Genevieve Cortese to Return for Unusual, Meta Supernatural Episode

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Supernatural is about to show Community how a show truly goes meta.

The CW hit will air a unique episode later this season, as Genevieve Cortese returns to the show on which she's appeared over the years as Ruby.

Genevieve Cortese on Supernatural

She'll guest star this time on an installment that finds Sam and Dean waking up in an alternate universe where they're actors named... Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. In this unusual situation, the characters will be the stars of a show titled... Supernatural.

As first reported by TV, Cortese - who is married in real life to Padalecki - will return to the show an an alternate-universe version of... herself. Follow all that, fans?

The episode will likely air in early March.

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OMG!!! THANK YOU shareema....u get it


they are not bringing ruby back...they are bringing the actress who played ruby...Genevieve Cortese, she will be playing herself which is Jared Padalecki’s wife


WAT THE FUk!? seriously. Cant they keep the wifeys outta the show? Im not a hater because SUPERNATURAL IS MY LIFE! but, but...sera gamble better be tying up some loose ends cuz soulless sammy was o_0 and then it was alright and now, God rooting for a season 7 here ppl!


You all do realize this is supposed to be a joke? They are playing themselves in real life, and in real life jared is married to gen. It's not who he was supposed to be with on the show. I guarantee they will be bringing up jensen's actual wife up in the show. get it now?? :-)


She is coming back as herself not Ruby...


Sera Gamble should be fired. Just like the Lisa character doesn't belong. Why does Dean love her, I mean they haven't revealed the boy was his and she is no where near the most attractive random girl he banged so what't the point. Of course we know he thinks this kid belongs to him but they haven't even had the sense to bring it up again. Sera Gamble is doing a shitty job, she has changed our characters. Bobby isn't even the same.


I love all of the Supernatural episodes, I do think new Ruby (Cortese) did a sucky job getting Sam to kill Lilith but who watches the show for the guest stars anyway. I think Supernatural doesn't need too many characters, we love Jensen, Jared, Bobby, the Car, and the Colt. I think the most beneficial person they can bring back is the Dad. His character was great and I would love to see how the boys interact with him now that they have been through so much and don't take orders easily anymore. I think if the Dad returned Dean would be more rebellious this time, anytime he acted that way with the angels and Sam might be a bit more cooperative. I do not feel there is a need to bring Ruby back. We all know they got married, big deal, best of luck to them the way marriages are ending these days. Cortese should find work elsewhere and build her career off her efforts. Jensen and Jared are still in the trenches making it for themselves - rubbing their relationships in their fans faces could possibly kill the show. The dad should come back, not even the mom because they grew up without her there is not much to build on. It like kids who were orphaned, once they find their real parents they have to start at that point. We know why she made the deal so John should return because I am curious about his relationship with the boys and lets not forget Adam. We need Kripke to be pulling the strings fully. I knew Sera Gamble was going to take our show and throw in a bunch of crap like this. Kripke was amazing!


I agree Jessica should be playing his wife, it makes much more sense and she is definitely a better actress.


I don't get it. There are so many better characters to bring back. The episode sounds like it could be funny, however, I feel like bringing her back is more about PR than about being true to the show. There are so many better actors that should have been brought back instead. I will always be a fan, however, I don't feel that is the best use of SPN's budget.


she was TERRIBLE. Katie Cassidy rocked it.

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