Genevieve Cortese to Return for Unusual, Meta Supernatural Episode

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Supernatural is about to show Community how a show truly goes meta.

The CW hit will air a unique episode later this season, as Genevieve Cortese returns to the show on which she's appeared over the years as Ruby.

Genevieve Cortese on Supernatural

She'll guest star this time on an installment that finds Sam and Dean waking up in an alternate universe where they're actors named... Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. In this unusual situation, the characters will be the stars of a show titled... Supernatural.

As first reported by TV, Cortese - who is married in real life to Padalecki - will return to the show an an alternate-universe version of... herself. Follow all that, fans?

The episode will likely air in early March.

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Last few season was crazy good .. I like the new season its diffrent but I like it. At 1st it felt like a diffrent show but its slowing getting back to the good old early supernatural :)


I think this season rocks. And yes, it sounds strange, but I don't judge an episode until I've actually seen it. I've been pleasantly surprised on more than one occasion when an epi 'sounded' like it was going to suck. Lets give it a chance, shall we?


I miss the old supernatural this season sucks =(


it sucks


I really want the return of Genevieve Cortese on Supernatural, I like her, but I was expecting her return as Ruby in another episode, its just that this episode is really strange

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