives Review: Haven't We Seen This Before?

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The title of this week's Desperate Housewives episode was apt: “Where do I Belong."

My answer, after a disappointing hour that featured a number of zany, redundant storylines? Not on Wisteria Lane. 

Susan with Family

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The installment did not change my pessimistic outlook on this season to date.  It seems these characters are getting worse and worse as the episodes progress. As a Desperate fan from the series premiere, I can’t say I didn’t see the momentum eventually dying, but I’m still let down by it.

Overall, doesn't it seem that everything covered this week has been done before?  We see the same old betrayals; in marriage, by neighbors, and by family members.  Quite frankly, I'm bored.

Let’s face it, there weren’t even any clever one-liners this week to keep viewers entertained, and the only “touching” moments that were featured involved Gaby and a creepy doll replacement for her long lost daughter. 

On that subject: what is with this doll shop owner?!?  What a loon! This woman creates stories about her dolls and treats them as if they are human.  Sounds more like something that should be featured on a Lifetime Movie of the Week, not on primetime television.

The creative writing team is clearly out to lunch. What happened to a five-year flash forward?  That was actually an interesting idea.  I’d even take a flashback or two, or maybe a reunion of sorts with some of the old cast members.  A dream sequence would provide more stimulation than the current plot.

Perhaps the Housewives should hit the dusty trail and take a vacation together to strum up some new found drama. DH goes to Bermuda?  Why not?  At least we wouldn’t be watching stale storylines in front of the same perfectly groomed rose bushes each week. 

I'll try to end on a positive note: let's hope Crazy Paul’s son creates some newfound drama. Is he around to get Paul? To go after Beth? Mike? I just hope I'm not left bitter by the outcome.


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I wanna see lynette wear yellow flower pant from last year last eposide
I wanna gaby stop think grace imporant she have carlos juntaina celica


they have been recylcying stories for years


I like Zack. I'm glad he's back. So sick of the syrupy other stuff. Hope they don't do the usual Danger Mike Danger thing they are known for. Am wondering if the gathering of all the old cast members is going to mean something down the road--like tying up loose ends. They are hauling everybody back in for at least a few lines.


This was a pretty decent ep. But it was crystal clear that Zach planted the gun, but I think he was trying to frame Bree. Anyone else remember their faux Thanksgiving dinner that never happened?


I agree with Stingoo. I have been frequenting this website for months for a number of shows, but Desperate Housewives has always been my favorite since its inception. The series has had its ups and downs, but my assessment of each episode and season has always been fair. I don't think I've seen a single positive or constructive thing come out of your reviews in the past three to five episodes. At this point I think you are just complaining, and the 'reviews' of the episodes have ceased to be reviews.
No 'touching' moments? Are you sure you didn't watch the same episode as I did? Susan and her mother was a great plot line. The twist was expected, but the conversation at the end was heartbreaking and genuine.
As for Gabby: We are seeing another side to Gaby besides the whiny petulant ex-model she usually is (and I do love Gabby, as well as the other main characters) with this storyline that is (I'll admit) a bit recycled. We know that she's going to have a break down, and the 'breakdown' may be a recycled storyline, but they are doing it with a character more prone to funny storylines than dramatic ones. The twist with the gun actually took me by surprise. And there's still the question of who planted it there, whether it was Zach, Beth, or someone else. I don't think this episode was dull at all; I actually found it very enjoyable. If you are bored with the show, why don't you let somebody else take over the reviewing, somebody who won't praise it endlessly but someone who won't complain nonstop and nitpick about some details and forget about entire other stories. Perhaps someone who will fairly assess each episode and call out the good, the bad, and the ugly? But I agree with you on the doll shop owner. She makes Eddie look like a perfectly sane human.


Have we all watched the same episode?! I personally really enjoyed it, especially the classic (funny) moment of Bree in church, with the Bible quotes culminating with a gossipy neighbour quote, and the return of Susan's mother! (Lesley Ann Warren is a wonderful, underused actress.) Also, Gaby's fondness of the doll is endearing (and a forewarning of more drama to come), while Tom and Lynette's family quiet moment in the kitchen, surrounded by their children, was amazing. Comical moments abounded as well: see Renee disguised as a detective on Tom's back seat, Renee poking fun of Beth's 'do, the Liza name coin toss, etc... If anything, the whole Zach thing sounds like a redundant storyline, but we'll see... But you are right, a "DH go on holiday" episode would be fun!


anyone think Zach and beth are a item

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