Greek Review: "Fools Rush In"

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Moving forward or standing still?

This is the question that our favorite Greeks are asking, including me. After a solid premiere to the season, “Fools Rush In” had me questioning where the final season is headed.

Time to Rush

Not that I don't want all of the major characters around for the end of the series, but I want them around in a realistic way. I am not to keen on Casey being the ZBZ house mother, and hopefully this is not her position for the entire season.

She needs to find a storyline that will still allow her to interact with the Greek characters, while living outside of the house.

Also, I would like to see Casey continue living with Rusty and Dale for a bit longer. Their situation, especially with Casey overhearing Rusty and Dana, could make for a lot of laughs.

The Rush activities were pretty awesome and this is something that would have been nice to see in previous seasons. Predictably, the KTs messed everything up, but allowed us the chance to meet Heath’s sister, Heather (or as I was writing in my notes “HEATH-er.") Seriously, who pronounces their name like that? Here is hoping that Heather will stick around for a couple episodes. Even if she doesn’t join ZBZ, her presence around the KT’s should be interesting.

The best part of this episode centered around one of my former least favorite characters: Dale. There is this constant battle of how to get the character involved with more storylines, away from Rusty and engineering. Having Dale pledge a fraternity is the perfect solution.

He was priceless throughout the whole hour, especially when blowing the cover at the KT underground party. I'm really looking forward to watching him go through the pledging process.

Overall, this wasn’t my favorite episode of Greek, but I still found it entertaining enough. How do you feel about Casey becoming the house mother? Are you missing Ashleigh as much as me? How about the drop in from Tagen? Sound off below.


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Not much happend on the episode. But I'm looking forward to the future events, and how pledge Spiderman will play into things. :)


When I first heard that they would need a house mother I always imagined that would be the way they would include Ashleigh. I don't think i really like Casey being it.
So did Dale call the cops on the KT's? If he did thats real low especially considering he is mates with Cappie and Rusty.


A pretty lackluster episode. Not much happened but there were a few laughs in there, mostly courtesy of Star Wars sex :D

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loved it, I love everything KTT related and Dale being an Omega's gonna be priceless! :)


Though not as good as last weeks episode it was still highly enjoyable. I really could never stand Tegan until she had that scene with Casey this episode and then I understand what her deal was. I think I'm okay with Casey as House Mother, though I have to agree it would be way funnier if she stayed with Rusty and Dale longer (That Stars Wars thing, hillarious). But wow the KT's only getting 1 pledge, Spidy pledge has a lot ahead of him.


i was so sad KTT didn't get pledges! they seemed so cool


no Ashleigh :[ Loved Dale, Rusty, Dana and KT troubles

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